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Descriptive essay sample

Descriptive essay is perfect when you want to create a clear picture of people, place or thing. It aims to reveal about the subject in a more detailed way using sensory observation, which is way too different from a narrative essay or grant proposal that use personal story to reveal meaning. This type of essay utilizes the power of words in a way that can be grasped and understood by the human senses so the subject can be brought to life. When the reader is able to get the feeling or vision like they have actually met the person or gone to a different place, the author has done an excellent job. If the reader also feels an emotional connection upon reading then the writer has done an excellent job.

Descriptive essays are simply lucid and vivid explanations or illustrations to a specific subject. Sensory details are carefully used to appeal to the audience. It is a unique type of essay where an individual gets to express his or her personality and attitude. In other words, such essay is generally subjective compared to other creative essays. But, this does not mean that it cannot go objective in some ways. Because this is a way of bringing something out of nothing through the power of words, the job cannot be that easy. Even professional writers who write case study research and have understood what is thesis know the challenges they have to take in order to bring out the best result. Writing such essay takes a lot of work given that not all readers are alike in their way of picturing things out from the written words.

So, to overcome those challenges, start with these basic steps for each phrase of your essay: First thing is first. You have to determine (descriptively) why you will be writing an essay for the subject you chose and why not a research proposal. When you understand and follow your reason for writing, it would be possible to fashion your paper in a way that its effectiveness is optimized. In short, you get to have a dominant impression on your paper that you wish to create. From your dominant impression comes your statement. So the body must be focused on the specific qualities of the subject that you intend to focus on. To accentuate the qualities of your chosen subject, describe it in a way that it can be sensed by sight, sound, smell or touch. Just about anything that will encourage the reader to use his or her natural human senses. Suppose you want to create a sample of descriptive essay descriptive essay about your grandfather. You want to describe his delicate appearance and how he relates to his family line, especially the kids. You do not need to focus your description on the generic aspects such as how close you are to your grandfather or to his frailty. You need to create a description that will give the reader the physical appearance and ambles of a grandfather. Bringing a picture that would visualize him making time with his grandchildren will be very helpful in making an emotional connection with your readers. Readers should be able to visualize the hair color of your subject while he tries to play with his grandchildren.

You just have to show but do not tell bluntly. That should be a quick guide for you in writing a good descriptive essay. You may also want to see some samples of descriptive essays. Describe the texture of his skin, his hair, his soft voice and overall physique. If you can even add the tallness then it is a great plus. Make use of smell, texture and even sound when necessary so your readers can easily picture things out. In that way, you can connect with your readers in a more realistic way touching directly their emotions. However, description essay is not altogether different from other essays even if you go check a sample of a descriptive essay. It still follows the general structure and you still have to stick with it. In your introduction, give out your main focus and what aspects of your chosen object that you want to tackle. In your body, describe well the places, events and personalities involved. Go delve into your chosen object in the most detailed way possible. Describe as you have seen or felt it with your human senses. Relate the current situation to your descriptions. In your conclusion, restate the essence of the whole paper and wrap up the whole idea into one single point. Writing is not the way you see it on news and TV. It poses various challenges. So, it pays to create a raft draft and shape it until you get the desired output.

Sample Of Descriptive Essay: Making use of your human senses (always)

Remember that your readers and human beings who got the same senses as you do. The way you relay to them should be something that they can understand and grasp in human terms. Embellish every moment with the sense of smell, sight, sound and so on. What are your thoughts? Describe emotions in a way that the readers can relate. Use words that they also use to convey how they feel towards people, place or thing. Connect with their feelings of loss, loneliness, excitement and joy. There are major emotional points that a normal human being has so tap into them. There should be a clear and concise impression.

  • Aim to impart a strong sense of familiarity so your readers appreciate your subject. If you can keep your reader from his or her favorite snack then you have done a great job and your essay is excellently effective.
  • Do not let your ideas jumble and your descriptions tangled. Go check samples of descriptive essay to be certain.
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