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Rettractive heels


The product can be an adjustable height heel shoe. When released onto the market, it'll be the latest, most unique and technological advanced rearfoot shoe available. The company's name is Rettractive Heels. Rettractive Heels will manufacture a variety of designs of this shoe to target a range of buyers and tastes. The designs will range in style. The five styles will be: classy, sophisticated, formal, elegant and ultra-modern.

The basic design of the adjustable height heel shoe is very much indeed like any other high heel shoe, except the height of the heel can be adjusted, which gives unprecedented versatility for its wearers.

Why Is THE PRODUCT Needed?

High heels create many illusions. They make people look taller, slimmer and make their legs and posture look more shapely. People wear high heels to enrich their beauty, improve their physical appearance and, in some instances, to increase their chances of becoming the centre of attraction. Some women just can't live without high heel shoes. High heels have become tremendously important in a woman's life in society. Heels are worn by women everyday at work, at nightclubs, parties, weddings and other social occasions. Today, as part of your before, we reside in a society enthusiastic about image and appearance. Women are prepared to spend a large percentage of these disposable income on accessories, like high heel shoes, which will help them meet society's expectations of beauty.

High heels are donned by a lot of women all over the, the burkha, yet, high heels, like many things in life, are flawed; they have got cons as well as pros. High heel shoes can be ridiculously uncomfortable, cause the wearer immense pain, and can also cause women short and long-term physical problems especially in the back, feet and knee areas. Heels can also give women an unnatural gait.

It is safe to say that ladies in the modern, the burkha, a world obsessed with external beauty, don't want to avoid wearing heels, but what they are doing want is the decision to buy a fresh versatile heel which will be able to alleviate the issues that stem from wearing 'standard' heels which flood the shoe market today. That is why there's a place searching for the adjustable height heel. As women, we understand women's love-hate relationship with high heel shoes and it is this love-hate relationship which was the catalyst because of this new product. Our own experiences, common to numerous women, sparked our idea for this product.

HOW EXACTLY DOES the merchandise Work?

The adjustable height heel shoe was created to help women make a transition from the workplace to the social scene at 5 pm without carrying another pairs of shoes. The adjustable height heel allows women to be comfortable in the workplace each day, and heighten their heel at the end of your day when they meet friends for after-work drinks. The adjustable height heel shoe also gives women the choice to lift their heel for important board meetings or client visits or lower their heel at night if they are going straight home.

The shoe is also made to help women relax by the end of an extended party without taking their shoes off! If they are feeling tired, have to walk home or meet somebody smaller than themselves, they can simply lower their heels to have the pressure off their feet and bodies. This will stop the aching legs and feet that many women complain of at the end of a night.

The shoe was created to be adjusted by up to seven centimeters. It works by a simple catch system. Women simply press a button and push the heel up or down to suit. That is called an adjustable gauge. A thin, long bar manufactured from steel is inserted through the middle of the heel lengthways and can be pressed in to move the heel along. Small holes are inserted over the heel which determine the different heights of the heel. This adjustable gauge can be used in many devices today, such as kitchen appliances, and can be found in tools. (a diagram might be useful here)


This heel is not used to the marketplace, our only competition is a company known as Camileon Heels who've launched a similar product. Their invention is a shoe with an adjustable heel that you can take off, so there is only one possible adjustment to the shoe that may be made; from high to low. The shoe is simple to adapt and simple yet elegant in its design and looks as if it is targeted more towards the business enterprise woman. However, our shoe is able to adjust without having to take any parts off of the shoe, so its easier and simpler and there is no potential for misplacing the heel when you remove it and you don't have to carry a bag with this shoe. Our shoe can even be adjusted to many different heights rather than just one single.

Many online articles claim that many females like the idea of the camileon heel, but at the same time, almost all were also worried it could fall off surprisingly, without the notice. Our adjustable height heel will assure audience that it will not let them down. Individuals will just need to take time to get accustomed to it. Any new product does take time to convince consumers to buy and trust it, therefore a lot of promotional marketing will be needed to make this product successful and separate it from the camileon heel.

We want woman to look and feel great following a night out or a trip to work. Were hoping this will be the heel of the future. This heel will bring so many benefits to womens lives. This includes not having to carry extra pairs of shoes in your handbag in the event you wont have the ability to walk anymore following a night out, there will be no more painful/sore feet or damage to other areas of the body.

Market Analysis

This new product will be an exclusive product marketed to working women who occupy the professional space and young adults who occupy the social scene, love fashion, nightlife, going to clubs and parties. The adjustable height heel which targets ladies in the workplace will sell for slightly significantly less than the heel that will target women who occupy the social scene, because the former could be more basic in style. The very best end heel will sell from around $200 a pair because of the new technology of the shoe material which includes silicon, hence, the material will feel stretchy and also have a rubber feel to it. The very best end shoes will also made from the best possible leathers.

We chosen our market based on our very own experience as young female adults, and on a survey provided to different aged sets of females. We also took up to speed the comments and reviews which were made about our competitor, to make our product better. We asked the surveyed groups questions, such as how often they wear high heel shoes, whether it is to work or out to nightclubs and what they think of the Rettractive heel concept. A lot of the female members were very impressed with the product and excited to see when the product would be released.

Generation of Ideas

Rettractive Heels is a fresh high heel brand that embodies progress in footwear technology. The business values quality, choice and function and these values are reflected in the merchandise. Women wearing this shoe should feel comfortable, stylish, and flexible and welcome this shoe with open arms after many years of suffering with aches and pains cause by the typical and restrictive high heel shoe. The product means that ladies dont have to suffer wearing heels and they dont have to give up on the thought of wearing heels.

The Idea Generation stage was extremely important as it helped us create the final product and helped our New Product Development Team and our brand meet standards. Rettractive Heels as of yet have incorporated the values of quality, choice and function in the shoe and therefore, we place great focus on the Idea Generation stage as it helped us to interpret what primary values we wanted the shoe to reflect and what our valued customers need and want.

To maintain our companys reputation, the New Product Development Team at Rettractive Heels will hold meetings to recognise the existing technologies of footwear on the marketplace, look at different reviews of the product and discuss how we could further improve our product and deliver it to our consumers. These procedures will prompt Idea Generation between the New Product Development Team.

All ideas have to result from somewhere. The New Product Development Team commenced by brainstorming ideas of services, and out of this brainstorm a number of ideas were communicated. Each idea was then discussed, ranked and categorised under benefits and drawbacks columns. From there the team find the proven fact that they thought they might have the ability to expand on and adapt easily into our society and following that the adjustable height heel shoe was created.

The primary inspiration for the Rettractive heel came from an idea from one in our New Product Development Team members, who noticed a lot of complaints from females after a particular date about their heels and noticed that the majority of females at midnight were wandering around with bare feet due to sore heels at the end of the night which can be an unattractive look, especially when decked out. The group jumped on the thought of an adjustable heel. The group then continued brainstorming this final idea, and writing down how we can further improve the standard heel. We decided to take the technology to another stage and produce an adjustable height heel that ladies can work by just pressing a button to heighten or lower their heel, a simple and unique operation.

The focus of the product was quality, overall flexibility and function which interact to remove the discomfort that other footwear creates within an individuals life.


By brainstorming and analyzing the professionals and cons of the teams ideas, the merchandise Development Team at Rettractive narrowed down the ideas to those that we thought would really be the most feasible. The ideas that were chosen were then submitted to a screening process to be able to learn which idea had the best market potential and which was achievable and workable.

The ideas which we decided as a team to screen were the adjustable height heel and a garbage bag that has an adhesive strip at the very top therefore the bag doesn't fall in to the bin. Both ideas were screened to interpret which idea could have the most market demand and would be most successful for the firm. We all did some thorough research about each product and we realized that the garbage bag idea could have too broad market and therefore it might be difficult to determine who our consumers would be. Whereas the adjustable height heel had a more specific market to focus on which is something that we felt women could be more fond and thinking about. As there are many garbage bag creations around, we also thought that we would need to go against more opponents whereas there is merely one competitor for our current product. So we came to the conclusion that the adjustable height heel could be the more relevant product, as we'd have the ability to identify who our target market would be and identify the business prerequisites our contemporary product is expected to fulfill more clearly. The strategic role screening was another process we tried and the adjustable heels became successful as the Rettractive Heel is targeted at the growth markets. The one competitor we discovered that was similar to the Rettractive heel was a company known as Camileon Heels that was also an adjustable heel but to change the height of the shoe you have to take the heel off which limits its adjustability to only two sizes. Therefore we took this up to speed and developed it further and tried to make it a better plus more feasible idea.

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