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How sample of argumentative essay can help you with your essay

Argumentative essay may seem something new for a lot of students at first, but do not be scared – you already know how to write it. Basically, an argumentative essay – is an essay that defends a specific position by using arguments (evidences). Usually, due to source, there are such types of arguments in a sample of argumentative essay :

  • Author’s personal experience.
  • Historical facts.
  • Different literature.
  • Special researches.
  • Other people’s opinion.

Just try to remember some of life situations where you were using argumentative stile to evidence. When you were a child you asked your parents for some money? You asked them also to let you go to the party? Have you ever asked your employee for a bigger salary? In all such cases people try to use arguments to prove their point of view. You can remember how you built these speeches to understand the essence of the sample of argumentative essay.

Read as many samples of argumentative essays as you can – this can give you some really good ideas and the general understanding of this kind of writing. You will see, that all authors try to use the information that they got from their personal experience. Remember, that the power of every good essay is in details. Personal experience can give a lot of them. The more details you will keep in your essay, the more reliable it will look for your readership. When you will decide, which facts from your own experience you will use, search for the most powerful of them. If you cannot decide what facts you should use, make a list of all of them first. Then look at each of them and think what details they give to your essay. This will make you choice more effective.

Almost every sample of argumentative essay uses historical facts. Precedent of a specific decision in a history – is a very powerful tool for an argumentation. Usually it works better than facts from the personal author’s experience. If you don’t know yet what historical facts can help you with your argumentation – search a lot and you will find something. Usually sample of argumentative essay uses two types of historical facts:

  • Some fact that shows the results of a specific process, which influenced on a bunch of people.
  • Statement that shows the same position as yours and can help you in your argumentation.

First type of facts that sample of argumentative essay can use are based on the idea of cycling events in history. Some processes occur again and again during historical development. You can find similar problems to yours in past to use it like evidence of your position. Sometimes it is not simple to find such historical facts. Try to look at the processes that accompanying the main process. You can distinguish such processes in the context of your problem and then search for similar processes in the past. In such way you can find processes that you are interested. Sample of argumentative essay can also use different statements that prove author’s position on a specific subject. Look at the similar situations in the past or in other countries. Maybe some reputable people have already spoken out in defense of your position? It is similar to judiciary precedent. Read some examples and you will see that a lot of authors use such powerful tool as historical precedent. By the way, you can read samples of argumentative essays for free.

When you write your argumentative essay, your personal experience is good, historical precedent is great, but these tools sometimes are not enough. If you work on a very specific topic, you will probably need some relevant literature. Such specific literature can be really difficult to understand, especially if we are talking about the science (sample of argumentative essay usually uses only simple language). But there are plenty of accompanying books that can help you to get the essence of all ideas from the main book. Use them to find your evidences. Usually sample of argumentative essay have several facts from the specific literature in the beginning of the essay to acquaint the reader with the subject. You may also need specific knowledge for your argumentation in the main part of your essay (look at some sample of argumentative essay ).

You can make a research to prove your position. For example, you can make a social experiment or something else. If your topic is not so specific and ‘scientific’ you can use this tool really effective. Sometimes you can see it in a sample of argumentative essay. Be careful with your research and talk with some people with relevant credentials to make sure you are on the right way. Such people with relevant credentials can also help you in a different way. If they can make statements that prove your position it can help you a lot. Usually sample of argumentative essay doesn’t use such type of argumentation. However, the reason is only that such statement is really hard to get. Basically, if you are going to use statements of some reputable people with specific credentials, than we are already talking about an interview essay. Prepare your questions and if you are lucky you will get new powerful evidences for your sample of argumentative essay. Sometimes all this work can be really difficult. But you can simply ask for help. Our professional writers will be happy to help you with such tasks as sample essay of argumentative, book reviews, analytical essay, what is thesis, writing a rhetorical analysis essay, powerpoint presentation and many others. However, if you are going to write it by yourself – you can do it for sure. Just remember that everything is possible. Good luck!

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