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Your Sample Argumentative Essay Outline

All students should be familiar with an argumentative essay, which is a form of academic writing built across the main argument. If you are asked by professors to complete this assignment, your basic goal is to persuade readers to accept your opinion, so make sure that the facts you use to support it are straight, logic, and solid. If you have no idea of how to structure or build this paper, look for a good argumentative essay outline sample. Besides, you need to use only the most verifiable and reliable sources of information because your paper won’t have any starting point and support without them. Do you have any difficulties with this academic assignment? Then you should consider our professional services because our reputable and trained authors will help you (for example, they can give you effective how to write a reaction paper tips and hints). It’s necessary to create an outline because this strategy will help you organize all thoughts and provide a detailed overview of the logic and order that your ideas must follow.

  • Choose a good topic. Look for something both controversial and fresh that you’re interested it, and remember that you need to pick the stance that you’re confident in arguing. If you want to choose a highly controversial subject, make sure that you will feel comfortable when arguing each side, both for and against, because you need to research and present facts from your opposing side too. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do these courseworks
  • When creating your outline, there are certain key elements that should be in place to substantiate your main argument, and this means that your essay must consist of basic sections, each one having several subsections.
  • Section 1. It’s all about writing your introduction, and this is where you need to provide readers with relevant background information, make a thesis statement, and present the chosen controversial topic.
  • Section 2. It must contain important facts that support or substantiate your main thesis, so make sure that your sample outline argumentative essay has at least 2 supportive paragraphs that reinforce your ideas strongly because they all must be supported by solid and clear facts. Besides, the main body paragraphs need to have the main point to bolster your argument, and you should organize them as its sub-elements.
  • Section 3. It’s a presentation of counterarguments and rebuttals. There are always certain counterarguments, regardless of the topic you choose, so that you need to be prepared to discuss them when it comes to your writing a definition essay. They should be mentioned as a strategy, as this is what will let you fully refute these claims. When crafting any argumentative paper, winning is your basic goal, so you need to present viable reasons why your point of view is stronger.
  • Present your solid argument and provide the targeted audience with the necessary background information and facts that support it.
  • Draw supporting points from available facts. Make sure that you’re equipped with at least a few fact-based reasons why you’re right.
  • Move on to opposing arguments when creating your argumentative essay sample outline, as this is where your counter-attack must take place. Many students agree that it’s the strongest part of all arguments, and that’s why it requires a lot of time and effort. You should research your opponents and their opinions well to make your argument stronger and more compelling.
  • Once these steps are taken, you need to get everything down into your sample argumentative essay outline.
  • Before you start adding any new content, ask other people, such as your family or friends, to review it to ensure that you’re presenting and substantiating your position clearly and adequately.

Basic Steps for Writing an Argumentative Essay

  • Decide on the argument you want to discuss. Look for something that you have a solid opinion on.
  • Research this subject to determine the most powerful way to prove your point of view. Don’t forget to find out more about the opinions of your possible opponents.
  • Create an outline. It should list the strongest arguments that you will make to prove that you’re right, and this is what differentiates this academic assignment from others, such as a standard accounting paper. Gather more information, including the latest stats, direct quotes, factual data, and so on.
  • Write an introduction. It should state your debatable issue and its important role and include your thesis statement.
  • Argue your opinion and introduce new ideas in each body paragraph.
  • Make a clear conclusion. Feel free to express and summarize your ideas based on the evidence provided in the main body.
  • Proofread your argumentative essay to ensure that it’s free from grammar or other errors.
  • Make your arguments according to the targeted audience, its needs, and qualities. Take into account your readers and their values. If you have any problems, our skilled academic authors are happy to offer their services, such as lab report format
  • Combine both major and minor points if they contribute to the main idea discussed in your essay. Each paragraph should be started with one major point, while minor points must be introduced in the end.
  • Ask rhetorical questions and appeal to common truths because it’s one of the most effective ways to make a point. Finally, you should be certain about your position and don’t hesitate to appear to readers’ emotions to have more effect on them.
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