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Retail Case Study Lifestyle and Home Centre

Lifestyle is international private limited company, it is a part of the esteemed Dubai based mostly landmark group, started their operations in India with the unveiling of the first Lifestyle store in Chennai in 1999. Lifestyle has generated itself amongst the primary retail companies in India. Placed as a vibrant, stylish and a vibrant brand, Lifestyle offers its customers not simply the simple shopping but also an enjoyable shopping experience. Each Lifestyle store includes five ideas under one roof - Clothes, Footwear, Children's Wear & Playthings, Furniture & Home Furnishings, Personal Grooming - supplying a convenience of a one-stop shop and a wide choice of national & international brands.

Home Centre by Lifestyle is a one stop vacation spot for Furniture, Home Dcor and Soft Home furniture that truly represent style, comfort and personality. Home Centre uses a unique 'Principle Room' screen model to give customers a practical idea of how each furniture piece would try a particular room.

In maintaining the Group's custom of earning every shopping experience rewarding and memorable, The Inner Group - Landmark Group's Commitment program allows users, to take pleasure from exclusive benefits and privileges such as reward points and fascinating offers. The Internal Circle is today accepted amongst the key Loyalty Program in the country with an increasing base of customers. The cards is accepted across all Landmark Group Stores in India including Lifestyle, Home Centre by Lifestyle, Max Fashion, Splash, Bossini, SPAR Hypermarket, Polynation Food Judge, Gloria Jean's Coffees & The Yellow Chilli chain of restaurants.

Lifestyle and Home Centre give a truly international shopping experience, an undeniable fact borne by numerous accolades:

Most Admired Large Format Fashion Retailer- Images Fashion Awards 2011

Most Admired Merchant of the entire year - Home & Interiors Category for Home Centre by Lifestyle from Images Retail for just two consecutive years, 2009 & 2010

'Most Respected Company in the Retail Sector' by BUSINESS COMMUNITY - IMRB in 2003 and 2004.

'ICICI - KSA Technopak Honor for Retail Quality' in 2005

Lycra Images Fashion Awards for the 'Most Admired Large Format Merchant of the Year' in 2006.

'Reid and Taylor' Dealer of the entire year award for the entire year 2006

Most Admired Merchant of the Year - Office Store' from Images Retail in 2008

HR Regulations & Guidelines:

Promotion Insurance policy & Rules:

Promotion Plan and rules are put on employees depending upon on their potential of performing work, taking care of their skills and the level of experience.

Wage framework:

Every Job has given different wages depending after the positioning of the employee and the duty levels which the employees dominate. This enables the business to:

1. Provide competitive salaries for each job taking into account market rates.

2. Reward everyone according to their contribution.

The Salary allocated amounts depends after the employees position type for employees undertaking the standard duties of their careers. Set up maximum and bare minimum levels within those runs to take into account variations in experience and skill levels. The pay defers from Store Administered staff to HQ Administered worker. The repayment of the employees is directly by the director or it is deposited into the family savings which the worker holds. The Company reserves the right to suspend pay where an employee fails to inform about absence from work.

EMPLOYEE Determination AND WELFARE Plans:

Lifestyle motivates their employees

Lifestyle stores show their profit with the employees and they give wide range of benefits to the employees that are service related.

Lifestyle preserves their earnings record and individual worker record make it available to employee whenever they want to buy to see.

Lifestyle offers professional medical options with their employees predicated on private health insurance or gratuity scheme

Performance appraisal is applied in lifestyle after completion of first 90days of work.

Lifestyle offers travel bills to their employees within the town.

They are honored and rewarded for their work by their rankings predicated on their performance.

Lifestyle providing basic and common national holidays because of their employees it isn't giving normal Sundays and Saturdays to their employees.

Customer grievance is reported to the professionals in lifestyle.

Discipline in lifestyle is incredibly good like restricted to smoke or ingesting face to face and avoiding cell phones.

First aid course is given to all employees in case there is any damage or injuries.

To motivate the employees complimentary coupons receive in advance matching to their supply.

Employees feel it like lifestyle family it is shown by personalized badges.

Employees are trained at different levels from time to time plus they also taught to cope with safeness problems like damages, equipped robbery and bomb hazard.

lifestyle teaches its employees to be patient, enthusiastic, cheerful and courteous to its co-workers, helpful, polite and courteous to all patrons.

Well kept rooms receive to their employees.

Nature of most employees in lifestyle is very cheerful, knowledgeable, very friendly, calming and reliable.


Lifestyle mainly centered on employee training program they develop worker skills by advance technology of e-learning system that is helpful to develop worker skills. Lifestyle always believes that human tool is the crucial part of its mission. Lifestyle training plan is situated upon identifying the specific criteria set for each and every position in the business. Its main objective is the fact training with their employees should provide lifestyle with Professional personnel and skilled workers. According to the lifestyle training coverage all the workers are financially recognized by company to adopt the professional training programs.

Performance appraisal is applied in lifestyle after completion of first 90days of employment. Line professionals review performance constantly in order to assess what sort of particular employee is doing. It helps worker in assessing themselves and look for further development.

HEALTH AND Basic safety RULES:

In working out first aid course is given to all employees in case there is any personal injury or accident

Health check up and health system or sorted out in lifestyle itself to its employees.

Safety procedures like hearth alarms and fire extinguisher has been considered.

Well training on the customer guidance


Lifestyle as above mentioned it offers around 30, 000 employees who will work under different functions depending upon their qualifications. This means there is variety in the Company syndication of work fill according to the skills of the people applying in. You can find three levels of Jobs in any company viz. Entry Level, Midsection Level, Senior Level. These levels have their own Job description, Job Specs and the Recruitment and Selection procedure etc they are briefly mentioned below


There should succeed Recruitments and Time Bound at Regional Level.

There should be responsibility for the end-to-end Individuals Resource Operations and they should ensure that there is complete adherence of HR process.

They should be responsible for implementing the statutory compliances.

Planning, taking care of attrition, implementing consequence management and new composition roll away.

There should be 100% norms and timeline along with implementation of HR guidelines and steps.

They should be very responsible for operation pursuits like monthly information, Leave Management System, attrition examination, separation, HRMIS and copy in and out circumstances.

Standardized & functions & sustainable systems

Process perspective-build & use scalable.

Overview of well-timed salary inputs and also means that salary related issues like pending reimbursements or adaptable components are closed with time.

As a part of annual appraisal process there must be implementation of I incremental proposals, end to get rid of appraisal system for the particular regions.

They should be in charge of payroll management system and HR operation process system.

There should be patience to handle the customers.

They should be accountable for utilizing statutory compliances.


There should be people management skills and there must be high level social skills.

There should be good understanding of the statutory compliances.

There should be influencing skills, guidance and collaboration.

There should be good communication skills.

There should be excellent display skills.

The prospect should be experienced in MS Excel and numerically inclined.

The candidate should have good problem solving skills.

They should be on top of integrity.

They should be well organized, able to work independently, detailed and careful to meet up with the deadlines.


The employee must have communication skill in three local languages.

For Manager Conformity the work experience should be 6 to 9 years, educational certification should be Post Graduate - MBA in HR/Industrial Relationships, Industry type is marketing or entertainment or dotcom, his or her role is HR manager, useful area is HR or Supervision or IR.

For ESP (Business Security Program) should have 0 to 1 12 months experience, education qualification should be 10 to 10+2, age group should be 18 to 23 years, industry type is media or entertainment or dotcom, there must be good communication skills.

At all levels it bank checks the communication skills of staff.

Normal personnel that who acquire money and give monthly bill to its customers should have work experience of about 0 to at least one 12 months and he or she must have computer skills and perfect in using MS Excel, there should be good communication skills and really should be customer friendly.

Staffing procedure in lifestyle is from higher-level to lessen level that is from Manager, HR manager, Administrator, ESP, Normal staff, Janitors and security guards.

There will be three levels of interview to employees that is checking out the communication skills, customer romance and employee relations, sincerity in the task.


Entry level: the basic level jobs at lifestyle are resource chain management, stock and others.

Job description:

The reason for job is receives, stores and stock materials, equipment, equipment or goods. Compiles stock information. Requisitions standard what to replenish stock. Incumbents typically work in the university bookstore or similar retail operations

Job specification:

Knowledge of cataloging and inventory techniques.

Knowledge of transport and receiving routines.

Skill in basic arithmetic.

Ability to effectively speak.

Detailed recruitment and staffing:

Counts, kinds and investigations in inbound articles, verifies against requisitions, delivery notices or invoices, places articles on sales floor shelves or in storeroom.

Replenishes merchandises on cabinets from storeroom stock, rotates products and retains it orderly and neat to look at.

Checks inventory routinely to ascertain reordering needs and confirm with documents, requisitions expectations stock items, items or materials within set up limitations, notifies designation staff of fast paced items.

Contact vendors to acquire information regarding delivery status of requests or special purchases positioned by departments

Places or changes prices on items, places tags, markers or labels on shelves to identify stock.

Packs and ships packages according to training using boxes, packing materials and sealing tape.

Records or documents changes in inventory, mark-ups or mark-downs of merchandises relating to established methods.

Gathers requisition supplies, products or materials and prepares for delivery or pick-up.

Assists customers or others in locating needed goods, materials or supplies.

Trains and assists part-time or scholar help.

Middle level:

The middle level job is of a store administrator who is said to be responsible for both performing of the company in retaining the store and the management of the entry level people.

Job description:

Retail managers are accountable for operating stores or departments to meet company's targets and policies. The aim of any retail manager is to maximize profit and lessen costs. Retail managers ensure special offers are accurate and items to the company's standards, personnel are completely versed on the prospective for the day and excellent customer support standards are satisfied.

Job specification:

Excellent communication is necessary.

Knowledge of business functions & their interdependencies.

Ability to give short-term solutions to business problem from a company continuity point of view.

Develop article and review on all the procedures which are occurring under his control.

Ability to build up long term alternatives for business issues with a view on repercussions overall business.

Leadership skills required.

An experience of minimum amount 5+ years is required

Detailed recruitment and staffing:

Managing and motivating a team to increase sales and ensure efficiency,

Managing stock levels and making key decisions about stock control.

Analyzing sales results and forecasting future sales quantities to maximize gains,

Analyzing and interpreting developments to help in planning.

Using informational technology to track record sales numbers, for data research and onward planning,

Dealing with staffing issues such as interviewing potential staff, conducting appraisals and performance reviews, as well as providing or business training and development

Ensuring criteria for quality, customer services and health and safety are attained.

Resolving health and safeness, legal and securities issues.

Responding to customer issues and reviews.

Promoting the organization locally by liaising with local institutions, newspapers and community in general.

Organizing special offers, displays and situations.

Attending and chairing meetings

Updating co-workers on business performance, new effort and other relevant issues.

Touring the sales floor regularly, talking to acquaintances and customers, and figuring out or resolving urgent issues.

Maintaining awareness of market tendencies in the retail industry, understanding forthcoming customer initiative and monitoring what local opponents are doing

Initiate changes to enhance the business, example: revising opening hours to ensure the store can compete effectively in the local market

Dealing with sales, as so when required.

Senior Level:

Job information: retail functions director is another way of explaining a sales staff member Supervisor. These professionals perform every one of the supervisory duties of an administrator, such as recruiting training, evaluating, letting go and assigning jobs to retail personnel. They also have various other tasks, such as working the sales floor when the store has many customers.

Job specification:

Retail operations managers usually need high school diplomas and are often promoted to the position of operations manager after many years of experience nd a showed aptitude for command. Some retail procedures managers transfer to different stores beyond their company to find better work.

Detailed recruitment and staffing:

The work that the operations manger oversees may differ with respect to the store.

The manager want to concentrate on the client services, inventory, store cleanliness, store displays, product stocking, customer grievances and profits.

The retail businesses supervisor is also accountable for tracking the improvement of the store to ascertain if the store is getting together with earnings goals. The retail functions manager must make sure that costs are minimized and also that inventory is actually available so there are never shortages. Stores that are an integral part of a more substantial company must article all activities to higher management.

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