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Retention In Mcdonalds Restaurants Hr Office Management Essay

The aim of this survey is to question on the significant issue of recruitment and retention in detail that comes under Human Resources (HR) section in research organisation McDonalds UK and recommending some points making sure lower turnover rate.

The success of restaurants is normally evaluated on the requirements of Quality, Service and Sanitation which it is able to deliver. These are totally reliant on the grade of the people restaurant can recruit and sustain.

Retention is inversely proportional to turnover, the high retention suggest low turnover and vice versa. Seemingly McDonalds is a proper reputed company appearing to be perfect but things are a little complicated. Regardless of company's systematic attempts there are several loopholes that encourage employees to consider another job causing harm to the brand name, profit and require costs.

The restaurant job is definitely demanding and demanding that can be made better but regrettably certain imperfections in recruitment process, management behavior and organisational composition make employees de encouraged, frustrated, irritated especially anticipated to the kind of frame of mind they get from most of their managers which makes it worse to allow them to stay.

Being a bearurocratic company communication with the bigger officials is a headaches and must go step by step making it frustrating.

Recommendations like treating employees as customers; motivating new ideas and initiatives, regarding employees in decision making, especially those that directly impact them, providing employees with a feeling of ownership in their work and their restaurant, presenting employees an opportunity to grow and find out new skills, taking time to hold frequent team conferences and organise exterior activities, recognising, pleasing and promoting employees based on their individual

Performance and sense of security can definitely reduce the turnover rate. Suggested advice may take some time to implement but in reality may bring a positive change in a race of competition.


McDonalds in one of the largest junk food restaurant chain on earth which was founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California[wiki] having more than 1300 restaurant and 80, 000 employees working for them in UK only.

McDonalds hire 24000 employees per calendar year and almost the same amount of employees leaves McDonalds every year making its turnover rate quite higher.

The term turnover means amount of people departing the company divided by the quantity of people hired in a yr. The survey further discusses retention and high turnover issues in McDonald's.

The issues with retention and high turnover business lead to numerous problems that can be critical for company's revenue, sales and the entire reputation.

The matter of the article is to discuss these issues in detail and to recommend possible solutions for these issues experienced by the research organisation.

Brand damaging, frustrating, cost, overall sales, and customer annoyance, very long time to serve customers, forcing customers to visit competitors are inside and external impacts respectively.

Analysis of problems

1 Recruitment and Selection Process

Initial process considered similarly very important to both organisation and employees, relating to official information about 2000 applications McDonalds receive each day and only one 1 out of 15 individuals is selected. There are certain flaws in the recruitment and selection process which causes the biggest problem of retaining personnel which mc Donald's happens to be having. This section aims to further sophisticated minute and precise issues related to the recruitment process.

1. 1 Recruitment Period

According to the company's plan recruitment period shouldn't go beyond more than 28 times but in fact it is much more than that and normally grows to up to 60 times making candidates frustrated scheduled to which they prefer to find another job alternatively than waiting around impatiently for his or her turn. Many potential individuals are lost because of this extended recruiting process which will damage any organisation without a doubt.

1. 2 Psychometric Testing

The intro of psychometric test is definitely a great effort by McDonalds, assisting it to save a lot of money and initiatives, this test allows recruitment officers to look at various personality aspects of a candidate and select an individual appropriate best for the work, the moving rate of this test is surprisingly high, around 73% of the candidates actually go this test. The essential notion of this test is to handle and proceed through with high number of applications quickly and proficiently but still long time is taken up to get back to the individuals.

1. 3 Hire the Smile

It is the primary and essential tool that McDonald has defined for recruitment of employees making their service alive and also to make all their customers feel appreciated. Customer interaction is very important especially for an easy food business.

An appealing laugh and engaging truly with customer to make sure they are feel special each time they come are necessary features that a crew member must maintain.

Hire the laugh includes six primary competencies specially designed to identify and recruit suitable and qualified person for desired position.

Each competency is quickly described below

1. 3. 1 Job Fit

Ambition to are a crew member, accept and appreciate job.

1. 3. 2 Team work

Work as a team member, hear and cooperate with others, set aside personal issues and furthermore help in the overall success of McDonald's team.

1. 3. 3 Speed

Work quickly and continually while on a switch which includes taking and finalizing of order in nominal time.

1. 3. 4 Accuracy

Ensuring the order is prepared as desired with little or nothing missing which normally may annoy customer.

1. 3. 5 Customer Engagement

Understand the needs of customer, promoting new and better bargains and suggesting best choice if customer's first choice is not available.

1. 3. 6 Personal Interaction

Communicating with a loud and distinct tone of voice, Using eyesight contact and smiles to express friendliness and eager interest.

1. 4 On Job Evaluation (OJE)

On Job Evaluation or OJE is the next and kind of any practical part associated with an interview conducted by business manager of the restaurant, where prospect is given opportunity how he/she interacts with customers and handle activities, OJE does not take that long and normally ends within thirty minutes.

Conducting a powerful OJE requires some prerequisites that are complete below

It is vital to familiarize the prospect with the surroundings and make him/her recognize that it is part of recruitment process which is without pay.

In case of any disability candidates should discover appropriate assistance

The candidate is unveiled with a fellow staff member who'll be helping him/her during OJE

For safeness reason OJE should be performed either in eating section or entrance counter only and the candidate's task should only be associated to discussion with customers not with almost any equipment.

In spite of such an ideal model unfortunately recruitment is not done matching to employ the Smile and OJE process because of some significant reasons.

Since recruitment is mainly done by the restaurant director therefore the director has to make certain it is performed according to the predefined method but sometimes the managers aren't given necessary recruitment training. OR

Because of the occupied shifts like restaurants in central London, managers are so busy doing so many different things that they don't even have period to relax the applicant which is an essential part of interviewing process and therefore selection is performed predicated on few basic questions, previous experience and the majority of all reference, skipping the vital ability that could have been seen if Work with the laugh and OJE was used account.

The result of this is in form of dropping potential prospects since it is an extremely stressful and demanding job, most of the newly selected prospects get a impact of work insert and give up within the probation period which in business terms is called "three months turnover" which is high in case of McDonalds.

2 Management Behaviour

The behavior of management staff plays essential role in either retaining or sacrificing of staff and it is straight associated to the staff effectiveness, end result, satisfaction and turnover.

In order to attain healthy and constructive work environment drive and encouragement is very important and the easy way is to treat employees exactly as a manager would like him/herself to be cared for.

Being a researcher I put a chance to meet few team users of McDonald's and the stunning part was almost all of the crew participants were complaining and looked like unsatisfied with the managers, further discourse lead to some serious issues credited to which almost all of the crew people prefer to give up and the ones are :

2. 1 Scheduling

Restaurant professionals are always pressurized by their collection managers to save lots of labour and show revenue, scheduled to which a limited amount of staff is slated usually who is experienced in both kitchen and front counter, since team participants are on daily pay, if they don't get scheduled than they do not get paid, apart from that sometimes managers expect low work weight on the certain day and they schedule less personnel though it turns out to be a very busy day leaving planned staff with stress and tiresome while unscheduled personnel without work.

2. 2 Favouritism

Favouritism and scheduling are incredibly much related to 1 and another. Some crew users are manager's favorite and are treated completely in a different way either they are simply close friends or of same race or religion or dating professionals therefore these favourites get planned frequently, get more work which causes more pay, at the same time violating McDonald's insurance plan of purely "NO" to questions like time, race, religious beliefs, marital status, intimate orientation etc.

2. 3 Performance related Pay

It is believed that money can work as a robust motivator and it is true to quite an scope, restaurant job at McDonald's not only requires lots of initiatives but also mental presence which can only be present in the absence of stress, a restaurant staff member gets least wage which is an injustice to all or any that hard work he/she puts in for such a hardcore job,

2. 4 Lack of motivation

Motivation can be an amalgamation of encouragement, kindness, team heart, trust, value, communication and constructive criticism. Giving reward is the best way to motivate someone, as a company McDonald's offer brilliant benefits to its employees like getaway pay, maternity leave, team room computers, free Mathematics and English GCSE, special discounts, career improvement and training.

Since crew users are not told what benefits are being offered they may show lack of interest, laziness, nervousness which leads to blunders that always disappoint customers.

Moreover a low chance of campaign unless someone is manager's favourite is a major reason for insufficient motivation.

2. 5 Sabotage

"Sabotage is a deliberate action targeted at weakening another entity through subversion, blockage, disruption, or devastation" [wiki].

When employees don't get acceptable treatment of their managers, they have a tendency to get frustrated which reaction is either in form of stopping or sabotaging at the job place.

Since we are going through a tough economy period with limited careers on the market therefore leaving employment is not a good idea so the majority of the crew people remove their anger by damaging equipments, burning food or stealing different things.

A team member is only permitted to have one regular size meal in 8 hours of shift which is insufficient especially if it is just a busy and busy restaurant environment which pressure crew customers to take food which is highly unethical for both employees and organisation.

2. 6 Security

"Customer is often right "coverage is followed by almost every restaurant including McDonalds which sometimes can not in favor of them.

Crew participants working at leading counter experience different types of customers, they can be frustrated, irritated, racist or drunk and can abuse or even assault employees.

In such occasional cases managers mostly favour customers leaving behind employees with a feeling of insecurity.

3 Beaurcratic organisations

Bureaucratic organisations choose tall hierarchy. A proven way communication is one of the characteristics. Because of so many programs it takes number of years to get a decision implemented so that it is difficult for crew users or people in the bottom of the hierarchy to communicate with high officers.

Fig (1)

As shown in the fig (1) beaurocratic organisation has to proceed through different systems.

4 Retention

Retention is to get employees for a long term. Keeping the above mentioned issues in mind it's very easy to lose staff therefore retention may become issues which is the case in the Organization under talk.

Ensuring that everything has been done to appeal to good quality candidates is essential. However losing look of the importance of retention is simple.

High turnover will lead to go up in operating costs, which eventually can result in reduced Quality benchmarks, Service and Food Basic safety, because of the following factors:

Not plenty of time to teach employees

Poor quality training

An inexperienced and less fruitful workforce

Poor teamwork and low morale

High hourly paid labour costs

Less than most effective profitability

Non realization of employees potential and capabilities, resulting in sustained turnover

5 The expense of Turnover

Turnover is an avoidable cost to the restaurant. However because money is not in physical form handed over each time a staff member quits, turnover is often a hidden cost. This is actually the average cost for every new employee

Administration 55

Orientation 10

Training 80

Uniform 32

Administration costs are the Business professionals/Crew recruiter's a chance to perform interviews and Welcome Meetings.


To offer with the issues mentioned above subsequent recommendations are suggested:

6 Tips for Recruitment

Hiring needs are necessary to know, when to recruit new staff and taking into consideration the business demands. Assign a proper trained recruitment supervisor specifically for the recruitment purpose atlanta divorce attorneys restaurant to provide for a complete process rather than single manager looking after other things going on in the restaurant as well.

Planning ahead is vital and necessary staff should be recruited well forward before busy sessions like Xmas, Easter and summer months.

Time structure should be reduced to get back to the shortlisted prospects who have already been through psychometric test and looking forward to their interview change.

Follow proper seek the services of the look and on job evaluation (OJE) guide provided by the company which helps in:

A more professional recruiting system

Consistent across the country

It strengthens the Brand

It helps to make the right hiring decisions

Assesses behaviours and personality

7 Tips for Retention

Proper training for the professionals to treat and check after the personnel before they step to their role. Close supervision should be placed into action to check if managers are following right procedures and behaving properly with the crew

Retention can be achieved by improving following areas

Recognition and Motivation

Communications and staff opinion

Rewards and Benefits


7. 1 Reputation and motivation

Motivation of staff plays a fundamental role for an organization to work well.

Performance analysis, if conducted properly, can be the biggest motivational tool to reward, recognise improvement, offer encouragement and provide instruction. These may enhance the employee's view and help discover more about that person and their anticipations from McDonald's.

Employees should be encouraged and appreciated quite often so that they feel great about themselves and their position, for example using bonuses like staff of the month, advertising and extra duties.

When employees know that the management team as a whole are thinking about and value their development makes employees feel respected.

To let employees have the opportunity to raise any concerns they should be given right to ask questions.

7. 2 Communications and staff opinion

Hourly Paid employees will speak openly about any problems they are going through or make recommendations to a person who is not linked to the restaurant. In this respect, communication consultations are a constructive tool in recognizing problems employees may have in the restaurant that could be leading to high turnover.

Communication Sessions should be used up with a team meeting within few weeks periodically. During this meeting, any tips which were raised through the communication period should be debated and the management team should guarantee to take activities and resolve the problems, also

A time frame should be located on how long it will take the management team to solve any particular issue.

Any deals within the team should be announced at crew conferences,

Employee of the Month and any nationwide product or promotional launches should be reviewed. Crew meetings should also be used to go over any problems the restaurant may be having and

Alternatively inform of achievements/successes of the restaurant.

Crew meetings can help create teamwork. A lot more employees know about the results of the restaurant, the greater interested they'll become in their job.

Attendance at conferences will improve if everybody is motivated to attend. Try awarding area prizes once and for all ideas/contributions, etc.

7. 3 Team opinion surveys

Employee perceptions about restaurant's work place are extremely important to the success of restaurant because they determine dedication of employees.

Regularly surveying employees view to find their commitment and what changes they need to make improvement can be helpful.

7. 3. 1 Giving interviews

Whenever an employee resigns, an leave interview should be conducted.

The purpose of this will be to find out exactly why the staff is quitting and also to learn whether anything could have been done to prevent this. They may also be used in an optimistic way as after the interview is conducted steps can be studied to ensure no other employees are lost because of this particular reason in the foreseeable future.

7. 4 Rewards and benefits

The use of bonuses will help to create a stimulated team. They should not, however, be utilized in the day-to-day running of the business or eventually employees will never be productive unless they may be receiving something in addition to their wages. Bonuses should be utilized at specific times to show how much someone's hard work is appreciated, or to recognise exceptional performers.

Always remember to ensure that any acknowledgement reward is made sincerely and honestly to the individual. Regular restaurant activities/outings go a long way in building a soul of teamwork and high morale within restaurant. Many restaurants have their own soccer teams.

This means inter-store competitions can be placed which can bring about more local restaurants working better together. It might be a good idea for the manager to work alongside an hourly paid worker committee who could help generate ideas of activities and also help to organise them. Other local retailers/community groups could also have activity clubs.

Crew members are normally not aware of the benefits being offered so there should a proper program where existing and new benefits or accolades should be marketed to make sure they are alert to privileges McDonald's as company offer.

7. 5 Training

Well-trained team will deliver better client satisfaction and revel in their job more. The Team Development Program has been made to quickly teach stop procedures and obligations for both new and experienced employees.

Initial Training is an part of great importance. It is essential that new starters are looked after and that time is dedicated to their training. They should be 'buddied up' with a skilled Crew Trainer, which will ensure that new starters become as fruitful as possible, as fast as possible.

8 Other recommendations

Trust as workplace and company - (trustworthy brand) increase sales

Initiatives like treating individuals as customers and training and pursuing up to see if it is being integrated cheap/cost effective but frustrating.

Change firm structure very expensive, time consuming, risky but can be an option. Plenty of resistance.

Open and two way communication between crew and management.

Increased security for employees (right not to serve customers if they're rude)

McDonalds is indeed one of the better fast food restaurant chains on the globe that has huge amount of employees doing work for them. The amount of crew members departing each year is nearly equillent to the amount of men and women recruited same 12 months not only increase various costs but also spoil overall reputation due to which people may not want to work in McDonalds restaurant. Due to recession some employees cannot find the money for to leave an existing job therefore rather than enjoying, their work becomes burden for the kids and they may try to react carelessly, inefficiently or even may sabotage the business, because of this something similar to in a Southampton's restaurant happens when a cigarette was within a kids meals and the company was sued for this. Since our only concentration is to suggest how turnover can be reduced therefore three major areas need to be upgraded and rectified that happen to be recruitment process, management behavior and organisational structure. The recommendations seem attainable but require close monitoring and supervision which might not be easy due to the occupied enviournment in the restaurants, change in general management team might wipe out these practices altogether.

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