Religion Accroding to Category Structure

Religion Accroding to Class Framework

In The Arab World: World, Culture and State, Halim Barakat discusses the effect religion has on society within the Arab world. "Religion is the most significant force framing Middle Asian societies, " For Barakat (119). It is because religion is both ground-breaking and pacifying. The Middle East is broken into rigid sociable and economic structures, which usually creates anxiety between upper and decreases classes. A single tries to perpetuate a system of inequality, which in turn forces the other to deal with poverty. Religious beliefs is used to serve the needs of both classes, "to repress and to resist repression, " in this way (130). The duality of religion can assist explain the way modern societies in the Middle East function.

During the period of time, "Islamic conquests ended in the piling up of a lot of money in the hands of Muslims, therefore they lost the chastity of the prophet" (133). This divided society into classes: the rich were at ease with their status but the poor were not. Faith was used to, perpetuate the rich's existence as a school. The financial hardship the indegent faced was justified through religion plus the possibility of a better afterlife. Egypt's twenty four schisme, for example , were divided involving the king, the military as well as the princes, going out of no land for the folks. To warrant his class' status, the king told the people they did have property: "It was your twenty sixth district, and its particular place is in the kingdom of heaven" (134). In this instance the king employed religion being a "coercive and repressive force, " to serve his intentions (129). Rationalizing the poor's low income and the rich's power through religion was a way Muslim rulers "legitimize(d) and maintain(ed) the existing order" (129).

The way classes in the middle east practice faith is highly illustrative of class big difference. Barakat constitutes a distinction between what he labels "official religion, " and "popular religion": the previous is practiced in abundant, urban areas, plus the latter in less affluent, rural ones (126). He says official religion stresses the importance of strict interpretations of religious text messages, monotheism, an absence of intermediaries between believers and God, and a close interconnection between faith and the ruling class. Well-known religion, however, values interpretations of religious texts, personified holy forces, psychic inner selves, and does search for intermediaries between believers and God.

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