Risk Assessment METHODS TO Constructing Road

As an company you have a company objective and a moral and legal obligation to provide and keep maintaining a safe and healthy office that is, as far as reasonably practicable, free from risk and risks. In doing this employers conducts risk assessment, this is supposed to look for the potential harm to staff and other folks in the workplace, and use control measures to get rid of these risks or even to reduce them to a tolerable level.

The most important element in the chance management cycle is risk evaluation usually comprises of a combo of risk recognition and risk evaluation techniques which will make it also the most sophisticated element of the risk management cycle. Evolving out of this were two parts in conducting risk assessment they being quantitative and qualitative.

Quantitative Analysis was the more technical of the two as it depending on collection and research of a great deal of data use to compute likelihood and potential reduction. This dependence of precision of data also works as an Achilles heel for the process as a result of talk about difficulty associated with data collection. However qualitative risk diagnosis is undoubtedly the reduced of two evils and it is the mostly used approach to risk analysis. That is due to the fact that possibility data is not required thus making the process more attractive to safety practitioners and companies that are not used to safety. Because there is no need for great levels of historical data, companies that are newly expose to basic safety use this method due to the fact there is absolutely no data to collect. This paper talks about the different techniques to risk evaluation, then explaining the reasonable way which can include both qualitative and quantitative solutions within a civil building company.

Company Overview

Tee Pavers Small is an area independent civil construction company locating at the southern part of Trinidad which includes been in operation for days gone by 25 years. They have a workforce of over 120 skilled employees and a fleet of excavating, landscaping design and asphalt paving machinery numbering in the hundreds. The business entertains government contracts for road structure and rehabilitation, they currently have a fully functioning asphalt place where they provide asphalt to several private and general population companies throughout the united states. Despite the number of years in operation the company was only recently introduced to Health insurance and Safety within the compliance dependence on the OSH Act 2004 (Amended 2006). Physique 1 put together the detail procedure for road structure.

Is simple and straightforward. Just what is necessary in a "safety- new" company such as Tee Pavers Limited

Can be sophisticated and require suited explanations. This technique would not be well received at Tee Pavers Limited a company that is currently exposure to safety practices.

The Calculation of regularity of risk to employee is largely judgmental and does not require considerable data. This demonstrates to be effective because of the fact that techniques such as JSA and PHA concentrate on job task in identifying hazards and staff can participate.

Calculation of rate of recurrence of risk to employees requires extensive, appropriate data that may not be relatively available. Thus as in the event with Tee Pavers where prior tasks was done by gut feelings see that safety was never a concern.

It provides estimation of risk levels to personnel to particular mistake and hazards. This is an easy process that may be comprehended by all employees.

Provides numerical assessment of the amount of risk.

It is best completed by an experienced team of individuals throughout the evaluation which might include operators, supervisor and long located workers.

A team methodology is best necessary for the hazard recognition level. Techniques like FEMA and FTA usually have to be done by just a specialist to ensure uniformity of logic.

Processes and results are deriving objectively, easily supported.

Process results are subjective and may not be repeatable.

It requires structure logic to recognize controls, security and mitigation actions to aid decision created by analyst. This is evident that Tee Paver employees were resistant to improve.

Logic is implied with quantitative, but requires description to support safe practices case quarrels.

Does not immediately provide itself to analysis of combinations of failures leading to a hazard on the highway.

Assessment of combinations of failing is implied in techniques like FTA and ETA.

Risk analysis of all hazards and outcomes not readily possible since it is basically judgmental.

Risk research of hazards and repercussions easily achievable.

Appropriate at early stages before the start of new project when identifying major dangers and risk. The usage of the PHA is perfect for Tee's Paver street engineering process.

Mainly appropriate at the later periods of the job when details of design and expected procedure are known and data is open to support the evaluation.

Evaluation of Risk Analysis of the Road Construction Process

Taking under consideration the five steps risk diagnosis process (Health and Safety Executives) will determine the type of risk assessment techniques needed qualitative or quantitative. Stand 2 shows all the various risk assessment that may be consider in the street building process. However credited the nature of the business and past safety culture I assume that qualitative analysis Job Safety Research (JSA) and Primary hazard analysis (PHA) will be a more effective with assessment to the quantitative approaches like FEMA and ETA which is too strong in terms of complexity, reliance on historical data and frustrating which does not be seated well with this type of business that strives on spontaneous contracts.

Simplicity best explains Tee's Pavers road construction process; which means qualitative way is ideal in figuring out basic hazard and risk. Through the early stages of procedure and the facts of the job is recognized PHA can be utilized. This process induces participation so the Project supervisor, Engineer, Supervisors and medical Safety Environmental personnel all interact to identify the major risks, and list them relating to intensity with the aim of implementing preventative measures.

The potential dangers identified during the phase 2 procedures (Asphalt Paving). When laying the asphalt platform the main unsafe occasions would be unprotected physical contact with the hot asphalt. The likelihood of a person getting burn off from the hot asphalt is medium to high and the severity of injuries may also be medium to high. Therefore adding preventative measures set up would be easier, for example; having personnel wear covered PPE thus reducing the risk factor.

This type of assessment works well because it deals with the dangers and risks prior to the commencement of the assignments and the actual fact that a variety of employees are included means that effective preventive methods can be put set up. Some might argue that some of the risk and risk may be overlooked since it is done before the project starts but in Tee Pavers circumstance this process never changes, the worker are experience and thus the incident or event rate is close minimum amount.


Safety is inevitable. The Occupational Safety and Health Act, 2004 (amended 2006) says that every workplace must conduct a suitable and sufficient risk analysis. In complying with the OSH Function the safety public can achieve a two prong methodology by introducing job based assessment (a kind of qualitative analysis). This enables every worker irrespective of educational record to get involved thus fostering consciousness. Appendix 1 shows a straightforward effective JSA for asphalt laying road works which includes deemed suited and sufficient achieving all the requirements explained in TTS 620: 2008.


When you look at the culture of the workforce that predominates Tee Pavers you have the sense to be expose to the 1980's ones again. Personnel with the common time of 46, limited educational certification (some even partial illiterates), the majority of them result from areas within 10 square miles of each other and the general sense of simply approaching to work to do an honest day job without concern for "basic safety ills" influenced by the competitive characteristics of separately "pleasing the boss". Taking that under consideration you can only choose the qualitative methodology considering performing risk assessments. Originally introducing safety measures must be done in simple steps even thought safe practices is becoming essential the intension is to encourage the employee to buy into it not to view it as a hindrance or a threat.


Tee Pavers is without a doubt a prime exemplory case of a company that would greatly benefit from qualitative assessment. Some of these benefits include complying with legislation satisfying the requirements of every workplace providing a work place that is free from risk. I my view conducting qualitative risk assessments over the period of time prepares a business for the more detailed, accurate and more technical quantitative procedure. The employees who were once naive with regards to basic safety and health would now be coached into maturity. This might end up being a welcomed combination when companies would be venturing toward increased horizons.

However the stark reality is "it's all about money". With legislation playing a larger part in the wonderful world of protection company now know that to become viewed as a good commodity they must show some level of compliance to these security laws thus a concerted involvement in the career and establishment of safeness department within these businesses. These departments are mandated to establish safety guideline and assessments for assignments (existing and suggested). The firms know that they will be audited which successful audit would point out conformity thus making them more marketable for new deals. As distasteful as it seems it is a reality that people face every day with existing and rising companies rivalling for government deals.

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