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Resorts And Palaces Of Taj Hotels

Marketing is a leading property of any companies in today's market. Marketing division is the backbone of any companies any d if the business doesn't have this is called handicapped. It framework to a hotel it also a has vital role, as the hospitality is an easy growing industry and has challenging competition everywhere; so it is vital to be prior to the competition. In this particular context marketing plays a fatherly role. Marketing division is the area which touches the customers and explains to about the product and the assistance provided by the hotel and compare it using its competition. In this project the author has given the intro and need for marketing about marketing in comparison to a hotel.

A quick about taj hotels palace and resorts has given with regards to its history and segment of customers offered. The main target of this particular project to learn, review and propose alternatives wherever required to the various marketing strategies been subject to by the "Taj Palace, New Delhi" hotel and also giving the reason behind the proposed answers to it.

This job would also permit the author to know and learn about the city and would also allow the author to comprehend about the hospitality trends in the town. It would also help the writer to understand the competition of "Taj Palace, New Delhi" and providing significant reasons and facts for supporting the reasons of the provided solutions and ideas.

This will also help to learn about the city and will learn what the developments of hospitality in the location are. It can help to learn what strategies are the competition of "Taj Palace, New Delhi" to compress it competition.

Marketing: An Introduction

"For any business never to advertise is like winking at a girl at night. You really know what you are doing but no-one else will" - Stuart H. Britt, US advertising consultant

Marketing is a social and managerial process to acquire they want and want through creating and exchanging products of what they want. Kotler defines marketing as "The main element to obtaining organisational goals consist in deciding the needs and desires of target marketplaces and delivering the required satisfactions more effectively and effectively than competitors. " marketing today helps in understanding the mindset of customers so that products can be innovated appropriately. . In the Hospitality Industry, market leaders like the Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces, Marriott International, Hilton, Hyatt, etc are increasing their market share at the expense of smaller chains and impartial operators because they have a thorough understanding of marketing which is vital to ensure steady flow of customers.

Marketing involves the following questions:

How to get the right customers?

Different products?

How does indeed one reduce cost of customer acquisition?

The opportunity of marketing is quite wide. The implication is that the firm uses to acquire customers and take care of the relationship with them. The Kotler meaning encompasses both development of new products and services and their delivery to customers. Marketing expert Regis McKenna expressed a similar viewpoint in his important 1991 Harvard Business Review article "Marketing is everything. " McKenna argued that because marketing management encompasses all factors that affect a company's potential to deliver value to customers; it must be "all-pervasive, part of everyone's job explanation, from the receptionists to the Board of Directors. "

The Need for Marketing in Framework to the Hospitality Sector

Marketing is one of the most important tool in the in the hospitality sector as well as other sectors which performs a significant role. In other business selling of products are sold is marketing but in the hospitality sector it is sold with hook variance. Within a hotel it is not the product it's the service that is provided to the guest. Both service marketing and goods marketing focus on a crucial need - id and product design functions; goods generally are produced before sold and services generally are sold before produced. Service industry has less affect on comparison with the other sectors. The impact is slow comparison to the industries. The customers who've not witnessed the product may have a new point of view. Good's marketers might be able to move potential customers from brand awareness to brand choice with packaging, promotion, pricing and distribution whereas service's marketers usually cannot.

The services provided in a hotel are intangible. This type of service makes it more difficult to describe the assistance provided to the clients therefore the customers can only just have the services. Customer's conception of risk is commonly high for services because services cannot be touched, smelled, tasted or tried on before purchase. Customers can try a new product just like a test drive of a car but to see the services of a hotel he has enroll as a guest in the hotel. Service marketers can create brand understanding and induce trial prior to the sale, but they display benefits and build brand preference most effectively after the sales. Superior service can only just be felt it can not be packed and given to customers.

Introduction to Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces

Indian Hotels Company Small (IHCL) is a subsidiary of Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces which is a part of the TATA Group which is Asia's largest group and one of the finest and the oldest companies of India. The first hotel built by Taj was Taj Mahal Palace built-in 1903 and it was built because Indians weren't allowed to stay in prestigious hotels and not allowed in golf clubs during the English rule. This business lead in the building blocks of the Tata Group by Mr. Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata. The hotel alone stands for more than a century.

The main development of the group were only available in the 70's under the command of the then Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Ajit Kerkar. Within the starting emerged the Rambagh Palace in Jaipur. They started out with the concept of converting century old palaces into hotels, which is currently USP of the business. Through the years a lot more hotels like Taj Coromandel and the Fisherman's Cove, Fort Aguada Beach Resort were built. Within the 80's the business developed two more hotels in the capital city and Bangalore. These hotels are cultural in nature and they're setup relating to international standards.

The Taj is mark of hospitality in India and completed a century in 2003. Till date the company has 78 hotels including resorts and palaces. Out which 18 are abroad that happen to be in Malaysia, United Kingdom, United States of America, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Africa, the center East and Australia. In India it offers 60 hotels across 45 locations like Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Goa etc. as the brand holds such diverse network it symbolises Indian hospitality in India and Abroad. The Managing Director, R. K. Krishnakumar says "The vision for the Taj Group is for this to be always a select string, present globally. Asian, perhaps in identity, but absolutely international in conditions of systems and functions and with a strong West European emphasis. The way forward was to ensure that the complete Taj team is imbued with the missionary zeal to market the brand. " The Taj caters all sorts of hotels like luxury, business and top quality. Amongst the customers, international holidaymakers form the majority of the marketplace for the Taj especially in the metros. Even the information of the Indian customers are changing with time.

Categories of Taj Hotels

Taj Hotels Palaces and Resorts can be an international hospitality group with strong roots in India. For days gone by 100 years they had build their own reputation on renowned properties, unparalleled facilities and impeccable service. They operate in the luxury, premium, mid market and value segments of the marketplace through their following brands:

Taj (luxury full-services resorts and palaces) is their flagship brand for the world's most discerning holidaymakers seeking authentic activities considering that luxury is a means of life to which there are accustomed. Spanning world renewed landmarks, modern business hotels idyllic beach resorts, authentic Rajput palaces and rustic safari lodges, each Taj hotel reinterprets the traditions of hospitality in a refreshingly modern way to produce activities and lifelong memories.

Taj also encompasses a unique group of iconic properties rooted record and tradition that deliver truly unforgettable experience. A collection of exceptional properties with strong heritage as hotels or palaces that offer something more than great physical product and except cal service. This group is identified by the emotional and unique collateral of its iconic properties that are genuine, non-replicable with great potential to crate stories and experiences.

Taj Exotica is their resort and spa brand found in the most exotic and enjoyable locales of the world. The properties are described by the privateness and intimacy they provide. The hotels are obviously differentiated by their product idea and service design. They are simply centred on high and accommodation, intimacy and an environment that allow its visitor unrivalled comfort and personal privacy. They are defined by the sensibility of seductive design and by their various and electric culinary encounters, impeccable service and authentic Indian spa sanctuaries.

Taj Safaris are wildlife lodges that allow travellers to activities the unparallel beauty of the Indian jungle amidst luxurious surrounding. They provide India's first in support of animals luxury lodge circuit. Taj safaris provide lasting ecotourism model.

Premium Hotels (premium full-service hotels and resorts) give a new generation of tourists a contemporary and creative hospitality experience that suits their work-hard play-hard lifestyles. Stylish interiors, impressive cuisine, hip pubs and a give attention to technology placed these properties aside.

The Gateway Hotel (upscale/mid-market service hotels and resorts) is a skillet India network of hotel s and resorts that offers business and leisure travels a hotel designed, keeping the present day nomad in mind. On the Gateway hotel people believe in keeping things simple. This is why Taj hotels are split into 7 simple zones stay, hangout, meet, work, unwind and explore.

Ginger (Economy Hotels) is their cutting edge notion in hospitality for the value segment. Intelligently designed facilities, persistence and affordable are hallmarks of the brand targeted at holidaymakers who value convenience and self applied service.

Client profile

Taj hotels have a customer profile discussion service provided wherein they diagnose the clientele needs and get back information they try and supply the required facilities with their customers. Generally Taj concentrates on the upper course of the population who can spend lavishly on the luxury provided.


The Taj group hotels commit itself to the entire improvement of the ecological environment, which all the individuals are an integral part of.

We recognize that people are not owners but caretakers of the planet and owe it to our children and future generations of humankind.

It is our endeavour not and then preserve and protect but also to renew and regenerate the surroundings where we live and operate.

Our commitment encompasses all activities related to our products, services, affiliates, partners, suppliers and areas.

We will partner and build relationships the environment through Globe:

ENVIRONMENT Understanding AND RENEWAL AT TAJ HOTELS. For all of us earth is not really a program, nor an activity, it is a way of life.


Embrace talent and harness knowledge to leverage standards of brilliance in the fine art of hospitality to increase our International presence. Increase local dominance and create value for all those stakeholders.


In an endeavour to reinstate its eye-sight and efforts to improve sustainable tourism and integrate environment management in every business areas Taj hotels and resorts and palaces presents Globe (ENVIRONMENT AWARENESS AND RENEWAL AT TAJ HOTELS) a project which presents and shows the conscious effort of one of Asia's most significant and finest band of hotels to invest in energy saving and environment management. EARTH has received qualification from green globe the only real worldwide environmental certification program for travel and tourism.

Taj values


Taj promises

At the Taj group their determination is to service excellence is rooted in our two guiding concepts. One of Taj key priorities is to empower the people to deliver on their legacy of impeccable service3.

Four steps of service are:-

A warm and sincere welcome. Use the guest name, whenever possible.

Fulfil friends need and offer anticipatory service.

Defect free products and services.

Fond farewell using the guest name, whenever you can.

The following philosophy is a listing of our beliefs and prices towards our employees.

Introduction to Taj Palace, New Delhi

Taj palace one of the very most popular 5 legend hotels in which to stay Delhi it offers among the best and marvellous international facilities and world class services to the guests. It includes 461 rooms which attracts a majority of big injections of their state and government officers. Top business tycoons wish to stay static in the hotel throughout their business vacations. The hotel is situated is Sardar Patel Marg, Diplomatic Enclave near to Dhaula Kuan area. The nationwide and airport terminal is just a 10 mins drive from the hotel.

The hotel has 12 banquet halls with world class facilities for all kind of functions like meetings, seminars, wedding ceremonies and casual parties. The capacity of the hall is just about 700-1000 guests. The hotel provides all kind of recreational activities for its guests. The hotel look is all n different in the region. It is a perfect embodiment of all features associated with Taj hotels, Resorts and Palaces.

The luxurious and fantastic rooms are mainly split into 7 categories superior rooms, deluxe rooms, Taj Team rooms, Executive collection, Grand Luxury Collection and Grand Presidential suite. The Grand Presidential suite is one of the rooms in the town compared to its competition hotels. The rooms have different views available according to the guest continence like garden view, pool view and city view.

The hotel acts fantastic food in its 4 different restaurant specially the prize winning Oriental express which gives excellent luxury and services to its friends and itself is one of the best restaurants in metropolis to dine in.

Competitors of Taj Palace, New Delhi

Though Taj Palace is well reputed hotel it faces rough competition. As the hotel is situated in Delhi which is the Metro city and the administrative centre, there are many other five star properties of Taj and other brands, these hotels provide challenging competition because they provide the same services in comparison with the hotel as they have got market tell them. The Hotels providing huge competition are:

ITC Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi: this can be a 440 room property and it the main competition to the hotel as it is the nearest situated hotel. It is a Welcomgroup property and it offers world class facilitates to its guest. It really is one of the most popular hotel for dinning in the location due to its celebrated restaurant BUKHARA which specialise in North West frontier food. The hotel truly creates magic on the hearts and the brains of the holidaymakers with its luxury accommodation and its own state-of-the-art facilities and warm hospitality.

Hotel Hyatt Regency, New Delhi: positioned in the region of Bikaji Cama Place in South Delhi, this 520 room property provides state-of-the-art services to its customers and is also one of the well reputed hotels in the area. This particular hotel provides a very challenging competition to its competition. The hotel provides all sorts of rooms from the poolside facing to professional rooms to The Presidential Suite. The interior of the hotel is bed-lighted with selective traditional fine art, tasteful furnishing, artful antiquities combined with some wonderful service provided by the well trained staff.

Le Meridien, New Delhi: Located in the Raisina Road, with its closeness to the shopping, commercial and cultural center act as a effective factor because of this particular hotel. This Hotel a part of a very well respected brand Le Meridien band of Hotels, is one of the very most popular hotels present in the town. This 355 room property provide all types of rooms to its travellers from Deluxe to the presidential suites with all sorts of facilities ranging from in-room safe to high speed internet access in its rooms. Its Food and Drink retailers providing different cuisines such as the Golden Pheonix (Chinese cuisine), Pakwan (North Western Frontier Dishes), the Pierre (French Dishes), Henri's bar and Aloha pub provides this hotel and extra edge and gives a tough competition to the taj palace.

The Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi. -The hotel reflects a good blend of custom and modern-day sophistication. The hotel can be found near to the location centre, business, commercial and shopping districts. The hotel has a esteemed golf course using one side and on the other hand it has a Humayun's tomb. Placed in the Dr. Zakir Hussein Marg, New Delhi, it is roughly 20 mins. Away from the airport. It has been awarded as the "Best Hotel in Delhi" and "Among the very best 100 Hotels on earth" by the Institutional Investor, 2009 the world's best Hotels. This hotel has also being awarded with lots of other awards also such as "The very best hotel in Delhi" by TTG Travel Awards, 2009 and "Amongst best hotels and Resorts on earth" by Forbes Traveller 400- the world's best hotels and resorts 2009. This 350 room property provides all sorts of top notch services to its holidaymakers and hence is the biggest threats to the taj.

Shangri-la-Eros Hotel, New Delhi: It is most centrally located hotel in the town. The hotel can be found in Connaught place which is similar to the lifeline of Delhi as the business enterprise, Commercial and Shopping Region definitely helps it be one of the most well-liked hotels for the visitor to stay into. It really is 17 floor hotel which has 350 luxurious rooms which concentrate on both business and leisure vacationers and is definitely popular 5 star property in the town. It is a very famous food and drink away known as "caf uno" and also other outlet stores is famous one of the guest who comes to the town.

Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi: It really is one of the distinguished properties in the administrative centre city. It's the sister hotel of Taj Palace. The hotel is positioned in the lutyens home put in place Delhi. It is a landmark alone. . Although it is located a bit a long way away from the air-port approximately 40 mins. , but is near to the bustling city center, Connaught Place, Pragati Maidan, Federal government Office buildings and Diplomatic Missions. This 294 room property also has been awarded as the "5 legend diamond prize" by "American Academy of Hospitality"

Radisson Hotel, New Delhi: This 5 superstar property in the Country wide Capital Region, located less than 5 km from the Domestic and International airport of Delhi and the near the business hub of Gurgaon, The Radisson Hotel is truly one of the easiest ways that one can make its trip to Delhi a memorable one. The Radisson Hotel simply oozes luxury and offers its guest a stay with an event of a lifetime. This 29 room property also gets an edge with its five Food and Beverage services; specially one of the famous Restaurants in Delhi i. e. "The Kabab Factory" truly offers an edge to this property.


Delhi is capital city of India and is also the greatest metropolis by area and second largest by population. In addition, it stands 8th in the world largest metropolis with an increase of than 12. 25 million inhabitant in the place and over 15. 9 million residents in the NCR (national Capital region) which includes Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad. It is today's city that includes a history all around it. A tour of Delhi provides the visitors with much to see and admire which range from the Mughal monuments to Modern Department stores, from Traditional arts and crafts to trendy fashion shows. Delhi is a city which combines the historical and the modern in a distinctive way.

Delhi was the next most visited place after Andhra Pradesh with upsurge in foreign holiday to 2. 3 million in the year 2008 as compared to 2. 01 million in the year 2007 and 1. 9 million in 2006. It became the capital of India in the entire year 1911, following the British East India Company gained control of India during the 18th and 19th century and George V. the top of the East India Company decided to move back again to Delhi and it announced it as the administrative centre city of India. It was when the India gained self-reliance from the United kingdom Rule, New Delhi was declared as its capital and couch of the government. New Delhi houses important office buildings of the national Govt. including the parliament of India.

With the predicted net State Domestic Product of the Fiscal Year of 2007 of Rs. 1. 82 billion (US$24. 5 Billion) in nominal terms and Rs. 3, 364 billion (US$69. 8 billion), Delhi is the largest commercial centre in Northern India. Delhi had a per capita income of Rs. 66, 728 (US$1, 450) in 2007 at current prices; it is the third highest in India after Chandigarh and Goa. Delhi gets the largest and one of the fastest growing retail business in India, because of which land prices are booming and it is currently positioned at 7th priciest office hotspot on earth with prices at $145. 16 per rectangular foot.

Along with its contribution in the economy, Delhi plays a substantial role in being one of the hot tourist destinations in India because of several historical monuments present in the city. This is seen with the example of many monuments of significance found in the city. With all the Archaeological survey of India identifies 1200 heritage buildings and 175 monuments in Delhi as national heritage sites. Along with the existence of the three worlds heritage sites i. e. The Red Fort, Qutub Minar and Humayun's Tomb along with the architectural marvels like the Jama Masjid which is India's Largest Mosque and India Gate gives as extra edge of appeal for the holiday in Delhi.

S. W. O. T. research of Taj Palace, New Delhi

SWOT examination is split into 4 parts






It gets the largest convention centre which can handle 700 personals at a single point of their time.

The Orient express restaurant, about the most restaurants in the town, brings as an promoter to the hotel and helps in producing extra earnings.

The hotel is located in one of the best locations and it is very near to the airport which is a 10 min drive. As it is centrally located so it has a proper connectivity with the city. Hence, easy access to holidaymakers.

The rooms are split into many different kinds and also supply the guests of option of different views as per visitor connivance like pool view, garden view and city view.

For a grab and drop facility the guest has an option of 1 of most luxurious car that is JAGUAR.

The 12 banquet halls can support different types of function at exactly the same time and which generates good earnings for the hotel.

Its spacious rooms give a full luxury experience with a little extra luxurious options according to convenience of the guest.

It gets the largest convention centre which are designed for 700 personals at a single point of the time.

The Orient express restaurant, one of the popular restaurants in the city, gives as an promoter to the hotel and helps in generating extra earnings.


The light in the lobby provides it an extremely uninteresting look which creates a flat atmosphere in the lobby and for the visitor who gets into the hotel for the first time.

The auto parking area in the hotel is very less which creates problem during high occupancy and banquet functions.

Staffing of the not sufficient which again is a challenge during high occupancy.

It is found in a location in Sardar Patel Marg, which encounters a massive problem of traffic jams which does helps to keep the traveller hanging around on roads and hence, leads to reducing the interest of the traveller for visiting the hotel.

Less aggressive promotional activities taken place by the hotel in order to market their product which looses out its customers.

In comparison to its competition the meals and beverage outlets are incredibly costly which again a downside for the hotel.

The Oriental Exhibit restaurant usually invites the guests to the restaurant rather than allowing the walk-ins.


To promote and make more earnings the hotel should become more hostile in the advertising of the hotel. To market the hotel some pursuits like food fest and exhibition can be kept to promote the hotel.

The hotel should promote its food and beverage outlets to give stiff competition to its competition for e. g. the oriental express which is a very famous restaurant should be promoted to give a good competition to ITC Maurya Sheraton's Bukhara and generate more revenue.

Different techniques related to room tariff should be produced and be promoted so the occupancy be increased and produces more revenue.

Contractual personnel can be increased in order to provide reliable service to its guests during peak conditions.

The auto parking area should be advanced such that it gives convenience to guests which are a problem in the food and beverage outlet stores.

Walk in guests should be allowed in the main restaurants like Oriental exhibit so that it helps in increasing the earnings of the hotel.


There is a very hard competition of popular 5 celebrities in the city combined with the future hotels not only in the town but also in the NCR area are a major menace to the Taj Palace.

The hotel should become more aggressive to advertise the hotel in the area of food and drink and the aim should be eating up the marketplace of is competition hotels.

The food and beverage personnel is not satisfactory which causes customer dissatisfaction and causes less earnings.

There should be a professional restaurant in the hotel as it is the latest craze in the hotel industry like its competition hotels has such as the Bukhara by the ITC Maurya Sheraton Dakshin by Sheraton, New Delhi Hotel is aimed at eating up the market demand of the Taj Palace hotel, which indirectly reduces the income of the hotel.

Next door property by the ITC Welcomgroup i. e. ITC Maurya Sheraton aims at eating up the marketplace show of "Taj Palace. New Delhi"

Marketing strategies considered by Taj Palace, New Delhi

The market strategies are mainly split into 3 parts mainly




Market Segmentation

Different marketing strategies are being used to promote the hotel and create the max income where market consists of buyers, the buyers always by many reasons like needs, would like, locations, buying frame of mind and buying techniques. For eg the needs and wants of the clients of an hotel in Goa will be different from the needs and desires of a guest in Cochin.

The Taj Palace is an extravagance hotel by categorization, if the physical segmentation is considered then your hotel mainly seeks to target all the leisure friends who visit the town as the hotel is near to the air port is also tries to serve all the business clientele who occurs business trips in the location and it also try to take in the function of the guests like conferences, seminars and meetings.

Taking the neighborhood crowed into consideration Taj Palace, New Delhi hotel tries to attract visitor by providing them also with facilities of 12 banquet halls which can be used together and with 4 different kinds of Food and Drink Retailers. It mainly is aimed at capturing the clients with top and upper-middle classes i. e. mainly traveler or businessmen.


The main marketplace has been set up by Taj Palace; it mainly aims at leisure and business customers. As the hotel is situated the capital city the therefore the tourist who mainly trips metropolis are business and leisure. The leisure clients will visit the town due to its history and traditional monuments in the location which is a major attraction on the list of tourist.

There are significant offers and plans provided by the hotel to attract the customers. They are mainly seasonal packages. In addition they try attracting the neighborhood by its four restaurants and twelve banquet halls which can accommodate 700 guests. It also aims at reaching the criteria of the company with the actual fact of gratifying its customers and creating maximum amount of revenue. Over the years Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi has been able to meet the objectives by producing maximum income by maximum visitor satisfaction.


"Taj" as a brand in India which is something has been accepted by the people of India as something with that they can relate themselves. It offers them a feeling of warmth and harmony to relate and a feeling of take great pride in in using the assistance of the brand. "Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi" needs this as the opportunity to attract the holidaymakers and visitor to its hotel. This can help in attracting the local crowed as well as the home travellers towards the product they offer. Along with the name "Taj" which is associated with this hotel it helps the hotel in taking on the benefit to entice the foreign vacationers who intend to stay static in India and it is one of the branded hotels i. e. "Taj Palace" with which they affiliate India with, especially when it comes down to staying in Delhi. Delhi being the Capital of India and "palace" as a phrase associated with the brand name "Taj" creates a subconscious effect in the brains of the clients and hence it helps in increasing the revenue for the hotel.

Along with its rooms and further facilities provided by the hotel, the meals and Beverage stores like the "Oriental Exhibit" provided by the hotel have been welcomed by the local people as well as travellers. This can help in creating a planned and a good promotional tool in creating the psychological result in the heads of the customers and helps in create do it again customers and therefore generating income.

Critique by the author on the Marketing Strategies

The position of the hotel is that it is well accepted by the local public and the going to friends. The hotel is also well resolved because it is now operating for quite some time and it is clear about its marketplace. The Taj Palace is one of the land mark hotels in the town and has been publicized at a good rate and has had the opportunity to capture the market since a long time.

The current situation in the hospitality industry in the administrative centre has completely improved, from the time the hotel was setup. There are far more 5 stars in the location which has given a stiff competition to Taj Palace and these hotels are eating up the market talk about of the hotel.

If we compare the promotional strategies of Taj Palace with its competition it is clear that its competition is a lot in advance than Taj Palace. Pursuits like food celebrations or using mass media as the foundation of promotion is very less. Even the sister hotel Taj Mahal is much forward than Taj Palace. Factor in the market placement of the hotel has been seen over the years due to insufficient promotion activities taken place by the hotel as compared to other new hotels in metropolis in a completely changed situation.

Special packages are been provided by the hotel to its customers along using its loyalty programs carried out by the hotel to promote its services. However in the current scenario they are the strategies and visitor satisfaction programs are been completed by almost every other hotel present or presented by the largest competitors and world known brands such as ITC Welcomgroup, Hyatt, Le Meridien, etc.

Taking the current market circumstance in Delhi, the Commonwealth Game titles which are to be held this year 2010 and with having less rooms available in the city for the estimated visitor going to Delhi for the reason that particular season, "Taj Palace, New Delhi" hotel can capture it as an chance to improve its sales by giving special plans to its customers and increasing their earnings, in from various aspects such as through rooms, food and drink services, etc. . That is one of the occasions which the hotel must consider and work aggressively in creating the revenue.

Alternative strategies suggested for Taj Palace

Taking into consideration about the present setting of the "Taj Palace, New Delhi" hotel in the location and outside The researcher based on his research would like to suggest several alternative strategies to be able to increase the quality provided by the hotel that could help the hotel to increase its customers and revenue.

Some of the suggestions are:-

One of the key problems which can be confronted by the hotel is shortage of staff during optimum season and high occupancy. The answer to the situation would be that the hotel can work with temporary personnel during season the short-term staff can include trainees which might be a part of the industry in the future. The adequate will lead to visitor satisfaction and satisfied visitor lead to faithful guest which will increase the income.

The hotel should regularly performed food fest to market the hotel and give their particular identity and will make the meals and beverage team popular.

A little bit of Aggressive promotional activities can be taken place by the hotel to be able to promote the services provided by the hotel, not just related to the sales of rooms to the vacationers from various metropolitan areas and countries, but it needs a little more aggressive approach to advertise its food and beverage services provided by the hotel to be able to increase the revenue. This is a necessity for the hotel as the meals and drink services provided by the other hotel chains in the town are much more aggressive and purpose at eating up the market of "Taj Palace, New Delhi".

Drawbacks of the above mentioned suggestions

The researcher has given some solutions to the major problems face by Taj Palace. Like every coin two attributes brain and tails and suggestions lead to downsides. So the downsides of the aforementioned suggestions are given below:-

On hiring momentary personnel on seasonal occasions will lead more costs on the hotel that may lead to less earnings. Secondly if there is a temporary staff in the hotel it may lead to confusion in the long lasting staff and it will lead to misunderstanding could cause dissatisfied guests. Hence there should an effective ratio between everlasting and temporary personnel.

The other solutions that were provided by the author in his research were mainly related to having less promotional activities carried out by the Taj Palace. Activities related to advertising of the services provided by the hotel and the advantages considered by the other string of hotels present in the town and eating up the market of the particular hotel. Although the writer concentrates on the key problem of the promotional activities taken up by the hotel in order to improve the earnings of the hotel, but taking the promotional and activities would take a huge amount of investment and could lead to lack of resources which may lead to blockage in the regular procedure of the hotel. This is because using the press for the campaign of the hotel may cost up to lacks to a crore of Rupees for a single advertisement and which can run the hotel into losses also.


Taj Palace hotel is surely one of the distinct properties in Delhi and is also surely a bench symbol for some of the hotels in the town. The hotel surely gives the sense of epic hospitality of the Taj and Indian Hospitality. Tough the hotel faces many problems that happen to be being mentioned above but it also gives its friends quality services and it is one of the popular hotel in the administrative centre. , "Taj Palace, New Delhi" helps it be best attempts to triumph over them and will try to maintain the grand standard established by it and giving a tough competition to the other branded hotels in the city.

After completing his research the researcher learnt about "Taj Palace, New Delhi" which the following job is being submitted. He not only learnt about the hotel but also the TAJ BRAND on a complete. Through the research the researcher also learnt about the administrative centre city of India and the hospitality styles in the particular city. Through the job he also about the STP (Segmentation, Targeting, setting) of Taj Palace. He also came to know about SWOT examination of this hotel. This studying the hospitality trends in the location allowed the writer to learn about the marketing strategies of the hotel and therefore, figuring out the leaps in it and hence, providing with the respected suggestions inorder to improve the revenue of the hotel.

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