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Requirement for Marijuana Legalisation

Christopher Cunningham

The need of Marijuana

I. Boost of Revenue and different types of marijuana

a. The necessity of Marijuana in our country making the medicine legal to work with recreationally by all 50 states. The benefits are huge as it pertains to all state governments profiting from money that they have earned in one season is one billion dollars, which was Colorado who made much money from sales. Can you imagine who will benefit from the marijuana sold, first the kids will have better classes, equipment such as computers, physical exercise programs, not forgetting the economy will start being better from a long time. The Increase of revenue can only just make America great again and flourishing from all the money allocated to the war and just maybe we can go back to the way it used to be, when careers were easy to get and prices on goods weren't outrageous.

b. Indica is kush from afghanistan causing you to lazy.

c. Sativa is additionally gives you energy used for depression and exhaustion.

d. Hybrid it offers both of you Indica and Sativa which explains why its crossbreed.

e. Cannabis element THC and CBD hold there own properties in treatments.

II. People who benefit from Marijuana

a. Individuals who will reap the benefits of weed sales are police force officiers and I want to let you know why this is actually important. The more police officiers from the snacks means you will see less crime happening, and less medicine dealers on the roadways. If that happens the state of hawaii will reap the benefits of all the income from marijuana.

c. People who are suffering will easily attain pot which to me is great. I've seen people who've certain diseases and they are always in pain and the doctor didn't provide them with medical marijuana because there is no use to using the medication or it isn't legal for the patient to use. Being a parent who see's there child in pain can do anything in there power to make certain they feel better. Weed is that medication that can decrease pain and help people deal with there current diseases that normal drugs is no longer working.

b. Supports being slim and nurturing your metabolism in some people.

III. The types of diseases that need marijuana

a. Glaucoma can be an attention disease that sets strain on the eyesight ball and damages the optic nerve in your attention. This also decreases the consequences of cancer leading to agents.

b. Alzheimer disease as proven to slow down the effects so that you may live a longer life.

c. Belly diseases like crones disease can subside with marijuana.

d. Parkinson's disease can be manipulated with weed.

e. Lupus disease is when your body attacks itself very much like aids.

f. hep c is controlled and side influences shortened and raises treatment.

IV. People who have chronic pain

a. Multiple sclerosis is pain in the vertebrae which is controlled with the drug marijuana.

b. Supports muscle spasms and can be subdued with pot.

c. People who have problems with arthritis pain can be away with cannabis.

d. PTSD is very common in veterans who dished up in the armed forces calms them down and out bursts.

e. Protects the human brain after a stroke thanks to weed.

g. Helps with concussions in activities thanks to pot.

h. Relieves pain from chemotherapy patients another great reason.

V. Conclusion

I am very serious about this subject to getting marijuana legal in all states. The fact that all claims will reap the benefits of marijuana and definitely all the individuals in the state of hawaii will benefit with better classes, highways, toll bridges will be paid off. Kids will have better equipment such as personal computers, physical exercise equipment will be good. My main point of having you fellas agreeing with me at night is the people who cannot access the drug because only 28 areas makes medical pot accessible to patients. I remember witnessing this child and it was miserable, she got seizures every 10 mins and can you envisage your child going right through such pain. But because of cbd which really is a liquid base weed that can be combined in with food so that children can take in it. She was relieved from the seizures not taking place that often, she was briefly cured for your day. As being a parent I'd give my child weed either by inhalation or cbd if it help them live an improved life.


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