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Rhetorical Analysis of your Music Video

Rhetorical Analysis of your Music Video

The subject of matrimony equality has been, and still is a controversial issue in today's society. On Oct 10th, 2014, same-sex relationship was legalized when a United States District Court Judge made the decision, in the case of Basic Synod of the United Chapel of Christ v. Cooper, that the ban on same-sex matrimony was unconstitutional. Since that time, the number of states where same-sex matrimony is legal has been increasing. At this time in america, same-sex is legal in 36 out of 50 areas. Over time, there have been numerous public information and celebrities who've stated that they support homosexual privileges. Songwriting team Ben Haggarty, also known as Macklemore, and Ryan Lewis have signed up with the pro-gay protection under the law group of open public figures.

On October 2, 2012, Macklemore and Lewis published a music training video to YouTube entitled "Same Love", based on the song of the same name. The video recording was uploaded at https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=hlVBg7_08n0. The high-quality colored video recording received thirty-five thousand views within hours of being submitted. The video tutorial was also chosen to be presented during YouTube's pleasure week. Since its release, the video, and music itself, has become a popular and well-known for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community. Through the 56th Total annual Grammy Awards, Macklemore and Lewis performed "Same Love" while Queen Latifa needed the level and acted as wedding officiator for 36 employed couples. Madonna, in a white collection became a member of in and started out singing her strike classic "Start Your Heart". The performance, for certain, created Grammy Award history. During the entire service, the "Same Love" music video recording played in the background.

The video tutorial, itself, was taken by directors and videographers Ryan Lewis and Jon Augustavo. Trica Davis and Honna Kimmerer, both offered as manufacturers for the video recording. The ensemble of the video included Brooklyn Thornton, Jaida Kimmerer, Robert Braxton, Mia Clapp Perferti, Josue Gonzalez, Rory King, Rosie Cole, Kendall Kapsner, Tina Tsiakalis, Thomas Collins, Jay Somerville, Sarita Valdez, Shelton Harris, William Pontius, Jairemie Alexander. Songwriters Macklemore and Mary Lambert both have nonspeaking cameos in the music video, as part of the wedding party and friends. The video tutorial is shot in several locations including the Center for Birth and everything Pilgrims Church, both located in Pennsylvania.

The video follows the life span of a main male character, starting with his delivery and ending with his loss of life. We first start to see the primary personality of the video have a problem with his sexuality throughout a scene where he is at a celebration participating in spin-the-bottle with a group of friends. If the container lands on him, he commences to panic. He's very worried as he has never felt such as this before. The video tutorial shows that he is embarrassed, so locks himself in his room. His mother is concerned for her son, so would go to see what's wrong with him. The young man becomes hostile as he will not want to share with her about his thoughts. Fast forward a few more years in the main figure's life, he's now an effective business man in a successful romantic relationship with another men. The main identity has brought his partner to a evening meal, in which he's going to turn out to his parents. Through the meal, the key character tells his parents that he's, indeed, gay. The father exits the area, the mother employs him an instant later. One or two views later, we see the key figure and his partner get employed while walking across the shores of the beach. The audience can tell that this is one of the happiest and most emotional occasions of the main figure's life. The video tutorial then jumps forwards to the wedding. It starts by showing the participants, including the two grooms, planning for the wedding ceremony. We start to see the two character types being pronounced a committed couple and, also, see the wedding reception. This consists of several different injections including the main character dancing with his mother, the grooms lowering the cake, and the friends holding sparklers to observe the newlyweds. The final landscape of the video recording shows the couple, much more mature now, in a hospital room. The main character is lying down in a medical center bed along with his hubby, by the bedside, holding his hand.

Even though neither one of these is gay, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, both, grew up around gay individuals. Ryan's uncle is gay and has been coping with the real human immunodeficiency virus, often known as HIV. Macklemore's uncle Johnny and godfather are also gay. A picture of Macklemore's uncle is in fact shown, along with his partner, at the end of the video recording. The couple, relating to Macklemore, assists as a style of a commited and loving relationship. In fact, the photo of the few also functions as the cover art for the solitary. (Lambe) There are several subjects relevant to the LGBT community and individual who are fighting their sexuality talked about in this video recording. One of the first themes or templates the audience is considers is gender stereotyping. Toward the beginning of the video, the key character, as a child, sometimes appears climbing trees and shrubs and playing soccer, however displays of girls using dolls and offering lemonade are also shown. These are all types of gender stereotypes that exist in today's world. Children are constantly trained that some activities or toys and games are only suited to boys, while some are only ideal for girls. While growing up, children take these gender tasks with them. There is a popular expression which is "Children learn through example, meaning children are constantly watching the earth around them and get their opinions and beliefs of their parents, educators, etc. Children also learn from the items they see on tv set and hear on the air. Take a look at children's toy advertisements, girls playing with dolls, cooking sets, or dress up clothes and children playing sports, battling superhero action heroes, and racing miniature autos.

Another subject material the video touches on is the have difficulty of "arriving out to one's family. Even though the main persona waited until he was an adult to share his parents of his sexuality, it is still an extremely difficult and emotional thing to do. A large small percentage of members of the family tend not to be supportive of these children's announcement they are homosexual, lesbian, or bisexual. During the video recording, we see the primary character turn out to his parents. After he will this, the father leaves the room which is not seen for the remainder of the video, not even at his son's wedding. Regrettably, unlike the video tutorial, that disapproval is often expressed in conditions of verbal, emotional, and/or physical abuse. Numerous studies have shown that almost half of all LGBT junior who come out to their family members are obligated out with their homes or choose to leave due to harassment, misuse, and rejection. A few years ago, a study of homeless LGBT children was taken and found that nearly forty-three percent of those teens were homeless because they were rejected by their families due to their sexual orientation. In some cases, after developing to their mother or father, teens are pressured out of their home. About thirty-two percent of the homeless LGBT young ones got experienced physical, emotional, or sexual misuse (Durso 4).

During the video, the main persona and his sweetheart become the victims associated with an antigay remark while walking down the street. That is a vivid exemplory case of the bullying that occurs in and toward the LGBT community. Antigay hate criminal offenses can range from a high profile murder case such as Matthew Shepard, a gay college student who was brutally beaten, lashed to a string website link fence and left to pass away, to day-to-day occurrences such as insults, hazards, and sexual violence. According to the Government Bureau of Investigation, almost half of all the hate crimes devoted in 2013 were due to victim's sexual orientation (FBI 1). In today's world, bullying has become increasingly more frequent due to social multimedia and the anonymity it offers people with. The Homosexual, Lesbian, and In a straight line Education Network, also known as GLSEN, published a written report saying that, when surveyed, LGBT junior were nearly three times as likely as non-LGBT junior to say that they had been bullied or harassed online (GLSEN).

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