Same-Sex Marriage Essay

Gay and lesbian marriage is a commonly contested topic in the us today. A lot of Christians dislike the idea of gay marriage, although some atheists think banning true love is wrong. Christians typically promote like and popularity of everyone. Nevertheless , most Christians do not accept gay matrimony because of faith based reasons. Though Atheists usually do not feel that they will answer to an increased authority, most atheists continue to feel compassion for their guy American's who also are persecuted. Conservative Christians are scared of change and allowance of sin because in the Bible there was a town destroyed for the desprovisto that came about there. One of those sins was your act of homosexuality. Although it is ok for everyone to have their own spiritual beliefs and fears, not necessarily okay to force your beliefs on someone who has not any interest in all of them. America started by Christians seeking spiritual freedoms, and freedom of religion also means liberty from religion. By not allowing Americans to marry their true love conservative Christians are overlooking the bill of rights, giving the wrong impression to not Christians, of what Christianity is about, rather than promoting love and acceptance for everyone.

Christianity has been around over two thousands of years, however the law in the Old Testament has been around considerably longer. Although the Older Testament law is usually implemented strictly by simply Jews some Christians as well abide by this law. The book of Leviticus is among the Old Testament books that talks the most about how homosexuality is a bad thing. "Do certainly not lie having a man as one lies using a woman; that is detestable. "-Leviticus 18: 22. "If a person lies with a man together lies having a woman, they are all has done precisely what is detestable. They have to be put to death; their particular blood will be on their own h...

... have kept the laws. Christian believers do a good-job of doing this, but a number forget about several minorities. Total, Atheists perform a better work of adoring their fellowmen and improving their legal rights.

Works Reported

The Bible

The Bill of Rights

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