Report Of Coca Cola Marketing Examination Marketing Essay

The operating environment of your company contains two parts: the macro-environment and the micro-environment.

Macro-environment: Entering into the 21st century, the materials creation of the society has been abundantly riched and the standard of living of individuals has been greatly increased. The UK drink market is going through an environment of constantly interacting with the materials and cultural needs of people. The consumption idea of pursuing healthy and elegant lifestyle becomes more and more important. People constantly shoot for quality and dedicate to the pursuit of aggressiveness. The quantity of folks that matter about the type and health is continually increasing, while some products of the Coca-Cola and their fashion sense and metropolitan image are steady with the characteristics of modern people's entertainments and the development of living space(Wette Kristensen, 2005). In addition they comply with the demand of low calorie of the consumers, so that it will be at the mercy of the general consumers.

Micro-environment: Generally speaking, Coca-Cola gets the steady and strong suppliers and intermediaries with scale. The supply string is relatively clear. It can constantly change its supply chain and value string according to the actual situation. It has great relationship with creating the stable kingdom of Coca-Cola(Jens Rupp, 2009). A couple of essentially only two rivals within the industry of the US soft drinks for the two companies take into account 70% market stocks. But there are a few differences between these two brands in the client experience and the impression. Both have an extended history and great advertising investment. The affect of background and advertisements make the two brand Coca-Cola and Pepsi become the symbol of American culture. For various reasons they form a great industrial monopolies. Currently Coca-Cola continues to develop to a fresh direction.

(2)Competitive local analysis

The main competitor of Coca-Cola in the drink market is the other existing competition and potential competition. Among them, the present competitors include international competitors and local competitors. The overseas competitors-Pepsi Cola is the greatest available competitor. Pepsi Cola is one of the world's most successful companies of consumer goods. The two companies monopolize the cola market on the planet (Eileen P, Anderson-Fye, 2004). Currently in the UK, they are really popular in several cities. The local brands are Coca-Cola's local competition. These brands in the UK have a comparatively fixed group of consumers and the local consumers have formulated certain consumption practices, which is also a strong competitor of Coca-Cola.

(3)SWOT Analysis

Advantage (strength)

The world's major soft-drink large, it has the advantages of strong manufacturers and great global competitiveness. Strong marketing features, systems and corporate and business advertising. Brand image grows up deeply in people's heads, is becoming one part of consumer's life. The Secret formulations of the core product are really confidential, so it's popular for a century without failure. Access deployment is rather complete, and has the strong sales channels of junk food. Progressive and highly qualified, the most representative product is the unveiling of Diet Coke. High market share, more market leading brand products. Products have the characteristics of convenience, the initial taste and the good price etc. Product life circuit has the patterns of loop recycling, remains intact. Recently it announces that the employee stock option is one part of salary copy fee, that may fully reveal the financial condition of enterprises.

Disadvantage (weakness)

Large organizations, control is not easy. Consumer's stereotypes to the merchandise - unsafe beverages including the materials of caffeine in cola, and may easily lead to excess weight and other health issues. The product identification of major consumer communities (younger) is just a bit worse than Pepsi. Gain access to of bottled beverages has ended the huge range and it's more difficult to regulate the ultimate product quality of consumers.


General soft drinks industry can enter into the industry with low barriers, however it's hard to build up into the cross-marketing level. Carbonated beverages are more suitable for the demand of the younger, especially for Latin America and the Asia-Pacific countries. The proportion of teenagers is rapidly increasing which brings the industry more business. Brand image of drink has a profound influence to the sales condition.


The choice of other Non-cola carbonated drink products of other option continues to be quite possible. The quest for health consumers will definitely decrease the utilization of carbonated drinks. The competition of beverage market competition is quite fierce. The primary rival - Pepsi is an enormous threat. Over the past few years, the performance of Coca-Cola is stagnant while the Pepsi is continuous growing.

(4)PEST Evaluation:

Analysis of political and legal factors: the United kingdom political environment is stable, the creation is developing and people live and use higher level. The legal system is more perfect. Coca-Cola needs to be in accordance with the British regulations when calls for various marketing activities to accomplish better development in the UK. This can bring more advantages and opportunities to Coca-Cola.

Analysis of monetary environment factor: the treatment of the UK to the foreign buyers is very beneficial. Foreign and English businesses have the same tax, financial subsidies, new technology development subsidies. Due to the complete bottom part facilities, transport facilities, communication equipment, steady politics environment and other advanced and favorable conditions, they are really enormously attractive to foreign investors. Furthermore, the united kingdom is a developed country and has a relatively high level of economic development. (Springer US, 2003). Therefore the product quality competition is more important that the purchase price competition if Coca-Cola want to be well developed in the UK.

Analysis of technical factor: due to the quick development of science and technology, the circuit of using new technology in new product has been greatly shortened. The product renewal of beverage industry has speed up. At exactly the same time the promotions have become more diverse.

Analysis of Community and human factors: the united kingdom is a country filled up with elegant atmosphere. But it also has the side of young and enthusiastic. The English are caring for the life span quality and religious enjoyment.

2. Marketing positioning

(1) Market Segmentation

1) segment by the purchaser's years:

According to the marketplace survey, the key consumers of Coca-Cola are the younger with the age from 15 to 34. They account for more than half of the whole consumer group. The young era are open-minded and they pursuit healthy, stylish and high-quality life. Which means natural and healthy Coca-Cola which is regular with the tendency can meet their requirements.

2) section by the purchasing factors:

Interest segments of market




preferable brand



Heavy consumer

Pursuit fashion and trendy and prefer to buy overseas brands

Soda product

Health and beauty


Heavy consumer

Pursuit fashion, health and leisure, with more pressure and eager to relax

Functional drink or packaged normal water with levels of caffeine and vitamins

Health and care


Light consumer

Conservative, pursuit stability, peace and the endurance of life

Healthy and nutritious

(2) Concentrate on Market

Through market segmentation, we decide to choose the 18-29 season old consumer group as our target market. Because the consumers with this age are the key consumers of the Coca-Cola products. Besides, as there are lots of colleges in Britain, the target group can develop the market that is large enough and has some potential. In addition, since the utilization attitudes of college or university students change and the income degrees of young white-collar increase, the purchasing potential of the group has been improved upon in some degree. Meanwhile the teenagers have an increased Coca-Cola brand loyalty. As long as our products can make a discovery on flavor and function, it'll get the consumer's center easily.

Develop with the way of regional agency, that is using large towns such as London, Oxford, Cambridge, Birmingham, Liverpool and so on to drive the small market. Take the chains and supermarkets as the main distributors.

(3) Marketing Strategy

Coca-Cola can be an enterprise that continues pursuitting improvements. After successful developed the non-cola carbonated drink "smart" series, it created an all natural non-carbonated juice and successful realizes the merchandise diversification. Its product is coherent. Alternatively, as the "boss" of drink industry, Coca-Cola has a clear competitive gain. (Fiona Scott Morton, Florian Zettelmeyer, 2004). To begin with, it maintains a concentric development and its particular technology, equipment, staff, cost and other advantages give a stable backing to the introduction of tea refreshments. Second, the Coca-Cola gets the world's most older, stable creation capacity and the fastest distribution channels. The market of tea beverages becomes a corollary. In the long run Coca-Cola has a well brand reputation. So we put the good market segment as a starting place and target the durability and features of the enterprise in one market segment to acquire success. And through the spread role of the mark market to enlarge the vertical depth of consumers.

(4)The result of marketing strategy

Segment the market by selecting the 18-34 years to learn the needs of market sections and take intensive marketing activities. Then your strong market position may be accomplished in the market segments. The organization can save significant operation costs and succeed the high profits on return therefore of specialized creation, distribution and promotion.

3. Advertising Campaign

a. advertising strategies

(1) advertising objectives: increase the brand image and product awareness

(2) advertising theme: happy life

(3) performance style: easy sunshine

(4) advertising slogan: create an infinite future with Coca-Cola together

b. advertising strategy

Media types


Ads budget

Arrival rate



Our-door ads

Repetitive, with the mixed aftereffect of symbols and actions





low cost, flexible information dissemination, timely, wide spread,





effectively attract the target audience's attention, and interact directly with consumers





Lasting preservation of information, high trust




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