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Reward devices Essay

PHASE 3 Incentive systems


three or more. 1 .


The aim of this kind of chapter is always to explain, justify and be the cause of the research strategy that has been picked in this study. In doing the research, the specialist intends to proceed via a quantitative-descriptive design. A number of issues relevant to the research strategy will be extensively discussed listed below.


Thyer as cited by Para Vos and Fouche (1998: 77), identifies a research design as a "blueprint or comprehensive plan for how a research study is usually to be conducted operationalizing variables so they can end up being measured, deciding on a sample appealing to study; collecting data being used as being a basis to get testing hypotheses, and examining the benefits. " Hussey and Hussey (1997: 54), also explain that analysis methodology refers to the overall way evident in the exploration process in the theoretical foundation to the approaches that are used inside the collection and analysis from the data. And so research method can be said to indicate the answers to inquiries as to how research should be designed, structured, approached and executed.

With this study, the researcher has opted to conduct his investigation through the quantitative-descriptive paradigm. A randomised cross-sectional review design to be used to investigate attitudes of workers with regard to prize systems. In respect to Sobre Vos and Fouche (1998: 127), the randomized cross-sectional design is definitely written the following:

R O1

In which, R = randomized picked subjects

O1 sama dengan administration in the questionnaire

It can be through the relevant and ideal quantitative exploration paradigm the fact that researcher hopes to conduct a controlled, calculated, accurate, methodical, and technological research on the impact of reward devices on staff attitudes. The researcher also hopes which the quantitative exploration approach might enable him to arrive at findings that would have greater quality and less artificiality as a means of measuring the effect of rewards on staff attitudes.

three or more. 3. RESEA...

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