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Reflection Diagram Of Gibbs Cycle

From this whole course of PPD 2, I've learnt and gained the skill by learning the entire learning model. The learning model that I'm going to choose to write about is the Gibbs Learning Circuit. It is because Gibbs Learning Routine is easy to understand, applicable on the analysis and effective on learning process. The Gibbs Learning Cycle is very popular among the training model which is good for representation of review where it includes six steps for your process.

Model of reflection diagram of Gibbs Cycle(Queen Margaret College or university, 2011)

This six steps or phases contain Description, Feelings, Evaluation, Analysis, Finish, and Action Plan. For the Description level, it simply orders you to reflect and express what you've learnt or what occurred. In this task, you mustn't make any realization or wisdom as you must understand the whole situation rather than draw an outcome. We can conclude as whenever a problem occurs, we ought to echo or think back again on what has took place. An example of it will be shown on the next line. Whenever a new Professional Pitch task has been given, I'll look carefully to the question in order to have a fully understanding in my own mind for the task completion. When a new piece of note is given by the lecturer, I'll have a harsh scan merely to have a simple overview on what is it all about? After that, when the lecturer is giving his/her lecture, I will hear carefully on what they discussing and write down the important records and factors. Besides that, I will ask them publically in the school or personally after the class if I have any question about that chapter.

For the sensation stage, a great deal of sense and thoughts were jogging inside my brain when the lecturer is presenting their lecture, offering task and developing a discussion with us. If they are providing their lecture, I feel so curious about what they'll teach and worked up about the topic as I've never been in touch with Personal and Professional Development 2. Apart from the feeling of curious and excited, I will also worried because I would not be able to follow the footsteps of the lecturer. Therefore, the complex feeling that I've it that point makes me focus more in the course and pay more attention on the actual lecturer is instructing. As the lecturer is offering task and projects to us, I thought anxious as a lot of things have to be done and last but not least we must take our complete assignment for turnitin. At the same time I'm happy as finally I could use the knowledge that I've gained from the lecturer to do some work. The debate part can be an interesting part as all the students in the course are participating for it and a lot of answer will pop up and I could study from that. At the mean time, I'll felt anxious as sometimes the question will be too hard and I might not have the ability to answer it if the lecturer tips me to answer. The sensation changed following the event ends. The lecturer applies to a gradual and smooth baby steps when they giving out lecture and it suits me quite definitely as I'm not a fast learner. Every single word that the lecturer said was memorable in my own mind and I felt excited about that. The duty given by the lecturer was done by weekly before the due date and my turnitin plagiarism rate was below 15%. This is actually the result that we directed for and I'm able to achieve that and it offers me self-assurance to do better. I thought happy and interesting following the discussion part as I've learned something new and I can even answer the hard question given by the lecturer.

For the analysis stage, I've good and bad experience throughout the span of PPD2. The positive thing is that I can connect well with the lecturer whenever I want their help in the procedure of learning. This will not only help my communication skill but also courage and gaining of knowledge. This is because I'm a person who doesn't have a solid courage to handle stranger as I'm frightened to talk with them. But as I know that the training process requires student to talk and talk with their lecturer when they encountered problem. Thus, I made my courage and the consequence of it didn't disappoint me. Besides that, I likewise have some bad activities for the school of PPD2. Sometimes the lecture was too boring and it couldn't talk about my will to study. I considered it as an awful experience because when I have no will to study, it thrown away my time and effort and finish up of learning little or nothing. The lecturer sometimes uses an old fashioned way to teach, that is go through the newspaper. Besides that, I've some bad encounters in the course by my very own behavior. Certain times, I would not concentrate when the class is boring therefore I'll talk to my friends and conclude wasting my own time and learned nothing at all. Eventually I know very well what I did is wrong and wasteful so I've transformed my behavior and get myself to rear on track.

In the analysis stage, I came to the realization that I have a big interest on PPD2. This is because it can help me to build up the main thing that is my own skill, self confidence, courage and learning skill. Each and every thing that the lecturer teaches was so useful and there are a great number of what to be learned. I have found out that the training model and this content of PPD2 are something fresh and things that are totally new if you ask me. Thus, for a person that likes excursion, it suits me well. Everything and every section that the lecturer gives out appeal to my attention and I am going to always try my best to undertake it.

For the conclusion stage, I've learned and gained lots of knowledge from my lecturer. I've learnt how to do well in everything no subject without any help or with a team. Other than that, it also makes me understand more about the value of personal skills and teamwork. Besides that, training and advancements are needed in order to make me focus more in specific time. It is because even if there are monotonous classes, I will not make any noises to disturb the rest of the class. Through this course, I know where my power is and weakness and improvement will definitely needs it place. Once the lecturer is giving out new section for another classes, I'll do my very own revision on that section to provide myself a tough idea onto it. This will not only help my understanding but also increase the process of learning in myself.

For the action plan level, I am going to absolutely execute a lot better than current. Attitude changes as I know that my current frame of mind is inadequate for me to have a great success. I am going to work harder for my work and pay more amount when it's time for serious. Besides that, projects and tasks that given by the lecturer will are also done earlier as the lecturer can have a check on it in order to boost the quality of my work. When the debate part is going on, I am going to make an effort to answer each and every question. That is to ensure that I fully understand what the lecturer is talking about. Besides that, when I faced any issue or challenges for my work, I will not only discuss with my lecturer but also my classmates. This can not only make me gained extra knowledge but it addittionally boosts my communication and communal skills. I also found out that I must also understand how to approach people by making the first step. I have to take initiative to cope with someone rather than wanting or dreaming for others to make their first step. Besides that, I also need to increase my ability to review more in order to have a good end result for the ultimate year. I am hoping to truly have a CGPA of 3. 5 and above and I understand to do this, lots of efforts are needed. To obtain this result, I am going to not only study hard for the school study materials, but I am going to find my own research to truly have a deeper understanding and I will borrow some books or recommendations from the collection to have better understanding.

The durability of Gibbs Reflective Cycle is to build up a questioning frame of mind and new perspectives, identify areas for change and improvement, respond effectively to new obstacles, and generalize and apply what you have learned in one situation to other situation. (School of Reading, n. d. ) The Gibbs Reflective Routine makes me to truly have a manner of helps to keep on asking question for something that is new and unknown to me. Besides that, it also helps me to discover where is my power and weakness to be able to boost my skills. Besides that, it also makes me to be a good respondent. Whenever a problem pops away, I were able to think carefully and review it to get the answer.

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