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Researching the four goals of psychology

Psychology refers to a discipline that involves the scientific study of real human mental functions and manners. This study aims at understanding the role performed by an individual mental function in deciding why different people behave in different ways. This paper aims at exploring the four goals of mindset and how these goals can help or damage humanity.

The four goals of psychology are all based mostly from scientific findings and critical thinking. The perfect methods used in obtaining information about a person behavior include immediate observation and measurement. Many people may think that psychology is only studied to be able to identify a specific behavior within an person by looking at the old classic symptoms only. However this is not the case because the four major goals of psychology are: to describe, explain anticipate and change mental techniques and an individual behavior by using scientific methods. The use of these four goals is to help psychologists in understanding in a much better way what factors effect different types of patterns and also as a way of identifying the challenge at hand. In order to understand human being personality better psychologists have come up with different scientific models designed to use one of the goals of psychology which is to describe. These models have been established to assist in describing human tendencies and personality in a better and an obvious manner. One of the famous models used in contemporary mindset is the five-factor model of personality (Digman, 1990). This theory is one of the latest models developed for describing human personality. Moreover it is one of the very most applicable and useful models available in the psychology field today. The five factors found in this model include: openness to see, Extroversion, agreeable, conscientiousness, and neuroticism (Ewen, 1998). Openness to see in this model is employed to make reference to how people are willing to make adjustment in activities and notions in accordance with the new ideas and situations which come their way. Extroversion on the other side refers to well a person is socially adjustable. This factor is vital because it assists with explaining why different individuals act differently in varying sociable environment. Agreeableness in this model is utilized in calculating how well individuals are compatible with other folks. That is very important since it is through this factor that we basically reach understand how different be friends with each other. Conscientiousness in this model identifies how different people consider other folks when coming up with decisions. And finally the fifth factor which is neuroticism identifies a dimensions of a person personality which is identified by how well an individual experiences stableness and low anxiety using one end instead of high panic and instability at the other end (Pervin, 1989). The use of this goal has been very helpful in that it is used for medical use to determine whether a person has got some type of an abnormality. For example, those people who show up at the extreme end of one or more of the five variable is likely to be having some kind of a internal abnormality associated with that particular trait. That is very important since it courses the psychologist in identifying how well they can help an individual (Langston & Sykes, 1997).

The second goal of mindset which is explanation is used by psychologist in try to explain the action of an individual which help to understand our universe and what place we old in it. In doing so several theorists like Rogers, Freud, Jung and Skinner, attended up with different ideas, to explain a person personality desire and development. However, these explanations tend to be culturally restricted since it is extremely hard to acquire one explanation that can be used universally to clarify similar behavior for people of different ethnicities. To do description, psychologist use quantitative and qualitative observation including experimentation techniques (Alexander & Winnie, 2006).

Prediction which is the 3rd goal of psychology is used by psychologist in their try to predict behavior within an individual. This is very important in deciding how a person will probably act and perform within a given environment or when a person could make healthy and unhealthy choices in life (Coon & Mitterer, 2008). This goal is very helpful in our daily life. For example, it could be used to determine how well confirmed student will be successful at a certain college based on past behavior in an identical environment. Although we can never make sure of the outcome, prediction always helps people in making more informed decisions of future selections.

The fourth goal of psychology which is changing habit of a person can be used by psychologist in their attempt to encourage individuals and groupings to voluntarily modify their patterns. Modifying behavior within an specific can either be healthy or bad given the prevailing circumstances but within ethical constraints. Different theories on personality and development, offers different ideas how best a person may be urged to change his or her behavior. A number of the theories have confidence in repeated reinforcement (behaviorists) while some believe in honest cognitive dialogue (Coon & Mitterer, 2008). This goal has already established a whole lot of impact in humanity. For example, in most cases used in correction facilities like in prisons to determining the ultimate way to change the inmates behaviors predicated on the crimes they dedicated.

In bottom line, this paper has explained in details the actual four goals of the mindset are and how beneficial and damaging they may be in humanity. It has helped us understand how important the field of psychology is in that it help us understand why different people respond diversely, why people connect to others just how they do, how best we can utilize prediction to attain positive results in several circumstances and finally how well we can transform the behavior of individuals. Without each one of these, the world would be a very dangerous place to reside in.

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