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Sample compare and contrast essay for college rudiments

Now, whenever you are in need of a compare and contrast essay, you only have one task to perform, and this is to reveal the connections or differences that exist between two things. However, you should realize that there is another keyword that should guide your essay, and this is new. It is meant to reveal new connections and differences while at the same time acknowledging the already existing ones. You may be told by your teacher to do this 500 word essay without handing you a topic. If this is the case, then you have to choose your own topic. This may be the most difficult part of the task of providing compare and contrast essay samples for college. This is because your essay is as good as the topic you write on. You have to start by choosing two things that can be placed in the same category but with some differences. Note that if any part of these qualities is missing, then your essay is not good. In a case where your teacher gives you a topic, your first major task should be to decipher what you have been asked to do in the essay. There are cases where you may be asked to write about the similarities between the two things only and there are other cases where the question may be to write about the differences only. You have to look at this and pick the one you are actually being asked to do so that your thesis statement for the sample compare and contrast essay for college will reflect the exact expectations from your instructor. Many people tend to brush this part of the essay aside. But, knowing about the subject of the essay and understanding what you have been asked to do is the number one route to getting it right, both in a writing a rhetorical analysis essay and in other essays.

Now, the key to this essay is uniqueness. To gain the highest mark for you and place you on top of your class, we do not write about the very obvious similarities and differences when you demand a sample compare and contrast essay for college from us. We try to tell the audience something they do not know about the subjects already and this is the hallmark of a good essay. However, many people are in need of our tutorials on wiring the compare and contrast essays. This is because they find it difficult to understand what we mean by not writing about the obvious similarities and differences. When they take a good look at our compare and contrast essays samples for college, they will realize the way to write about ordinary things in extraordinary ways. This is what we mean. Now, when you are choosing the topic for your compare and contrast essay, you should pick something you are comfortable writing about. This means that it should be something you are interested in and which you have enough information about. Though you may be allowed to conduct a research, don’t go into completely strange areas. Our sample compare and contrast essay for college are organized with the two standard structures. It is either we use the chunking method where all information for each individual subject is placed in one place or the piercing method where pieces of information for each subject is placed in each paragraph in a topic by topic manner. Some essays of this nature may demand that you engage in a case study so as to ascertain the similarities and differences. If this is the case, get a sample case study from us and learn how to do it well.

Sample compare and contrast essay for college structure

Because of the purpose of this essay, it comes with a very unique structure. Though it is still within the 5 paragraph essay range, the body of the essay has a special setting. You have to start by introducing the two subjects to be compared and contrasted in the essay. This will include some background information about them and their relationship. The thesis statement should also mention them and the points of comparison. You have to know the dictates of formatting an essay of this type because it is among the things that are rated. The introduction should also contain a hook that draws your readers into the essay. This should be the first sentence of the essay which eventually links you up to the thesis statement before you talk about the reason for the essay and how important it is.

When you get to the body paragraphs of the essay, start each point of comparison with a thesis or topic sentence, before you compare and contrast the point with evidences, facts, details, figures, explanations and examples. After this, you should now give a concluding sentence which leads to the next paragraph of the essay. The other two paragraphs of the compare and contrast essay sample for college should follow suit. When you get to the conclusion of your compare and contrast essay, whether it is a mla essay format or a college short essay, you must restate the thesis statement, summarize the points, and leave a closing remark in the name of a call to action or an invitation for more studies.

    • Do not make another comparison or give new information in the conclusion of the sample compare and contrast essay for college.


  • Our sample essay is always very short and straight to the point without any preambles, and you should adopt this.
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