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My first role model essay : Charlie Ward and his all-conquering faith in God

Since the time I was a little boy and could remember anything there was a certain passion connecting myself and the world of big sport. It could not be said that I always have imagined athletes , as role models essay heroes; I definitely have had my predilections towards my father and mother as the greatest human beings who have inspired me infinitely often. However, as the moment came for me to compose and submit my written assignments, I saw there is little room for the expression of my feelings in an ASA paper , as well as in a CMS paper . Well, here is a story of Charlie Ward whose life was and still is a matter for my fascination.

The athletic career of Charlie began on a football field at FSU where he remained an unknown quarterback until 1993. After this decisive year his life suddenly started improving. His final year was a storm of broken records, and ultimately he became a worldwide-known gifted athlete the moment he won the Heisman Trophy. Apart from his athletic successes, Charlie was an exemplary student in the classroom as well, earning his Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in his major, therapeutic recreation. Charlie's work off the court is different and even more important occupation of his life. Through many years, Charlie Ward has readily dedicated thousands of hours to charitable organizations, supporting and developing community service. And just as his abilities benefit his team during the season, his commitment to others in his community and across the country has assisted countless individuals who needed help. Being a great orator, Charlie has spoken to numerous youth groups, cheering and inspiring young sportsmen in summer camps as well as children from abusive homes.

I guess, Charlie Ward is quite a popular figure for role model essays , mostly because of the exemplary family relationships he and his wife, Tonja Harding Ward, have managed to establish through years of happy marriage. They share not only a strong will to give their offspring the best they can, but also Christian values that bring them closer to each other. Thus, Charlie is a deeply religious person, and the religion influences greatly his philosophy, fragments of which he generously gives away to people who surround him. Here are some wonderful moralities that I have learned from his autobiography book:


    • it is not necessary for you at all to have flashy clothes or a lot of money to win in the game of life.


    • sometimes, solely being around the world of the Lord helps you fight through the dark. And with the Lord as my coach, every year of my life turns into a championship season.


    • people can throw stones at you and even fracture your skull, but names are not able to hurt you. Live as good as you can and remember that your mistakes always follow you, but are not something to be depressed with.


    • every time you play sports, remember that losing and winning are all parts of the game. You can win with dignity and without rubbing it in somebody’s face. You should accept the loss with dignity too, without hanging your head.


    • Charlie Ward said: “Never idolize heroes, including me because humans make mistake and I am human”.


I strongly believe that Charlie Ward is a man of genuine values who also happens to possess the athletic abilities that make him a celebrity. And it was never the case that Charlie succumbed to the glowing lights of the big and suggestive city. Rather, he will quietly go his way, giving to his sport and giving to others. Sure thing, in the end he will shine brighter than any "star."

How to conduct a critical analysis of a role models essay by the example of Charlie Ward and his all-conquering faith in God

First up, your critical evaluation should be pointed at the structure of the essay. As essay format does not belong to a class of peer reviewed articles , there do not exist any special requirements regarding the essay design. However, a certain orderliness is to be maintained, and we can see the essay’s author following a rather well-thought-out plan. There is a brief introduction located at the beginning of the written work where the author expressed her attitude toward the assignment, as well as its aims. Frankly speaking, the author of the role model essay example puts too much expression and personal evaluation into these lines, which normally are supposed to be accomplished as formal and impartial wordings. Indubitably, such fervidness will cost the author some demerit points.

As the author proceeds in her writing, we can estimate second crucial point – the subject relevancy. It has been done well in Charlie Ward and his all-conquering faith in God, since the writer used techniques of a case study research and provided the reader with laconic and appropriate information, such as who is Charlie Ward, what was his career beginning and what personal merits supplement his inborn sport talent. Later on, the author explains what points of the philosophy of her role model influenced her most of all. Although, the writer fails to mention why is it so that merits of Charlie Ward, as well as his achievements help her become a better person or achieve something herself.

The third – and final – thing you as a critic should take into account is whether the author managed to conclude her work in a correct way. Apart from some limitations that might be imposed by the formal style of an APA paper , an author of an essay is obliged to take care if the reader is able to establish a connection between the main statement and resulting conclusions. In case of Charlie Ward and his all-conquering faith in God the writer has successfully coped with the task and managed to show the necessary connection.

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