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Reflective Profile Of STUDENTS Placement Within THE CITY Setting Medical Essay

This assignment provides a reflective profile of students placement within the community environment. The reflective model Kolb's learning circuit (1984) is often referenced to in describing experimental learning and can be used in any learning situation. Reflective practice is important to the introduction of Mentors as pros as it permits us to learn from our experience of teaching and facilitating college student learning. Dix and Hughes (2004) recognise that students and learners can benefit from reflective practise. Jasper (2003) also recognizes that reflective practise is an essential tool for student nurses to make that very important hyperlink between theory and practise. It will also emphasize the role of the mentor and look at how the learning results of both the mentor and the university student were achieved. Regarding to the Medical and Midwifery Council (NMC 2008) the term mentor is used to identify the role of a registered nurse who facilitates learning and supervises and assesses students in the practice place. They also identify the eight necessary specifications that must be achieved to become a mentor, and within the task I shall be referring to the Standards to Support Learning and Analysis in Practice; NMC criteria for mentors, practice professors and professors, and determining the criteria that mentors require. I am a personnel nurse working as part of a busy area medical team within the community environment. I've 5 years experience as a nurse, as I mentee I will be under the supervision of my mentor who is also a personnel nurse with over 20 years experience. Who has over 7 years experience as a coach. The university student that has been allocated to my area of work is a 26 12 months old women who is at the starting of her 2nd 12 months, she has previously worked with the health visitor and In a nursing home setting up. Before starting her training she worked as a carer in a medical home setting up which has given her confidence and personal experience outside her nurse training. I will be outlining the students journey whilst on their position and How I, with the support of my mentor provided a constructive and nurturing learning environment for the scholar to develop and meet her learning results. To ensure the student has an optimistic learning experience it's important that the learning environment is supportive for the university student and those who work in it. Clarke et al. (2003) refers that learning in the specialized medical environment is very highly valued which places several needs on medical areas and personnel. The clinic in which I am based has a wealth of mentors and nurses with vast experience.

It offers an optimistic and supportive learning experience to students who are placed with the district nurses. Even though the center can be unstable clinically and tend to have heavy workloads. We have a source of information room for students and the personnel are always enthusiastic about and alert to the students experience whilst on position. Our initial conference took place on the students first day of the location I given her the treatment centers college student nurse orientation / source of information pack. This provided her with all the basic information about the medical center and the different associates personnel within the team. Also within the pack was a copy of the NMC guide for students of medical (2005) for her to keep referring back to, this was to provide a good intro into the learning environment that she'd be in during her location. Cahill (1996) acknowledges that the sole most critical factor in creating a positive learning environment is the romantic relationship between staff and the learner nurses. She also talks about a common problem which occurs for students is that they are regularly unable to work with their coach, so during our first meeting we mentioned and organized her time desk taking into account any study days and nights she may have. Kenworthy and Nicklin (2000) comment that the more comfortable and welcome a student feels within the working environment, the more likely it is that effective learning will take place and the student will become motivated to learn which is a key factor in successful learning. During this meeting we also defined her learning needs and establish a learning contract. A learning contract is a brief arrangement in writing between the coach and their student used to ensure learning aims and module effects are recognized and achieved throughout the placement (Lowry 1997). Downie and Basford (2003) believe to identify the training outcomes at the beginning for the location is of great advantage to the students. In the learning contract the learner outlined she'd prefer to develop skills in the approach of administrating shots. She also indicated an interest in learning the role of an area nurse. It was important for me to know where in her training the college student nurse was so I could plan with her effectively when helping her in the clinical setting up. A frequently used taxonomy in nursing is the construction by Benner (2001) in which are five levels; amateur, beginner, competent, proficient, and expert. Corresponding to Benner's stages of scientific competence which shows the journey of a beginner to an expert my university student came out to be an move forward beginner as she shows understanding of the NMC code of professional carry out and has some prior work experience which some students in the same time on the course may not have. Honey and Mumford (1992) explore four different varieties of learning which really is a variation on kolbs model. It really is thought whenever you can, it is essential to permit the student's specific design of learning determine your choice of teaching. In wanting to clarify kolbs model there are four different styles of learning they identify activists, pragmatists, theorists and reflectors. They also mention that although many people can be a mixture of the 4 styles they primarily had a inclination for only one. When establishing the training style of my scholar I became aware that she was an 'activist' and also 'reflector'. Preferring to observe and gain understanding of the theory and evidence founded practise. Then exhibiting a very hands on and experienced treat it became very apparent she preferred to fit the bill and experimental once she became comfortable with her surroundings. As layed out in her learning contract she was keen to meet her specialized medical results for administrating injections. The NMC benchmarks for mentors (2008) says that students must spend forty percent of these placement with the mentor. This shown a problem when i had a numbers of annual study days which were required and I possessed to attend. I talked about this with the college student and described other members of staff would oversee her learning outcomes whilst I got attending courses. This would be arranged well beforehand so she understood who she'd be put with. She sensed this layout was ideal as she would be given a chance to work with customers of staff with differing experience and skill blend. This would also identify the diversity in district medical. I also thought this would improve her experience within the team making her feel more comfortable with all the current participants of the team. Beskine (2009) suggests that starting with a confident approach helps bring about the students experience as well as the quality of the placement. It was found by Pearcey and Elliot (2004) that students who've had negative activities with their coach and placements tend to leave the course before qualifying. Spoke placements with users of the multidisciplinary team were also discuss at this point and I provided her a list of recommend contact figures and details.

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