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Finding material for religious tolerance in India essays : an analysis of the problem of religious tolerance

Religious proselytizing and membership in various religious currents have been a subject of an old-established and vehement controversy since the days state-level legislation curtailed many religious liberties of Indian people. However, any advanced researcher who has a good grasp of coursework definition and writing techniques knows that there is a paragraph in Indian Constitution that claims “freedom of conscience” for every citizen as well as the most crucial right “to propagate freely and put in practice personal religious beliefs”; it is not exactly so in reality. Indubitably, many government officials do not see the constitutional right to propagate a religious belief as the one that deserves to be applied ubiquitously. This tendency began to appear shortly after independence, and there was an inquiry regarding the freedom to seek and convert new proselytes that proposed to establish limitations and restrictive legislation in order to save religious freedom in the first place. The constitutional right was changed and since then the Indian religious community has been having persistent debates, as nowadays they are to decide the proper interpretation of the right to religious freedom and its applicability as well.

Predominantly, critics from many countries point out the inconsistency and unfairness of the Freedom of Religion acts, arguing the impaired rights of many strata of the Indian people. Moreover, it is a well-known fact that some things forborne in particular historical conditions and social circumstances can become a matter of low tolerance later, especially when the society finds itself on a tipping point. Therefore, the student preparing an extensive research summary should be well aware of the basics of comparative analysis and the techniques of deep literary investigation. The most important question is the probable influence of the lack of religious tolerance on societies. Certainly, in any society at any historical period, there always is a place for disagreements and mutual misunderstandings, as, for instance, whether some things are tolerable or intolerable. Mostly, personal statementexamples related to sociopolitical subjects show us that such things questionable in their tolerability could range from the most harmless, such as different cultural tastes or personal preferences to genuinely urgent and burning issues, such as religious beliefs, sexual education or drug policy. All-in-all, the main teacher’s task is to set an assignment for the students as correctly as possible; although they usually cannot offer real practical help or working solutions in resolving social conflicts, it is good, nevertheless, to point them in the right direction and make them think about how educational, legal, political and social arrangements can change the situation and become a solid ground for providing actual responsibilities and freedoms as well as creating the groundwork for tolerance.

Religious tolerance essays : how to differentiate the immense subject of sociopolitical situation in contemporary India

Nowadays, Indian national politics face a colossal challenge of the tolerance critique of religious freedom. In addition, the scope of this issue now has reached the international level, and struggles over religious rights and appropriateness of secular liberalism are being debated in communities throughout the world. It is thought that a real base for the cultivation of religious tolerance and empathy could be built by the development of contemplative education and constant teaching of elementary history lessons. Thus, in order to develop accuracy and thoroughness suitable forwriting a persuasive essay or composing a well-grounded thesis it is advisable to explain students the essential techniques of informational research and indispensable learning methods, for example a case study method and a casebook method.

Trying to invent a less deliberate and more intuitive approach for assessing a difficult and intricate situation, a teacher sometimes forgets to provide the students with appropriate learning conditions and ample time. Also, it is necessary to make sure that all the students have a reasonable freedom of topic choice. Let us overlook some topics, which students can find propitious, namely:

  • a Democracy in India essay. Since India is widely known for its paradoxical status, which presents Indian people with the chimerical coexistence of mass poverty and electoral democracy, there is a constant need to develop the explanatory framework and understand what peculiarities of Indian national policy obstruct resolving this ‘wheels within wheels’ situation.
  • an Education in India essay. Generally speaking, very few people in India belong to private-schooled or well-educated urban elite; this is thought by some specialists as one of the toughest challenges of the Indian nation. Lots of nuances and a great diversity of reasons, such as a highly bureaucratic administrative arrangement, low teachers’ salaries and the banal lack of quality of education weaken the entire education system and depreciate the resulting student's’ knowledge. What can be done to improve the disbalances? How other countries can help India establish new education politics? The students should answer those questions by building firm evidential narrative structure in their essays.
  • an Illiteracy in India essay. This topic may look similar to the previous one, however it shifts the focus of the discussion from global educational and sociopolitical issues to the analysis and review of effective strategies oriented on the development of efficient and scalable teaching methodology. For instance, the teacher can promote the students to debate over the methodology named ‘leveraged learning’, which is based on the techniques of mutual reinforcement and continuous children’s learning of the grammar and reading tasks.
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