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Report on the Case Study of Virgin Trains. Organization Success

In the modern period, business activities have got condition of changes in various ways, if we speak in organization habit, technology of the business, the customer satisfaction, the technique of productions, the use of latest and modern machines, the management of people learning resource, the intellectual resources, the activities of marketing, marketing management, products development and a great many other areas of the business which are constantly changing with company environment and customer need and would like. Most of he company more recently 're going through change management. Change management is a process of changing the entire activities of the organizations if not all but with some degree those activities that your management feel that the company continuously facing problem by managing the task of the organization. So they decide to change the management or administration or those activities that are continuously disturbing the task environment of the company. The following may be the most important areas where the business are taking interest to produce a change. These are as under.

Culture of the company, Work enviromnet, Technology, Development techniques Administration of the company, Usage of latest and modern means and resources for business, Change in management etc.

We can establish the change management also by the assistance of pursuing words.

The process of changing the activities of the business as well as the execution of the techniques and technologies to attain the desire purpose of the organization, simply words to change the environment of the business enterprise organization and also to achieve a higher profit form that changing, usually change management includes different aspects such as control change, adaptation change and effecting change. The ultimate goal of the change management is the long-term sustainability of the business.

There may be some internal and external sets off which bring change in the organization activities.

Change Management Importance.

The procedure for change management is not a fairly easy task because it requires the business enterprise skill, analytical skill, political skill, system skill, people skill, and Change management plays a essential role in the business development since it gives stableness to the business by studying the inner and external changes. It also provides a solid base for the value and reputation. And in addition maximize the earnings of the business concern. Change management also provides good culture and sound working system to the business, it also creates top bottom approaches to assist in and promote the need for a culture.

Where employees do perform their activities with effective and productive manner? Which also provide basis for individual learning resource manger to apply those strategies for training and development which increase up the existing employees for the necessity of the business? Now a days various companies are hiring the services of management consultant to understand how best manage the actions of the business enterprise concern, the expert providing best techniques for applying the change process also to achieve the business objectives.

A) Critically study of the research study of the virgin train.

Relationship perspective and culture of the business:

As before all the trains' network in the hand of Britain government, they appointed a separate body for the management and handling of the railway activities known as Britain rail. But since 1997 virgin teach working complete in private sector, the product quality and management of the virgin train is now so better. The routes of coach proceed through Manchester, Glasgow, and Birmingham and many more cites of the United Kingdom. The new chief executive of the virgin train has announced a new vision for an organization which has with great level support the business in various situation.

Vision and objective statement of the virgin train:

Vision: a declaration is time called a picture of the business in the foreseeable future. Vision assertion is the company aspiration, their frame work for all tactical planning of the business. The vision declaration right answers the question 'where do we want to go'. Including the vision affirmation of the attention clinic in America is 'our eyesight is to take care of your perspective'. As well as the vision of the adamjee pharmaceuticals is' the name you have figure out how to trust'.

Mission: mission statement is a brief description of any company fundamental goal. Mission declaration give answer the question 'why do we can be found'.

The eyesight of virgin train is very clear, it has very close relation to the all activities of the virgin trains, the basic and fundamental aim of the virgin train is to achieve the client satisfaction and coordination among employees, because of this they may have divided the complete activities of the organization into group they have developed separate region for managing the actions of the virgin coach and each region is paid to director for best control. Each region of the company is wanting to maximize the grade of the service to customer and other goals of the business. Tony Collins the chief executive the company has well established the eyesight of the company which includes differentiated the company with others, the primary theme of the perspective of virgin train is to enable the employees to use responsibility and ownership of the performance. This perspective has worked with great amount. And have enjoyed an important role in changing the eyesight in culture of the business. Vision helps the organization to meet the objective and concentrate on with some primary values.

The eyesight of the virgin train is 'To become the most safe, constant, reliable and profitable of the coach functioning franchises in a local climate that respects different views and folks need not be afraid to most probably and genuine'. If we see the vision of the virgin coach it is clear form the above that it lay out the idea of profitability, safeness and responsibility and customer services and relationship with them. Now we will have that how the eyesight and culture of the virgin train have some connection or not. Culture is just how of working style in the organization which is evidently analysis from the patterns of he employees, culture is just how of working activities, that how the supervisor behave with employees while they are simply doing their activities. And how manger snacks the subordinates. Culture also depicts the steps and system for activities and treatment abut the customer because customers will be the ultimate ruler of the business enterprise. The virgin teach perspective and culture have strong connection ship because the eyesight of the virgin trains have provided a solid bottom part for culture of the company, as we've studied in cases like this study of the virgin train that they have now divided the activities in several region plus they have move using their company traditional theory to new one is the client is the priority. We can start to see the culture example how they have handled the culture from their vision, the provision of toys and games in ready rooms to keep children's happy. Virgin teach also stimulating recycling in all offices. They also have encouraging employees to take part in communication and present recommendation and share ideas of important issues and problems.

B) What effect group culture in change management.

First of most we must soon define that what is meant by culture, organizational culture is something of shared so this means held by associates that distinguishes the organization form other organizations. (Stephens). Culture is also involves norm, values, behaviour, beliefs,

opinion and custom and traditions of the employees while doing work in the business how they sensing and how they locating the place for his or her selves.

Factors influencing business culture:

The following elements or factors can be sued to influence the business culture.

a) Control system b) business structures c) ability structures d) the paradigm e) tales and misconceptions f) symbols and g) rituals and routines

a) Control system: The system to monitor that what is going on in the business.

b) Organization constructions: The hierarchies of the organization, the way by which the task can be carried on, the lines of confirming etc

c) Power structures. What is vitality based. Who will be accountable for making decision, and exactly how vitality can be greatly spread.

d) The paradigm; the business mission. Values, perspective, what it about, and why it is available.

e) Reports and myths. Situations must be building up, and what is important in group and what's not,

f) Icons. The logos and design of the organization but it also be prolonged.

g) Rituals and regimens. Reaching of management, records of the plank therefore one.

C) Contribution of the business Composition to the achievements of the Change process.

Organization framework may define as 'organizational composition is a system of arrangement, the pattern or network of relation, between the various positions and their holders". David Buchanan. )

All firm has some seeks and objectives. To accomplish those goals all firm makes provision to regulate such activities, which donate to the achievement of the goals. Such allocation of resources, supervision and coordination among the business elements are developed to constitute the business structure. What could be the structure of the business if it's matrix or job, free form but devoid of proper structure of the organization activities no change process can be best integrated in the business because organization structure helps it be easy to understand the complete activities of the business and which help in the change process. So it is very important for the management to build up such composition which regulates the actions of the business also to achieve the goals.

Peter Drucker implies some concepts for designing corporation structure they are;



direction of vision

understanding by person of his own job and the task of whole

decision making

stability and adaptability

and perpetuation and do it yourself renewal

these principles will serve to aid the building in the organization structure, if they are follows so with no doubt one can develop good and secure structure which may be supportive in the change management process, as we've seen from case study that how virgin trains are suffering from the regional structure according to the vision of the company.

Elements of the business Structures:

Five main components of the organization framework are



Objectives of the organization


e) Framework of the company itself.

Organization may very well be a intricate system, which comprise the above variables. These parameters mutually interrelated with one another and constitute the organizational structure and these parameters are affected by environment such as communal, political, economical and environmental.

Types of the Organizational Composition:

Line structure, Staff structure, Functional constructions, Matrix framework and Project platform.

Designing the Organizational Framework:

There are many type of corporation and every business has another structure. Different people are placed in several position in several team of the organizations. Department of grouping and job into functions, departments, parts, and units constitutes the organizational structure. As virgin coach adapted the structure for carrying the activities of the trains, they have got divided the spot and assign each region to a director for handling the activities and every employees of this region are accountable to report to that specific manger.


Departmentalization identifies the procedure of grouping collectively employees who having common supervisor and resources. In simple term departmentalization is the department of the business into different wings and every wing has common goal and responsible for any work done.

An corporation may be departmentalizing on the next basis.

Function basis e. g. research, money, and deal etc

Product basis e. g. a university on subject matter base

Customer bottom e. g bank or investment company, consumer loan, and business loan departments.

Geographic base

Time foundation e. g. one move, two move etc

Now it is prove form research study of the virgin trains that how business framework achieved the change process in that specific area, all the actions of the virgin trains have designed in such a way to attain the client satisfaction and employees coordination

D). Strategies of the virgin trains:

As clear form the research study of the virgin coach that the business has followed two main primary strategies

customer focused strategy and

employees or employee oriented strategies

both strategies are suffering from the virgin trains, because in virgin trains offering priority to customers they are considering that customers will be the kings of today market they can be better made the decision about the failing and success of the business enterprise concern, and the company all activities are going around with customers so by implementing this customer priority strategy the virgin trains are actually wanting to have different position to its rival or opponents, and the other one strategy which have followed by virgin coach is employees focused because the virgin train is also due to the fact the employees are also the main point of the success of the business if worker are given a good environment, health insurance and safe practices condition, good prize system, well motivated so they can perform better and the company can achieve the goal easily.

Effective of the strategies:

By adopting these two central strategies the virgin trains now getting several advantages, they have got achieved the client satisfaction, and customer also have came to the realization that the virgin trains is the sole quality specialist among the different other trains company in the Britain, because by adopting the technique for customer the virgin trains have improved upon the quality of service by giving different services in several station of the Britain. They also have achieved the client loyalty not limited to short term also for permanent, which in term not making the most of the success of the virgin trains but also the reputation and goodwill of the company in your brain of the folks. By implementing the strategies for employees they have also improved the work quality and have changed the habit of the employees in work place which in result have brought good and effective working environment, which have great impact on the quality of services and working condition of the business. They have also reduced the sickness levels, the reducing personnel turnover rates, have advanced customer satisfaction scores and have reduced numbers of complaint words form the side of customer and community and possess cost keeping from the execution of this eye-sight of virgin trains.


The virgin trains can also enhance their services by providing or adopting the following suggestion.

Fare should be acceptable to affords by standard customer to travel

The pay back system of the company should be predicated on employees' need that will have positive consequence form the side of employees and can bring coordination.

Fast and time introduction to destination in addition has the key success of any trains system on the globe.

Various facilities to customer in various station could also increase the trustworthiness of the company.

To design detailed, structured program which may also enhance the virgin trains' performance.

A well reporting system may also be developed by the company to have best control of the activities of the business.

Introduction of modern technology and system

And improvement in system efficiency and productivity.

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