Relationship Between Biological Factors And Behavior

The methods used to study the brain have advanced significantly over the past century. Brain imaging solutions are used to check into the relationship between behavior and brain constructions. They can be used to identify a patient with Alzheimer's, epilepsy or tumors as well concerning research into brain localization, factors behind behavior and the impact of the surroundings on the brain. In the first to mid-1900's, psychologists and researchers used methods including postmortem dissection, joining wiring and electrodes to the brain, canine studies as well as circumstance studies on harmed patients who have got strokes and damages in order to observe the partnership between patterns and brain structures. Although these procedures allowed psychologists to achieve sufficient data, they were imprecise, unethical and sometimes difficult to apply to humans thus so that it is hard to create appropriate conclusions about the partnership between the brain and patterns.

From the 1960s and onwards, the technology and development of brain imaging technology including the CAT (computerized axial tomography), Dog or cat (positron emission tomography) and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan has managed to get possible to directly review living brains as various duties are performed on real human patients. In addition, it has allowed psychologists and scientists to web page link specific areas of brain damage to changes in someone's personality and mental talents.

One study specifically which demonstrates the utilization of recent brain imaging solutions in investigating the connection between specific areas of the brain and mental cognitive talents is the Maguire study (conducted in 2000). Maguire wished to explore if there was any correlation between morphological changes in the healthy human brain and extensive connection with spatial navigation. Her prediction was that the hippocampus would be the spot in the mind to many likely show changes. To be able to perform her experiment, Maguire scanned the brains of 16 healthy male London black-can motorists who had spent typically three to four years face to face. The info was accumulated using structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) which works by collecting data on the structure and anatomy of the mind. The MRI scanning device operates by revealing the participant's brain to a strong magnetic field and radio waves to produce specific pictures of the brain. Computer software then converts the information into a 3D image of the mind. In this review, the analysis computed the quantity of grey subject in the hippocampus. The findings of the study were that the posterior hippocampi of taxi drivers were significantly bigger relative to those of the control topics (taxi individuals who lacked such considerable navigation vulnerability). Thus, this shown that behavioral factors such as learning and navigating one's way round the streets of London may have direct results on one's physical structure of the brain. On a broader take note, this illustrated that the mind behaves like a muscle in the sense that the repetition of the action can cause certain parts to grow.

Another review, which also used brain imaging systems to observe the relationship between natural factors and behavior, is Jim Fallon's study on psychopathic tendencies and its relationship with having less activity in the orbital cortex. The orbital cortex was analyzed, as this is the area scientists believe is involved with ethical tendencies and moral decision-making. Fallon used positron emission tomography (Dog or cat) scans, that are scans that produce coloured maps of brain activity by discovering the metabolism level of injected chemicals such as blood sugar made mildly radioactive showing which parts of the mind are most dynamic, in order to see the brains of already classified psychopaths set alongside the Dog or cat scans of healthy people. Through his observations, Fallon was able to verify the belief that psychopaths did in reality have noticeable variations in their orbital cortex in comparison to healthy brains. This is because your pet scans showed that of the psychopath's brains that were analyzed acquired dark patches in their orbital cortexes whereas healthy brains did not.

Although such groundbreaking information has been observed, the mind imaging technologies used to accumulate the info for Maguire and Fallon's tests can be criticized. Despite the fact that brain imaging technology (like the MRI and the PET scans) is a appealing field in the inspection of an possible romance between natural factors and behavior, so far scanning can merely register set ups and activity in the brain. It is not possible to determine cause-effect relationships at this point in research since there are a great many other contributing factors as to why a person may action a certain way. In addition to this, other negatives of using MRI and Family pet technology include the fact that these scans are conducted in unnatural surroundings. Consequently, the combination of being devote a specific space and the loud noises that are made by the scans can make a lot of people feel claustrophobic thus impacting the info. Finally PET and MRI scanners are extremely expensive, and therefore the number of scanners is bound. Therefore, for non-urgent studies, there may be a wait to work with the scanners thus becoming time consuming.

However, despite the few negatives of using brain imaging systems, there are numerous advantages of using it, which make them worthwhile in the end. For instance, although PET and MRI scans can be frustrating and costly, set alongside the past when none of this technology existed and scientists was required to resort to post mortem dissection, this technology is a lot more efficient. Having to wait for patients to die before being able to observe the brain could take years. In addition, the observation of useless brains could also have influenced the results hence why brain imaging technology are more accurate as scans can gain information about the mind composition and function of conscious patients, some whilst they are carrying out psychological tasks. Last but not least, the technology of brain imaging technologies is more moral compared to the methods used in the past. In the past when scientists wanted to conduct experiments in order to observe the partnership between human tendencies and the mind, they would resort to using pets. This technique is unethical and imprecise as family pets and humans have very different psychological buildings. Therefore, the findings from these experiments are hard to apply to humans thus making them pointless. Overall, although brain imaging technologies may have its cons, it includes allowed experts to broaden their research methods thus allowing for a more reliable way to observe the partnership between tendencies and natural factors.

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