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Rights Of Women And Children Sociology Essay

Woman known as the 1 / 2 of the world. In Indian culture is that there is organized discrimination and disregard of women, that could be in conditions of inadequate nutrition, education, health, property and so on. The struggle against violence is really the struggle up against the unequal circulation of ability both physical and economic. Although the country's constitution says women have equal status to men, women are powerless and are mistreated outside and inside the home.

When we will talk about the privileges of children so India gets the largest child populace on earth. India has made some significant commitments towards making sure the basic rights of children. There's been improvement in overall indications: infant mortality rates are down, child success is up, literacy rates have advanced and college dropout rates have dropped. But the problem of child protection under the law in India continues to be trapped between legal and plan commitments to children. The problem of child trafficking is a huge issue in India. In such chaos, media plays a vital role as it is well known for image building. On this regards media should bring recognition and should make the kids and women aware about their protection under the law. And in last, media must improve one factor that it will not draw out only negative things. If any authorities scheme is brought in light, its strengths should be broadcast by multimedia.

Keywords: Children, Multimedia, Rights, Woman


Sometimes the dynamic problems for women's basic democratic right made an appearance in many countries in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Though these movements differed in their reasons and tactics, the struggle for feminine suffrage, and also other women's rights concerns, minimize across many national boundaries.

Woman is recognized as the fifty percent of the world. In Indian world is that there surely is systematic discrimination and neglect of women's in India, that could be in terms of inadequate nourishment, denial or limited usage of education, health insurance and property privileges, child labor and domestic violence etc. Worries of sexual violence is a powerful factor in restricting women's action and sense of independence. The have difficulty against violence is actually the struggle up against the unequal circulation of electricity both physical and monetary one of the sexes. Although the country's constitution says women have identical position to men, women are powerless and are mistreated outside and inside the home. Women face malnutrition, specifically for pregnant or nursing women.

And when we will speak about the privileges of children so India gets the largest child populace in the world. India has made some significant commitments towards making sure the basic protection under the law of children. There has been progress in overall indicators: infant mortality rates are down, child success is up, literacy rates have improved and college dropout rates have dropped. But the problem of child rights in India is still caught between legal and policy commitments to children on the main one hands, and the fallout of the process of globalisation on the other.

Over the previous decade, countries around the world have been changing their existing financial models towards one driven by the free market, incorporating techniques of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation. The immediate impact of free trade on children may not leap to the attention, but we do know that globalised India is witnessing worsening levels of basic health, diet and shelter.

The negative fallout is visible: children are being deprived of even the scarce social benefits once available; they can be displaced by obligated and economical migration, increasing the number of children subsisting on the streets; increasingly more children are being trafficked within and across edges; and rising numbers of children are engaged in part- or full-time labour.


The mass media are diversified advertising technologies that are intended to reach a big audience by mass communication. After the introduction we discuss firstly the Marketing in India. As everybody knows that multimedia is fulfilling the purpose of providing information to large audience through various method of communication. But now multimedia also makes lot of cash through major controversies like for e. g. during 16 December, 2012 rape case everyone of India are watching news stations for latest changes about the rape case so among that news channels earn lot of cash by giving advertisements (in those days when more folks are watching continuously the news the main aim of adds are fulfilled and then the news programs take 2 lakhs for 2 min provides and generate profits).

Conclusion is that when such a thing happens like rape or murder which creates interest in public areas, media take good thing about that point & utilizes it as a gold period on their behalf.


Media helps to protect the rights women, child, disabled & minorities. It creates recognition & and review around the public and have them various questions to make them feel supportive & grab information & it also help us to know about their thinking about the cause and from then on. Lastly remedies & recommendations of differing people are taken as to protect the right.

Conclusion is the fact that by major broadcasting advertising help many people to know the truth & help them to fight for their rights.


We aim to increase public consciousness about women' rights and to respond to needs from women's corporation to fortify communication and solidarity between women. We want to encourage women to make greater use of information technology for communication and the press to support networking among women's corporation and activists, to market the human rights of women and women equality. We also aim to increase the understanding of women's privileges, globalization and multimedia among policy makers and the general public. To achieve this we will set up activities such as conferences, workshops, interviews and press interventions (print, radio and web). We will also carry out research and produce advertising interventions to be able to raise the presence of women's privileges, which will concentrate on; the trafficking of women, gender discrimination and violence against ladies in the labor market and the objectification and exclusion of women by mainstream media.


There are both aspects child rights negative as well as positive. like for e. g. matching to fundamental rights child till age 14 child should get free education but some children are still working at tea stalls etc. on the other hands the gang rape circumstance one person who's guilty within 18 so no case can run on that youngster but u think if they can do such shameful thing or criminal offense of this level then why is he considered as child here negative advantages of rights are used.

Conclusion is the fact both advantages & negatives are used of fundamental rights &which can cause major injury to the public forward in future.


Through media we get to know about the disaster numbers which can only help people when he would maintain difficulty.

112- Worldwide number

100- Delhi police


These are several products &when we choose the product some amount of money is employed for education for the indegent or for children who can't get enough education.


1. When any criminal offense happens and police reaches on the spot they combat with the other person as under which than the area comes, then they move to the victim.

2. Victim is taken up to trauma center in any case this should not be achieved as sufferer can expire in way so he/she should be taken to the nearest clinic.

3. After happening of any criminal offense politicians should not give their incorrect & fake speeches against victim as for e. g. in 16 December, 2012 gang rape circumstance many politicians gave their comment like "Agar ladki lakshman rekha paar karegi to seeta haran hoga". They should not pass comment like this & if they're discussing this then why they may have adopted european culture they need to be following Memory Yug.

4. sc/st reservation is another loophole of our culture as when one young child is standard & anchored 90% grades in 12 then sc/st college student secures only 70% but they stand equal when it comes to admission & sc/st gets entrance but general scholar will not get education.

HOW MEDIA FAIL TO PROTECT CHILD Protection under the law?

The country's existing mass media policies do not protect children's right to media due to the absence of specific provisions making sure children's participation in media and their information say a report. Though the administration is obliged to protect children's to freedom of appearance corresponding to international convention, it alongside private tv channels and r / c give importance to children's program and related reports. Moreover, today's laws and insurance policies in the united states do not protect children level of privacy and dignity, Said the analysis. The results were uncovered at a "Roundtable conversation on Analyzing Broadcast media regulations in the light of Child Right".


In presenting paper my aims are followings:

The role of Multimedia in protecting and consuming the protection under the law of children and women.

To preserve the essential rights of success, development, involvement and safety of women and children.


Methodology found in this paper is a complied review of various papers, websites, print mass media and electronic marketing with related issues of the paper.


The media performs a very crucial role in safeguarding and guarding the human protection under the law for the ladies and children of India. For the reason that of media that the ladies and children have learnt about their human privileges, violation of individuals rights and safeguard of human rights. Although looking into the current situation, the troubles and the not-so-good incidents taking place daily with children and women from coast to coast, there's a requirement of looking at the current media structure, advertising working and the developmental issues in framework to press. The greed that has developed in the recent past has actually abolished the main reason of the presence of media that ought to be curbed as soon as possible.

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