Saint Anthony Of Padua Patron Saint Of Lost Things Faith Essay

Saint Anthony was a 13th century Franciscan Monk, Preacher and magic worker. His beginning name was Franciscan Thaumaturgust. When Franciscan Thaumaturgust became a Franciscan monk he was given the name of Anthony. Saint Anthony was created nearly 800 years ago in 1195 in Lisbon, Portugal. Saint Anthony was devoted to his chapel and fond of God. His knowledge of the scripture and information was incredible. Corresponding to Nugent, he was called in his day " The Hammer of Heretics" and "The Ark of the Testament. " (Nugent XIV).

According to Steinbrock, Saint Anthony became a Franciscan monk as a result of loss of life in 1220 of five Franciscan monks (St. Bernard, St. Peter, St. Otho, St. Accursius, and St. Adjutus) who was simply completely faithful to the Catholic Chapel. These were decapitated and their bodies were mutilated in Morocco, North Africa. Saint Anthony, wanting to follow in their footsteps of martyrdom, became a Franciscan monk. After the subscribing to the Franciscan order, he only lived for ten more years (Steinbrock).

Saint Anthony believed that a preacher's goal must be to bring listeners to repentance and a complete and genuine desire to turn from sin, not simply major sins, but all sins. Saint Anthony used genuine sorrow, through confession and designed all of his sermons around penance, with the motive of amendment and sorrow when confessing sin. (Nugent XIV)

According to Saunders, "St. Anthony was acknowledged numerous miracles during his life span. " One magic happened in Limoges, France while he was preaching on Holy Thursday at St. Pierre du Queriox Chapel. During his sermon he appreciated that he was likely to sing a lessons in the Divine Office, again where he lived at his monastery. It had been then reported that he made an appearance concurrently preaching in the church and singing the lesson at the monastery (Saunders).

Another miracle related to St. Anthony is the fact he received an apparition of Baby Jesus. One nights before Saint Anthony visited bed he decided to browse the Bible. All of a sudden while reading, he observed Baby Jesus laying on the Bible and in his hands. Baby Jesus commenced touching and loving St. Anthony's face. That is why most photographs of Saint Anthony are of him positioning the infant Jesus (Saunders).

On Oct 3, 1226 Anthony journeyed through La Provence, and delivered to Italy. In this expedition another wonder took place to him. St. Anthony was burnt out by the long journey. He and his accomplice moved into the home of a poor woman and she offered them wine beverage and breads. In her haste to provide them the women forgot to cover the wine-barrel. St. Anthony's accomplice then broke his wine beverages glass. Anthony immediately started out to pray. Suddenly the wine glass was magically put again together in front of their sight, and the clear barrel proceeded to go from no wine beverages to full with wine beverages (Knight).

Saint Anthony was elected Minister Provincial of Emilia after his return from Italy. But on May 30th, 1230 he made a decision to spend additional time preaching so he resigned the office at the overall Section of Assisi, and retired to the Convent of Padua. The final Lent he preached was in 1231. Over 30, 000 people came from all parts of the entire world to see and hear him speak. The last sermons for Saint Anthony spoke of the wrongness of hatred and enmity. (Knight)

Saint Anthony became very ill in 1231 and visited the woodland retreat, Camposampiero with two other monks for rest. Anthony resided in a cell built for him under the branches of any walnut tree. After his stay on the way back to Padua, Saint Anthony passed away at time 35. On the 13th of June in 1231, at the indegent Clare convent at Arcella, the great speaker was released deceased (Nugent 79).

According to Saunders, right after his death the children in the avenues started out crying, "The holy Dad is useless. St. Anthony is dead. " Thirty years after his burial, people exposed his vault and found his body acquired vanished in thin air, except for his tongue. St. Bonaventure grabbed the tongue and kissed it. Corresponding to Saunders, Saint Bonaventure then exclaimed, "O Blessed tongue that experienced always praised god, the father, and made others bless Him, now it is obvious what great merit thou hast before God. " To this day, many folks have received miracles at the tomb of St. Anthony in Padua (Saunders).

According to Saunders, "Pope Pius XII declared St. Anthony a Doctor of the Church on January 16, 1946. " Many people about the world continue to pray to St. Anthony for strength and sorrowful repentance, as well as for help in finding lost items (Saunders).

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