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Sales Strategies and Corporate Objectives

  1. Sales Strategies
  2. P-9: Devise appropriate recruitment and selection methods.
  3. Disqualification of Job seekers.
  4. P-10: Measure the role of determination, remuneration and trained in enhancing sales performance.
  5. Role of Motivation in sales performance.
  6. Role of Remuneration in Sales Performance
  7. Role of Trained in Sales Performance
  8. P-11: Describe two techniques used to co-ordinate and control sales outcome.
  9. P-12: Use given information to recommend appropriate company structures and procedures.
  10. P-13: Identify and give three examples of the differences in the type of sales tasks and skills in a number of context.
  11. Sales Task
  12. P-14: Describe the role of sales personnel operating in an international environment.
  13. P-15: Explain the goal of trade fairs and assess their contributions.
  14. Trade fair
  15. Purpose of Trade Fairs
  16. Contribution of trade fairs to Firms
  17. M-4: Evaluate the recruitment and selection method of the determined organization.
  18. Recruitment at Ufone
  19. Internal Recruitment
  20. External Recruitment
  21. Direct Applicants
  22. Referrals
  23. Advertisements
  24. Private Job Agency
  25. Through Distributors (Outsourcing)
  26. Electronic Recruiting
  27. Recruitment Procedure
  28. Replying To Candidates
  29. Scheduling Interview
  30. Screening Process
  31. M-5 : High light the motivating factors being used by the selected business also determine the remuneration and training programs employed by the organization for enhancing sales performance.
  32. Training at Ufone
  33. Motivating Factors at Ufone
  34. Remuneration at Ufone
  35. M-7: Compare the sales tasks and skills being used by the two decided on organization.
  36. M-8: Gauge the differences between sales personnel of the preferred organization working in a home environment with this of working internationally.
  37. M-9: Gauge the outputs of the chosen organization produced by doing trade fairs and exactly how sales have better by doing so.
  38. D-5: Suggest the chosen group about improvement of recruitment and selection procedure and rendering it more on merit based and unbiased.

These are the statement of objective that basically offers a firm way for the activities an organization does in the pursuit of its mission. Usually in organizations you can find misunderstandings and overlapping between your terms, objectives and the business goals. This distress is easy to resolve only if the corporation tends to think of the objectives as a assertion of intents and the goals as the quantifiable focuses on.

Sales Strategies

Sales strategy can be defined as the planned approach to the accounts management policy development, prospect identification and certification, sales presentation, and order generation aimed at attaining a firm's sales quotas or goals.

Sales Strategy Objectives:

Helps in improving client loyalty

Increases the closeting proportion by knowing clients hot buttons

Helps in shorting the sales circuit with outside referrals.

Proper sales strategy helps in offering best answers to outsell the competitors

Helps in concentrating on and penetrating the most appealing and profitable areas and markets

Helps in refining and increasing the competitive benefits and product differentiation to boost the market margin and talk about.

Helps in creating a specific plan to strengthen and improve the lead generation

Reference: www. businessdictionary. com

P-9: Devise appropriate recruitment and selection methods.


A. Overview of Process

Assess the necessity for the job and ensure adequate funding

Review the job information to ensure it meets today's and future requirements

Design the choice process ( utilize search committee process if suitable)

Draft the advert and choose the advertising media

Short list using the person specification only

Interview and test short-listed candidates

Validate references, skills and record checks

Make appointment

Supervisors and Division Directors hold the responsibility for guaranteeing this platform is followed. Recruiting and Staff Development is designed for advice and can assist generally speaking supervision of the recruitment process.

B. Review the work and the Need for this.

Upon the resignation, transfer, retirement life, or the authorization of a new position, the "search and selection" treatment begins. This is an opportunity to review position obligations and the way in which the position contributes and promotes product, department, department and university goals.

Supervisors need to consider the next issues:

Is the job still necessary?

What value can it enhance the team also to the delivery of service?

How will the Post be funded?

Does the work description need updating?

If so, the grade for the work and the person specification may need to be re-evaluated. The Human Resources and Staff Development Team is available to provide advice on making both job descriptions and person technical specs and advising on grading issues.

What type of employment could be offered?

Full-time, part-time?

Is job-sharing a choice?

Permanent or set term agreement? Uses of fixed term contracts are best suited for covering a particular job/project/item of work or an interim visit. They shouldn't normally be utilized to fill long lasting posts.

If the decision is to employ for the positioning, it is the responsibility of the Supervisor/Director to ensure that the positioning Management Form is completed and sent to Human Resources and Worker Development as soon as possible.

C. Search Committee

Not all interviews for long lasting positions must be conducted by the Committee. The Office Director is accountable for deciding the positions that want a committee to interview and select. If the position is a possible promotion for one or more, a committee should be used to ensure there is no appearance of bias or favoritism. All open positions titled, Assistant Director and above must use of any search committee.


A. Vacant Position

When an employee gives notice of purpose to leave University employment, the immediate supervisor should notify the Human Resources & Employee development so that necessary interviews for re-staffing might be assemble. The work classification, information and requirements desired of substitute personnel should be provided by the department head at that time. Examples of such information might include:

1. Education or technological training required.

2. ADA requirements, lifting, vehicle operation, physical requirements, etc.

3. Time of work; including Sunday or Weekend.

4. Officers to whom people should be referred.

5. Tips of any known candidates.

6. Additional information experienced useful in preliminary screening.

The start salary for categorized personnel shall be determined by the work classification of the vacant position and the associated pay grade. Employing departments should seek advice from the Human Resources Staff Development on classification issues and salary issues before publishing the position. Most importantly the dep't should consult with RECRUITING & Employee Development before making any salary commitments.


A. Job Posting.

When advised of any vacancy, the Human Resources & Employee Development will review the existing job explanation, making the necessary corrections, post a vacancy announcement for a minimum of five times on the Human Resources bulletin table, and on the Human Resources web site. Postings will be forwarded to the Georgia Section of Labor for their reference and applicant referral. It is hoped that this procedure will generate a knowledge of positions available to insure upward range of motion in jobs within the College or university and encourage applicant recommendation from numerous sources. Other advertising agreements can be made. Check with the Assistant Director for Occupation Supervision for advice on advertising and related costs.

B. Employee Concern Posting

All open positions must be uploaded for a minimum of five days, however the employing product may initially designate that a position be placed with a worker top priority designation or be placed on the general public website.

Positions selected for employee top priority posting will be put up for a minimum of five business times on the employee priority website in support of applications from current certified Valdosta State College or university employees will be described that position. Positions not specified for employee priority posting will immediately be posted on everyone posting website.

If the employing unit identifies a successful candidate out of this pool, no additional recruiting is required. If after five business times no Valdosta Point out University applicant has been determined, the position will be reopened and placed for recruiting on everyone website for a minimum of five additional business days and nights. Valdosta State University or college employees may still apply during this wide open period.

Those employees classified as everyday laborer/temporary employees; do not be eligible for employee main concern positions. As before, they may apply for positions on the general public placing site.


A. Testing Applicants

Read all applications published. The selection of the top prospects for interviewing must be predicated on the Job Description and technical specs. New criteria can't be introduced to evaluate the candidates at this time as it might be unfair. It's the responsibility of the persons performing the interviews to complete the short-listing and to ensure the procedure remains free of unlawful discrimination. In case a committee is used, the whole committee should acknowledge the short list. When a committee is not used, it is desired that a second person also take part in the short-listing process. The conditions used to choose the top prospects and all appropriate notes must be went back to Human Resources and Staff Development for filing and are retained for an interval of six months. It is good practice that employees that apply for a position within their department be interviewed.

Former employees who have been dismissed for misconduct can't be considered for appointment. Former employees who've since retired must meet certain qualifications because of their retirement status. When there is a question about whether a job candidate can or cannot be considered contact RECRUITING and Employee Development.

B. Organizing the Interview

The persons accountable for the interviews is accountable for scheduling schedules and times for interviews immediately with the short listed applicants and notifying the individuals of any selection tests that will be used.

Federal law prohibits certain questions within an job interview and the application for occupation has been developed to comply with Federal guidelines. Types of such unlawful questions might make reference to the applicant's age group, disability, religion, age ranges of children, etc. Interviewing suggestions are given to the employing department upon recommendation of applications. To assure consistent treatment of every applicant, a patterned interview might be developed by the division. Such might include specific questions of job related functions, skills required, and how the applicant's educational background, past experience, etc. might be useful in the positioning if selected for job.

C. The Interview

The reason for interviewing is to appoint the best person for the work based solely on merit and suitability. The Valdosta State College or university recruitment and selection process achieves this using methods that are organized, thorough, fair, unbiased and predicated on rational, objective, job related requirements.

At the interview, each prospect should be cared for consistently. To achieve this the -panel should:

Ask the same primary questions of every candidate

Supplement their knowledge of the candidate's replies by following up questions as appropriate

Be regular in allowing usage of presentation material, records therefore on

Not allow any discriminatory questions, harassment, or any other conduct which breaches the equivalent opportunities coverage or code of conduct

Ensure that regarding disabled candidates, the necessity for any 'reasonable alterations' that would be required on the job are explored in an optimistic manner. Analysis of disabled applicants should be based on their expected performance in the job, given that any reasonable modification required was provided.

Keep in mind that information obtained throughout the choice process is cared for as confidential and is known only to gatherings mixed up in selection process

Keep data of interviews and the reason why for decisions - each question should get a quality, and a level for overall impression. The applicants will be placed from highest to lowest based on the scores given and the positioning negotiated or offered to the highest ranking candidate. The scoring sheets and everything paperwork of the interviews must be given to Human Resources and Staff Development for filing

Panel members must be aware that it is their responsibility to ensure recruitment/interview documentation is stored securely and confidentially whilst in their possession.

D. Selection Tests

Where selection testing are a valid method of assessing a prospect (i. e. effectively actions the job standards, is pertinent, reliable, good and impartial - also considering the predictive capacities of testing), they can be an exceptionally useful tool and are recommended for use. Supervisors should seek advice from RECRUITING and Staff Development on the utilization of such checks.

E. Hiring Decision

In selecting the successful applicant, the panel must decide predicated on the merit and eligibility of the individuals as judged by:

Content of program and qualifications

Performance at Interview

Outcome of any selection tests

F. Reference Checks

As part of evaluating the merit of every candidate, individuals selecting prospects must meet themselves that the info the candidate gives is authentic, steady and honest. This consists of being satisfied about information regarding the candidate's:

application -- work history

qualifications (where a qualification is a necessity, supporting information or documentation must be from the prospect and recorded)

evidence shown at interview

Reference checks; referrals must be called and information documented for the file

a) Identify yourself immediately, explain your position within the business and tell the individual why you are phoning about the applicant.

b) Ensure confidentiality

c) Ask if she or he is absolve to discuss the situation

d) Make an effort to establish rapport

e) Tell the person the positioning the candidate is being considered for

f) Let the person converse feely

g) Ask the recommendations the same questions for each of your candidates

h) Always end the decision with: do you rehire this person?"

Should these not meet the required standards, Human Resources and Staff Development must discuss the issue with the Supervisor/Director. Utilize the Employment Reference point Check and Education Confirmation form found in Appendix 10 and Appendix 11.


In an attempt to give a safe and sound workplace, to comply with Table of Regents Coverage and to minimize the litigation associated with "negligent employing functions, " Valdosta State University will demand background checks on the top two individuals for the positioning. Employment will be conditioned after the execution of an consent form for criminal history disclosure and after consideration of one's criminal history. The Valdosta Status University Police Office, after receipt of the Consent to Criminal History Release Form, shall perform the backdrop check and statement results to the Division of RECRUITING.

The office will notify the applicants whose criminal history report stops their occupation. The candidate can be described Human Resources and Staff Development if indeed they have questions on the procedure The applicant is allowed seven calendar times to initiate corrective action of any inaccurate report. Proof of one in reporting shall not disqualify the applicant and the position will not be filled until this time period has expired.

If no action is set up, and if the survey is factual, the hiring section may continue the work process.

Disqualification of Job seekers.

An candidate will be disqualified for career for just about any of the next reasons:

1. They're addicted to the utilization of alcohol or use of illegitimate drugs.

2. Discovery of any incorrect affirmation or omission of materials facts from the formal application.

3. He or she has been a member of an organization advocating the violent overthrow of the government of the United States.

4. She or he has been convicted of the crime affecting moral turpitude, unless pardon has been granted.

5. She or he has been convicted of any felony, unless first offender treatment was awarded by the judge.

J. Career Offer

Having completed the interviewing process, an offer of work may be lengthened by the employing office. However, the dept head must guide the candidate that the offer is conditional pending the results of any criminal background check.

When a section head believes he/she has a prospect who because of exceptional training or experience is worth more than the published least for the classification, they could offer the prospect up to 10% in the minimum. However the department brain must either have the money already in his/her budget or through the dean or vice chief executive can have it transferred to their budget. This change in insurance policy is not designed to permit the division head or authority to offer more than 10% within the least and in no case is the offer to be produced without sufficient departmental funds to meet requirements of the employ the service of.

K. Post Interview

Human Resources and Staff Development is responsible for providing all prospects with written notification of the outcome of their program (notice of rejection). However some departments prefer to write their own notice. These words must be attached to the compliance accounts. If reviews is wanted from an unsuccessful short-listed candidate, the director should provide a valid reason to the applicant for rejection as well as constructive opinions. Written feedback won't normally be provided.

P-10: Measure the role of determination, remuneration and trained in enhancing sales performance.

Role of Motivation in sales performance.

Whether you are a sales rep or someone ready who manages sales representatives, you need to know the importance of motivation. Although some it would be great to just seek the services of self determined people who don't need any help from you to take action and make sales, you will need to realize that sales is a hardcore job and that we now have people who can really become great at it with some encouragement. Being in sales can either pay you perfectly or can cause you to go broke. The better you are in sales, the more money you will make.

So where does indeed motivation enter into play? Well, the primary reason that most people can't stand sales is due to suffering rejection. No-one loves to be turned down but if you are in a sale, that's all part of the game. The more rejections you get, the closer to a sale you will be. Now just because you expect your sales representatives or you to ultimately go out there and make those sales telephone calls such as a machine, it generally does not mean desire should be neglected. If you are a sales rep, take the time to read and pay attention to motivation material. Using this method, you will constantly be feeding your brain with positive and motivating thoughts that may help you get through those days where everyone possibility seems to be in an undesirable mood.

For sales managers, providing your team with determination is crucial. Just look in the world of sports. Those players are the best in the globe at what they do yet when they are getting rid of and being discouraged, a straightforward pep talk off their coach can flame them until to turn the overall game around. This same thing can be utilized on your sales representatives to help them see more of themselves instead of defeating themselves up mentality for not making as many sales.

Motivation is important since it causes visitors to do something. Without action, nothing happens. The main element to achieve any goal is to take action. A lot more action you take, the nearer to your goals you will be. To be able to continually do something, you'll need to come up with ways to stimulate yourself to do what you need to do everyday to be able to attain those goals. So whether you will need to inspire yourself or your team, desire plays an extremely important role in building success.

Role of Remuneration in Sales Performance

Remuneration is income or salary, typically money that is paid for services rendered as an employee. How do you determine what remuneration plans to adopt? How will you ensure that your Remuneration packages incentives and stimulate the right people? How will you ensure that the amount of pay helps your staff using their lifestyle requirements?

These questions are vital ones to anybody seeking to run a sales team or customer service team, when you have a look at how you can actually prize personal effort as well as maintain service. In looking at any remuneration offer, it's beneficial to consider a set of scales. In any job explanation, there can be an opportunity to review the work required into service aspects whereby these exact things need to be done to maintain your client, or keep up with the client relationship, such as receiving orders, implementing purchases,

handling queries, general items of customer support, and also maybe even merchandising or assisting with exhibits, as well as ensuring that stock levels are satisfactory, these can be called service areas or service duties.

On the other hands, a sales rep or customer service representative could effect the

value of the deal through their personal sales skills, personality, and training, to either make the sale happen, add value to the sale, or sell some specific items that are on special or on reward, at the idea of communication, either by mobile, by web, or face-to-face. This particular activity is known as personal contribution. A comparatively easy formula to follow is by adopting the scales of remuneration, you can then analyze the insight from individuals involved. If there is high service requirements and service levels in the performance of the job, and little opportunity to add personal affect, then a income or base salary system would be the most cost efficient to make the results work. If there is a higher personal type, whereby the sales person can strongly influence the quantity of the sales or the profitability of the sale, then you can compensate that personal effort by special commissions, talk about of income, special bonuses, and special rewards, for the sales as they happen after the event, and lower the bottom salary or salary that require to be paid by increasing the chance factor, which of course the personal touch will beat.

Role of Trained in Sales Performance

The term training refers to the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies because of this of the coaching of vocational or sensible skills and knowledge that relate with specific useful competencies. It sorts the core of apprenticeships and provides the backbone of content at institutes of technology (also called technical universities or polytechnics). In addition to the basic training necessary for a trade, profession or job, observers of the labor-market discover today [update] the need to continue training beyond preliminary qualifications: to keep, upgrade and revise skills throughout working life. People within many professions and occupations may refer to this sort of training as professional development.

P-11: Describe two techniques used to co-ordinate and control sales outcome.

Sales out put control

Outputs can be induced manually or automatically in

the sales report.

Automatic perseverance requires maintenance of output

condition record.

Print programs and layout pieces control content which

Should be exhibited in the productivity.

controls output determination using condition


Output determination process is set on the

basis of sales document type (sales order type, delivery type, billing type).

Standard output dedication procedure for sales

order (OR), Delivery (LF) and Billing (F2) is V100000.

Output procedure has output types, which may be refined when that sales doc is created. One record can have Result types like Delivery be aware and Packing list in delivery.

Output controls

Medium (Like Print, Fax, EDI)

Time of sending the productivity -e. g. immediately or in a batch

Which spouse function of Business partner it can be sent


Criteria for which result condition record can be maintained

for automatic output determination

It offers flexibility of changing the main element control buttons in the

Sales documents.

Example - If order verification for a person is slated to be

printed in a batch however the customer wants it immediately then

time of dispatch control can be transformed in the sales order.

P-12: Use given information to recommend appropriate company structures and procedures.


One of the newest organizational buildings developed in the 20th century is team. In small businesses, the team structure can define the complete organization. Teams can be both horizontal and vertical. While an organization is constituted as a place of people who synergize individual competencies to achieve newer dimensions, the grade of organizational structure revolves around the competencies of teams in totality. For instance, each of the Entire Foods Market stores, the major natural-foods grocer in the US developing a targeted strategy, is an autonomous profit centre made up of typically 10 self-managed groups, while team leaders in each store and each region are also a team. Greater bureaucratic organizations can take advantage of the flexibility of teams as well.

Functional structure

Employees within the useful divisions of a business tend to execute a specialized group of tasks, for illustration the engineering team would be staffed only with software technicians. This causes operational efficiencies within that group. However it may possibly also lead to a lack of communication between the functional groups within an organization, making the organization poor and inflexible.

As a whole, a functional group is best suited as a designer of standardized goods and services at large volume and low cost. Coordination and specialty area of tasks are centralized in a functional structure, making producing a limited amount of products or services useful and predictable. Furthermore, efficiencies can further be realized as practical organizations integrate their activities vertically so that products can be purchased and distributed quickly with low cost. For instance, a tiny business could start making the components it needs for production of its products rather than procuring it from an external organization. However, not only beneficial for organization also for employees faiths.

Burns, T. and G. Stalker. (1961) The Management of Innovation. London: Tavistock.

P-13: Identify and give three examples of the differences in the type of sales tasks and skills in a number of context.

Sales Skills

Qualifying Fast to Avoid Spending Sales Time

Do you chase after your leads until they tell you yes or no? Do you tell your prospects "No", as with "No, I am not heading to sell for you"? You can find many things in selling that you do not and will not have the ability to control. The one thing that you do have control over is your time and effort and how you decide to use it.

To define fast you'll want a set of criteria explaining who you will and can not sell to. You want to sell to the prospects likely to buy your products, and drop the potential customers improbable to buy (to enable you to find more good potential clients). Noises simple, but way too many salespeople let sludge accumulation in their pipeline, constricting the total revenue that moves out.

Motivating Prospects

Qualifying should go beyond budget, power, and need. You want to sell to potential customers who *want* to buy from you. Finding prospects that require our products usually is simple enough. Finding those who want our products though can be very hard if we await them to come to us.

Products sold by professional salespeople are more complex and provide more value than commodity products offered through stores, catalogs and broker agents. Prospects generally do not know they need such products, until they first find that they have a problem. This process may take seconds or years depending on the nature of the problem (and the prospect!). Potential clients get motivated to work with you when you help them to discover that you solve their problem better than anyone doeselse.

Selling to the people Outside Your Comfort Zone

Most salespeople, who are "people persons", already think that they are proficient at this. I want to ask you a question. Whenever you last lost a deal, how was your rapport with the key person who decided against you?

You can't manage to look away and dismiss people that you do not have natural rapport with. The glad tidings are that folks like people like themselves. All you have to do to gain rapport is stretch your habit outside or your comfort zone until you feel like someone else.

Reaching Decision-Makers Through Voicemail

There's two ways to make increased sales. One is to close more of the potential clients you decide to do contact. The other is to get more prospects in to the pipeline. When prospecting, you can look at voicemail as either your friend or your enemy. With 70% of your prospecting telephone calls going to voicemail, it is time to socialize with it.

Although you won't ever get even near getting every voicemail delivered, you can get a significant quantity of your messages returned when treat them as a one-on-one advertisements.

Delivering "I Gotta Have That" Presentations

Let's face it; a whole lot of business presentations are actually boring. Salespeople discuss why their product is fantastic, why their company is fantastic, and the annals with their company. Leads don't relate with this. That's why they look so bored to death.

Great presentations obtain the prospect's imagination involved. The ultimate way to involve the thoughts is through storytelling. Stories abundant with descriptive detail get the chance picturing them making use of your product and evoke that "I Gotta Have That" response.

Gaining Commitments Instead of Closing

Eliminate "Closing Cheese" from your own Vocabulary. You know what What i'm saying is: "Would you like that in gray or in dark?" or "If I can demonstrate how this can help you will you buy today?". Lines like they are why salespeople are down on the bottom of society's esteem list somewhere near attorneys.

Learn the power of requesting incremental commitments from the beginning of your sales cycle. It isn't an easy move to make. First you got to get the chance to show you what they most want (Hint: See Skill #2 above). You'll be able to discuss incremental commitments in substitution for more of your time, information or resources.

Have More Fun

Sales is fun if you are in charge and closing bargains. Selling is unpleasant when you are under pressure to close business.

Take the pressure off you to ultimately close and instead concentrate on qualifying and motivating your potential customers.

Sales Task

Specified amount of sales a management sets for obtaining or exceeding within the given timeframe, and allocates required resources. Sales focuses on are apportioned among different sales-units such as salespersons, franchisees, distributors, agencies, etc.

Three Types of Sales Task

Personal Sales Task

Team Sales Task

Organizational Sales Task

P-14: Describe the role of sales personnel operating in an international environment.

Greater complexities associated with distribution, transportation, repayment and insurance.

Goods in the international market are at the mercy of the traditions control and the repayment of import tasks where they are applicable.

Exchange rates and in some cases the polices of exchange control can be applied.

International market exposes the company to a wider and rigorous competition which can not be the truth with the local market.

Customer account in the international market differs from local market in areas of religion, terms, ideology, fashion and living standard.

Different cultural, legal, economical, politics and cultural systems may be came across in the international market.

Complexity of international marketing and the addition of new environment make the business enterprise management far more difficult.

More use of e-mail and fax alternatively than telephone because of different time zones and dialects.

Firm might face situation such as low earnings and cash loses scheduled to seasonal market fluctuations.

Trade obstacles are contained in international marketing. I. e. quotas, tariffs, embargos.

International business helps in the writing of most advanced technology that is innovated in different firms across the globe; this can help in improving the quality and method of creation.

Improvement in political relation anticipated to cross country agreement and co-operation. Usually nations cooperate more on transactional issues.

P-15: Explain the goal of trade fairs and assess their contributions.

Trade fair

A trade good (trade show or expo) is an exhibition prepared so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and show their latest products, service, review activities of competitors and examine recent market tendencies and opportunities. As opposed to consumer fairs, only some trade fairs are available to the public, while some can only just be attended by company reps (members of the trade, e. g. professionals) and people of the press, therefore industry events are classified as either "General public" or "Trade Only".

Purpose of Trade Fairs

Generating sales leads

Generating genuine sales at the show

Enhancing your image and visibility

Reaching a specific audience

Establishing a occurrence in the marketplace

Improving the efficiency and efficiency of your marketing efforts

Personally meeting your visitors, competition and suppliers

Prospecting for new customers

Introducing services and services

Demonstrating your product in ways not possible using other marketing channels

Recruiting marketers or dealers

Educating your market.

Contribution of trade fairs to Firms

· Establish significant goals, masterfully plan your strategy, and evaluate your return on investment.

· Put into practice powerful marketing initiatives before, during, and after the event that employ audience and generate sales.

· Choose the best display screen booth that fits your marketing needs and budgetary requirements. This includes assessing different sizes, designs, and configurations of trade show exhibits.

· Identify the very best visual elements for your display that portray your key announcements and gratify your brand communications needs. This includes establishing design guidelines for banners, custom exhibition stands, brochures, and other materials.

· Learn about unique and interesting booth ideas that create hype on the exhibition floor and entice visitors to your trade show display area.

· Effectively use show accessories, signage and lighting techniques to heighten visibility. This consists of selecting quality booth materials, high-impact portable display planks and booth fixtures that support your brand positioning.

· Select cost-effective giveaways and promotional products that have high-perceived value among your aim for prospects and match your small business image.

· Ensure team members who are staffing your booth project a professional appearance and are well-trained to stand for your enterprise, generate leads, and secure sales.

M-4: Evaluate the recruitment and selection method of the determined organization.

Recruitment at Ufone

Before recruiting a fresh employee, management assessments whether there's a need to employ a new staff for that particular job or whether it could be incorporated into an existing employees job. Recruitment in Ufone may be of internal or external nature.

Internal Recruitment

In the situation of internal recruitment folks from within the business are advertised to fill up the vacant vacancy. The HR team and the relevant team in which the vacancy exists, analyze whether there a worker within the business is accessible, who most properly meets certain requirements of this vacancy. If more the other employee is eligible for the vacancy; then that employee is chosen who gets the most exceptional record. Following the promotion the worker may be sent for further training. The effect of inner vacancy is that it motivates the worker to perform their best and produce maximum productivity. It also creates a healthy competition amongst the employees. The hiring from within may have a trickle down impact i. e. the opportunities spring and coil not simply from the first vacancy but from the vacancy created when a person in the company fills that vacancy.

External Recruitment

If the organization feels that nothing of their current employees can fill out the new vacancy they hire from external sources. In this case the human tool management considers other departments in the organization that could be considering the appointment to make it a joint work. They speak to relevant supervisors and especially to the people the new person will continue to work with. A set of expert panelists is then selected from each relevant section to interview applicants

Direct Applicants

Ufone preserves a data basic system i. e. HRMS (Man learning resource management system) for its interior employees as well as the employees which they will recruit in near future. In some circumstance certain some individuals just drop their CV's at the head office. And whenever there is an opening or a vacancy occurs, the business may call them for an interview.


By advertising a post internally Ufone profits an added advantage, which is; the existing employees may go the information to any interested friends and relations. Person to person is also a valuable recruitment method for them and they bring on all appropriate associates they have


Since almost all of the posts are of an expert nature, they consider advertising in the journals of professional systems and the trade press. Their next step is to find out how much adverts cost for differing amount of space and make a decision what they are able.

The HR management has employed the services of Interflow, an advertising company, to propagate their service and company for the coffee lover. Also, they are using the services of an internet designer, Eveready press, to post the ad of the business on the Internet.

Private Job Agency

The private Recruiting businesses gather information from unemployed as well as employed people about their skills and experience. These agencies attempt to find some one suitable which consists of computerized inventory repository of suited individuals. These firms fee Ufone for the referrals.

Through Distributors (Outsourcing)

Ufone also do outsourcing for the purpose of recruitment they hire firm, which will provide employee Ufone to work in the organization, but the worker will remain worker of that organization not Ufone, which is the most common method followed by most of firm nowadays. Lower management at Ufone is comes through outsourcing.

Electronic Recruiting

The growth of information superhighway has exposed new vistas for organizations looking to recruit talent. Ufone is make full fledge use of the new technology, and it uses its web page to market for new job opportunities.

Another facet of the electronic digital recruiting is that folks don't have to physically go to the head office to drop their CV's. They now can merely use the e-CV format provided by Ufone on its home page. The e-CV is then transferred to the relevant repository or the HR department.

Recruitment Procedure

The HR management determines on the distance of the short-list, which includes five or six people at the most. Following the advert they need help to dig through the applications. Everything is computerized and on-line which makes it easier to take care of many replies. In the event they run in short supply of time, they find the help of other personnel, supervisors and managers in the organization. Apart from the question of their time, they do this to get second thoughts. They consider the following when reading a credit card applicatoin:

How well-matched is the candidate to the requirements

Any unexplained work gaps

The quality of presentation

How personalized the reply is to this job and Ufone as an organization.

Replying To Candidates

The candidates that not match the job are contacted as fast as possible and dealt with courteously because the HR management thinks in the viewpoint that these people, and their family and friends, may be future customers or acquaintances of potential, future applicants. Those that match the work are called to embark on an on-line analysis test.

Scheduling Interview

The prospects that cross the on-line evaluation test are then called for interviews. A particular date and a time are set up and the applicant shows up for the interview. The questions of the interview were created especially for gauging the personality and potential of the prospect.

Screening Process

The results are screened by a couple of panelists in order to minimize chances of mistake in selecting the individuals. The HR management sometimes continues a small range of prospects in reserve.

M-5 : High light the motivating factors being used by the selected business also determine the remuneration and training programs employed by the organization for enhancing sales performance.

Training at Ufone

Training & Development requires improving the knowledge, skills and talents of the individuals. A continuing training is conducted inside Ufone to increase the performance of the employee. You will find two types of trainings conducted at Ufone:

In-house Training

External Training

In-house training is personalized training which is merely for Ufone employees.

External training is carried out through trainers in training institutes.

Employees at Ufone are usually trained through Rameez Allahwalla (in

Karachi), Possibilities and Intec (two well-known training institutes).

Before training "Training Need Research" (TNA) is conducted by the manager

of the team. And after the training feedback from the staff is


Motivating Factors at Ufone

A very effective way to preserve a worker is to give him settlement &

Benefits and Motivating factors at Ufone which is talked about below:

Medical Center to staff and his/her parents

Paid Vacations

Food Allowance


Promotion on Performance

Remuneration at Ufone

There are about 150 employees who will work in the Ufone Head Office and 1500 employees serving nationwide. Most of them are extremely devoted because they are given an excellent learning environment to work, pay offered to them is also very attractive and ample chance of progress motivates them to work more. The job analysis is performed on targets given and daily routines.

The employees are indeed very satisfied and motivated.

Ufone is basically equal career opportunity corporation. Almost 70% of its employees are male and 30% are feminine. The job description of the worker is predefined. Performance appraisal is done on gross annual basis. Average age group of Ufone worker is 32 years. This implies that they favor young and energetic people because of their midsection and lower level management. Visible well experienced folks are considered for top level level management. Average Salary is 12000 for a Ufone staff. Salaries are increased as the government of Pakistan announced the ratio.

M-7: Compare the sales tasks and skills being used by the two decided on organization.

Successful companies have long known a well-trained, highly encouraged and efficiently connected field force is crucial to their ongoing growth and success. Ufone noticed that to stay prior to the competition, they must replace traditional paper based systems with mobile alternatives that enable access to key information immediately from the field.

Today, Ufone's sales force is armed with Psion Teklogix WORKABOUT PRO hand-held with GPRS and a software application built on the Microsoft CE Construction; the team retrieves data from the business's accounting stock system via an Oracle database and uploads new data very much the same. Known internally as U SFA (Ufone Sales Force Automation), this program allows sales staff to create orders, add details, complete electronic outlet credit cards, review daily activity, and synchronize for real-time information on stock availability.

Sales Responsibilities at Ufone:

Maximum sales.

Brand Campaign.

Customer Commitment.

Team Work.

Achievement of Assigned sales process(e. g Sales of 10 Connections & 2000 recharge balance by single salesman).

Proper Demonstration.

Complete Information about brand & Company.

Taking Competitive benefit by Smooth circulation.

Effective Communication.

Public Relation.

Our purpose is to describe the sales management of Mobilink. Personal selling constitutes a lot in companies' revenue. But Mobilink is rarely impressed by the thought of personal advertising. In mobile sector you can find large scope of personal selling. Mobilink's management declares that its sales are well managed by local and divisional service centers and franchises and retailers as can be seen by looking at market position of Mobilink plus they have strong circulation channel serving them well. With this report we briefly go through the sales maintained by Mobilink though sales centers and franchises.

Following are sales task at Mobilink:

Maximize sales.

Brand Promotion.

Ensure effective sales activity.

achievement through respective sales channels (franchises / National Distributor / Regional Distributors Retail Distribution Officials / Option Sales Officers) in the zone.

Oversee prep and dissemination of daily sales reports.

Maintain and develop comfort level between particular franchises.

National Distributor / Regional Marketers and stores through consistent sessions.

M-8: Gauge the differences between sales personnel of the preferred organization working in a home environment with this of working internationally.

The sale staff of local and international environment have major difference. As local personnel need demand on local terms while international while international staff need on international languages like English. Home staff needs local PR while international personnel needs international visibility. Ufone is functioning just nation wide so they need domestic vulnerability. But following are general distinctions of international & domestic sales personnel.


Presentation & Skills.



Need Variations.

Differences of Money.

Salary Package Dissimilarities.

Allowances dissimilarities. etc

M-9: Gauge the outputs of the chosen organization produced by doing trade fairs and exactly how sales have better by doing so.

Ufone has set up different Business Shows, Trade Fairs and Participated in college, college, Colleges and Educational Institutes Funfairs and other public Gathering as well as shopping exhibitions. This added a lot. It increased the sales. Publicized, promote the company brands and name. Where Ufone sales out GSM Connections and Recharge cards. Theses types of activities have contribution in sales about 31 percent. After these activities customer comes under the Ufone family which motivate other people to use Ufone. Plus they also need to recharge for balance which automatically increase sales. It also monitored that it's the most effective way of marketing and advertisement.

D-5: Suggest the chosen group about improvement of recruitment and selection procedure and rendering it more on merit based and unbiased.

As we know that Ufone has were clear & translucent merit foundation recruitment & Selection Process but there are a few advice to Ufone HR section & Advanced Executives.

Avoid recruitment on recruitment agencies.

Improve HR Audit.

Visit Universities and Request Young Talent.

Simplify selection process.

Need transparency in inside promotion.

Remove unnecessary campaigns.

Introduce national ability hunt program.

Hire international trained professional & Train local by them.

Ensure the of recruitment & selection materials (e. g. Application forms etc).

Remove the affects on HR Department.

Give Self-reliance to HR Department regarding selection & recruitment.

Hire right person at right place with revelent certification.

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