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Report On Work environment Stress Management Essay

Workplace stress can be defined as the mental injury and distress that an employee must go through when there is a disparity between the requirements at the job and the functions, efficiency or the resources available. Place of work today has become a studio wherein scripts are written to overtake other studios and outperform every single case of competition out in the centre. Hence the pressure put by employers on the "bulls" to plough their fields is immense. This pressure took its toll and leads to increased nervousness and anxiety levels among staff. This sensation is popularly called stress at work. Overworking, repeated rebuttals can cause such a reply in workplaces nowadays. Majorly, work related stress influences sleep leading to insomnia and sleeplessness. It influences fitness adversely due to reduced sleep. It can cause problems in the family of the affected person like infighting, consistent arguments and meets of disagreement. This adversely influences the family life and also boosts the inefficiency at work. All this business lead to increased degrees of aggravation and hesitancy and straight affects the grade of work, thus further compounding the strain on the person. Also stress relates to the cause of various physical disorders like cardiovascular as well as others. Hence workplace stress is a powerful problem experienced by present day office buildings and employees. It not only impacts the average person, also the company is on the getting end of poorer quality of work productivity. (Wikipedia)

There has been much work going on in regard to increasing the amount of comfort of a worker so that we now have smaller and smaller chances of stress burnout. This includes increasing the amount of employees used, or easier division of labour at the place of work, or better appreciation or acknowledgement of quality work. All this is being done by companies to provide their workers an opportunity to a "healthy job". A healthy job, as identified by the World Health Organization, is one where the pressure on a person is proportional in measure to the individual's capabilities, the resources available at hand, the amount of work assigned to him and the people present to support him. All of these form critical indicators in deciding the stress levels of a person at the work area. Also, the WHO emphasises a good working environment would be one wherein the average person seems not only the lack of stress inducing factors, but also the existence of health insurance and goodwill promoting factors. (WHO standard website)

Statement of the issue:

Our major matter in the executing of this task is to determine factors that can lead to a stress burnout in present day work surroundings and a possible means to fix mitigate their effects on employees. This research aims at studying the measures which have already been taken to counter the problem of work related stress and questions their efficiency. We will look at measures suggested by various businesses like the WHO and folks involved in research on this subject to be able to supply the world with a labor force accomplishing at its maxima.


Firstly, the study will focus on the causes and ramifications of increased stress levels, especially in or because of the office. The symptoms are apparent. Increased levels of stress (hypertension), insomnia, loss of involvement in work, apathy or indifference, increased stress, exhaustion, trouble concentrating; they are all symptoms an individual is on the verge of the nervous breakdown credited to highly exaggerated levels of stress or anguish, thus leading to a poor response at the office. At times, this heightened panic may also lead to the individual including in the utilization of dope or turning an alcoholic. Thus the symptoms suggest when a person is looking for information, help or assistance to deal with the psychological pressures of working overtime or not being able to match with the criteria of his peers. Then our emphasis will be on steps to detract such situations from arriving to the fore in a place of work. We will research methods that seek to improve the overall well being of the employee, whether it's changes in the sociological environment, or the use of the counsellor to help the average person emerge from his status of major depression.

Significance of the analysis:

It's of immediate and utter necessity that the issues of the office and the work place be solved at the earliest opportunity before they spill over in to the personal lives of the concerned individuals. There are lots of problems affecting the organization sector, problems related to publicity and HRM, but when the output coming out of a worker is sub standard, and when that happens on a mass scale, the company loses long standing up clients and the reputation requires a steep decrease, inhibiting further development and expansion. Hence, staff satisfaction is one of the major concerns in today's commercial world. And one of the most important aspects in worker satisfaction remains burnout prevention. If the company can keep employees from exhausting their potential scheduled to increased workload, they'll certainly stand out in other areas of growth. The opinions of an employee is essential to the growth and the trustworthiness of the business. Thus, employees form the backbone of the skeletal framework of any company. Hence the analysis of work related stress becomes of priority of corporate honchos. When a company is unable to protect its employees from the disastrous outcomes of the burnout, the word about the company's exploitative regulations gets out in the market and then there are hardly any people willing to become listed on the business even on a bit elevated pay scale. The company loses reputation, and there is absolutely no manner in which it can recruit quality pros because of its lousy reputation. Also the company becomes a bed of controversies as people start criticising its procedures of staff management. This adversely impacts the stakeholders in the company. Hence, worker management and satisfaction form an initial priority of the company's policies.

Chapter 2


The problem we are considering is the problem of staff burnout at the corporate level in today's cut neck environment where companies draw up strategies of execution that require employees to exhaust themselves by repeated stints of overtime, incentive structured overload, etc. Though for a while the company ends up profiting from such misplaced devotion, in the long run, the company manages to lose its energy and money on training specialists who are eventually heading to lose themselves out in a specific occasion. Hence the long-term loss of the company is a lot more emphatic, and the company has to invest in order to create it right. Hence the business loses a lot of its money and time setting up things right. Thus, the modern day commercial has woken up to an existing issue of personnel hurting work induced stress. This issue needs to be tackled with a metallic expert so that in the long term, employees don't wrap up leaving the company scheduled to such reasons, and the business can retain most of its personnel, thus adding good to all the investment it made on training and educating the staff. The problem of employee burnout also has to be addressed to increase the output of an staff in a capacity. An elevated output level of an employee can make magic for a firm looking for higher ventures. An employee holds the key to a company's ability to make it big in the corporate world. A grumpy and irritable employee only succeeds in turning the spirits of a host irritable, leading to an epidemic of grouchy staff, in turn ultimately causing an awful turnover for the business, failed efforts at achieving deadlines, irritated clients. Thus an employee needs to be looked after if he does show indicators of burnout. A pat on the back can do wonders to lift the morale of the staff member. It can give him essential confidence from the employer's aspect. However, additionally it is rewarding to appreciate the grade of work a worker constantly turns in by satisfying him a pay climb. At times, just a little counselling from experienced people can also help the individual climb out of his express of depressive disorder.

Literature Review:

A lot of books has been posted on the above mentioned issue to help companies with various techniques targeted at reducing stress at the work area. The Who have been actively involved in collaborating with researchers and the organization world alike to improve the methods taken up to help individuals with their stress disorders. That is essential for all companies throughout. The studies performed can be company specific, regarding the work place of a specific company. The studies undertaken may be industry specific, relating generally to the sort of work involved in the industry of preference which will pretty much be the same generally in most companies working within the domains of this industry. The studies could also be general, pertaining to some typically common features that industries show. These options can be used by all companies and are for global welfare of employees. Also the government authorities of various countries finance their own studies and researches to identify the key aspects that impact the mental functions of an employee. Thus even government authorities are actively involved with doing work for the welfare with their workforce. Many government authorities have setup centres or councils that work all the year around to study present day regulations of companies towards its personnel and give recommendations relevant and feasible to protect staff from an overdose of work. Also many nongovernmental organizations (NGO's) are also working for the same. Human rights activists are also actively voicing their concerns above the exploitative regulations of certain companies and at times, also the governments. These add up to numerous research documents and books on policies that a company should follow to save its employees from blowing from the lid off their minds.


An important explanation is of a wholesome job. As mentioned, a healthy job is one where the load on a person is taking into consideration the capabilities of the average person, his resources, his knowledge of this issue, his work routine, so that he is not indirectly compelled into putting in far too many extra hours, his support personnel, whether everything in the personal life of the individual is okay and doesn't involve sizeable perturbations.

Also the strain related hazards at work can be differentiated into 2 categories: work content and work framework. Work content includes the amount of work handed to the individual, the grade of the job, also whether the person is coped with enough resources to handle the work, whether the work entails him to put in time of extra work, thereby impacting on sleep.

The work framework includes the sociological factors in a work environment. These can be the competition at the work place, the disappointments of failing, and the grumpiness scheduled to malpractices at the work place, the ignorance of the higher directions to the appreciable work done by the average person, the lack of determination or disinterest in the type of work allotted.

Chapter 3

Causes of Office Stress:

As many countries throughout the world spend billions of rupees on anti-depressants and stress-busters to alleviate their people from stress, an evaluation of the causes of stress provides a lot of understanding of the problem. The study hence indicated a few of the chief causes of stress, the major causes being explained the following. The Country wide Institute of Occupational Protection and Health, U. S. , emphasises that the personal characteristics and characteristics of the personnel play a chief role in deciding the level of stress the individual is likely to go through, given a fixed set of working conditions. (NIOSH, 2010).

For instance, the strain level of one individual may differ from someone else based on their skills to cope and change, and the tendencies of their bodies to react to the mental stress. Another increasingly popular notion which is gaining credence states that the working conditions, instead, play a greater and dominating role in creating stress to the people. Aside from these viewpoints, there are also other causes by various organizations of the world, that are cited as contributing factors in inducing stress. For instance, the post of a person, his status in the organization can also adjust the degrees of stress he might be experiencing. In other words, people who have little impact and lower status in the organization are found to become more consumed with stress than other folks, who at higher content. Such arguments also declare that even though people at powerful positions have higher workload, but there is absolutely no co-relation between workload and stress. In addition it must be stated, the Global Business and Round Table Discussion on Obsession and Mental Health places the overload factor, also called as "The Home treadmill Syndrome" on the top of the set of the factors leading to workplace stress. In addition, there are popular arguments which have stated to link the strain with financial factors. It could be best illustrated by an increasingly growing tendency in the 21st century business community wherein companies are extremely quick to place off staff or sack them saying some reasons, cutting down careers and taking back benefits to the existing employees, so as to save well on capital and adapt with the rapidly changing business environment. The sturdy emergence of the idea of "downsizing" brings about worrying employees, which leads to a great deal of stress. Moreover, studies of the WHO disclose that the most important cause of work stress can be attributed to the pressures and demands from the employees who are either unable enough, or not trained and equipped to the level which would allow those to do the mandatory work. Such situations, evidently, lead to enormous work environment stress. Another factor that increases the stress of the average staff is the vagueness of his conception of his job and the goals of the company. When the employees are ambiguous about their jobs, their obligations and what's expected of these, it leads to worries and anxiety. Furthermore, the lack of concrete and clear understanding of the idea of the company and its aims leads to too little awareness, determination, interest and a sense of lessening self-confidence. In addition, many studies have uncovered the inflexibility is also a major factor adding to stress. Workplaces where the employees must work for extended hours under a rigorous schedule, and particularly those where they are created to do so alone, and the surroundings is non-social, it brings about great stress. The mental pressure enhances with the strictness, which might also, in a way, depend after the characteristics of the supervisor (supervisor). Another aspect of stress which is usually found to be its cause is, as mentioned, insufficient control or contribution. The real reason for why employees at lower positions feel stressed is actually this factor, by which the employee tends to believe that his contribution to the organisation is making no difference, since he keeps no say in any type of decision-making or policy-framing. Slowly but surely an evergrowing sense of alienation and frustration combine, thereby resulting in stress. (Workstress. net)

Effects of Stress:

Stress in the working environment of the company directly impacts the individuals, and subsequently, influences the organizations and its own many aspects to a great degree. Apart from the physical toll stress may take on a person, resulting in many problems like exhaustion, blood pressure problems, the emotional and psychological effects of stress will be the most unfortunate. A distressed person may lose his spirit of devotion and commitment towards the business totally, thereby investing in less and less amount of effort and creative imagination in the work he will, and contributing less to the business. Stressed out employees may not have the ability to work with concentration which make a difference the output of their work in a negative way. All of this in turn affects the organization all together. For instance, increasing place of work stress may cause significant absenteeism from work in that way tugging down efficiency and efficiency. In addition, it may create many other problems like defaming the image of the company, and dissatisfaction among the public (customers). Stress one of the employees also contributes to objectionable fads like drug abuse, etc. It adversely impacts the procedure of recruiting new personnel, as the image of the business has been harmed and damaged. In addition to this, stress can be very problematic on the personal area of the staff. Anxiety, ambiance swings, etc. may have an effect on the personal life and the partnership of the staff with his family and family members, the negative impact which may direct result into increasingly more stress. Hence, the result of stress is multi-faceted. It really is taxing to the business, to the average person and to other folks not directly related to the company. The consequences of the strain lead to symptoms of stress amongst the employees, which must be determined at a well balanced stage, so the job of stress prevention is completed effectively and efficiently. (Workstress. info)

Chapter 4


The issue of stress, its management, its triggers and results is one of the most crucial global problems of the current area. The ever-increasing concern about work place stress as well as how to curb it is the key inspiration behind the research. Furthermore, the primary aim of the study is to review the causes and effects of stress, and provided referrals. There's been a genuine look at in fulfilling desire to, start by reading a great amount of literature on the topic. Various studies and various sources have tried to give a concrete idea of the causal of workplace stress, based on which many have provided recommendations. Those triggers are examined in a functional environment, within this research, to be able to genuinely examine their validity. The research also involves substantial study on workplace stress management. Precautionary measures which have been implemented to lessen stress have been evaluated and looked into, and measures which include management of stressed out personnel and their total recovery from stress are also analysed.


It must be stated here that completely eliminating stress can be an unprofitable principle. Psychological studies disclose that a tiny amount of stress can offer for just the right amount of drive needed to work effectively with genuine interest. Thus, just a little stress is usually good. But when stress assumes much larger proportions, it could be destructive for the organisation. We have studied the factors leading to stress. The causes of workplace stress differ, as we've seen. Contrasting quarrels also exist, for occasion, some cases claim that the even though professionals and executives of the company face a more substantial workload, there are less consumed with stress than other employees at lower positions. On the contrary, there are studies that list the overload factor among the primary factors resulting in stress among the list of employees. The likelihood of the latter case seems more strong, since it is more sensible and plausible. Furthermore, stress is currently increasingly thought to be arising out of a situation known as the task Organisation Problem, which expresses that the stress among the employees is a rsulting consequence improper, inefficient, difficult and inappropriate company of duties and work among the employees. This is perhaps due to various studies which point out and stress that the mismatch between certification and work done by a worker is the main of all issues that arise in various forms within the business. Moreover, the suggestion for the organisation to look for signs or symptoms of stress amidst its employees stems out of the need for prevention of stress. Since stress management, i. e. management of consumed with stress workers entails many structural methods and a great deal of temporary effort, and is also frustrating, it will always be imperative for the company to avoid stress in a proactive way. Taking care of stressed workers should be recorded for further interpretation of the findings, and therefore for effective individual tool management of the company. The necessity for culture change within the body of employees is an area that must definitely be looked after. Having unions for the betterment of the employees is a concept that must be reviewed with the employees first, and then applied. Furthermore, it is quite clear and easily comprehendible that stress brings about the destruction of the image of the business. Such harm is usually both inner, i. e. within the perceptions of the employees, as well as in the sight of the general public. (Guide to Stress Management)


Based on the results, it could be concluded that stress arises out of not one factor, but many factors. Poor work organisation, financial factors like pressure from buyers in the share-market, growing fear of being downsized, and so on can create work place stress. Regardless, an organization are required to follow certain fundamental steps whenever stress is learned to threaten its efficiency. The risks involved with stress are huge, and influence the organisation in many direct and indirect ways. Hence, a concrete plan of risk-management must be implemented. Such an insurance plan includes various steps as shown by the following flowchart. Starting from the examination of risk, to planning and materialisation of the required action plan, all steps must be used up with genuine matter for the stressed employees and the suffering organization. (Leka)

Thus, to address the overload problem to start with, the primary matter of the managers should be proper syndication of work among the list of employees. Moreover, there can be also a normal training for all employees to instruct them on how to prioritize work successfully. Certain other factors that are also cited as causes of stress must be cured. For instance, random and abrupt disruptions for the employees can have a negative impact. Various experts have recommended steps such as effective management of workspace and time as a solution to this type of stress. Within an firm, it is important for every worker to be cured evenly and justly. Lack of such treatment can also brings about uncertainty and stress between the employees. Hence, it must be tended to that each worker is treated similarly with par with every person else, and all his privileges are guarded. Mistrust between employees should be taken health care of, with an effort to build up frank communication levels and healthy inter-personal associations within the organization. It is highly recommended that any type of politics must be rejected and condemned, in order to create a healthy workspace. Furthermore, the aim of creating a wholesome and effective workspace can be done through rewards and spotting outstanding performances, and their gratitude. Such methods have been found going quite a distance in creating a feeling of loyalty, commitment and a positive attitude towards the business. Stress puts the whole organisation at the risk of survival. Hence, it must be resolved as soon it has been discovered. Apart from small procedures, a need to consider large steps within the business to reduce the problems caused by work stress might also arise. Such steps may require redesigning the complete composition of work, and reorganising it within the employees, and taking care of it. Work stress generally shows itself in little observations, hence regular and continual steps must be studied to determine the conditions of the individuals, and look for signs of stress. Such steps may include regular questionnaires, or discussions with the employees and managers. Also, whenever the indicators are discovered, immediate action must follow. Discussions should happen with the stressed out personnel, and certain changes which can only help remove stress must be put in place. Such discussions should encompass recommendations and measures that may be taken on the non-public forward of the employees, that could help in minimizing the stress. Steps such as getting a balanced diet, pondering positive and even incorporating ideas like organising regular workshops how to psychologically manage stress and combat it could grow to be of great help. It becomes even more important in many situations whether these discussions happen or not, since they could greatly gain and completely suppress stress within the workplace. A feeling of direction, in totality, needs to be provided to the staff at regular intervals. (Life positive public website)


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