Reducing Environmental Effects When Using ICT

Environmental Impact Reduction

http://teach-ict. co. uk/gcse_new/interpersonal_ethical/environment/miniweb/pg3. htm

Electronic waste is becoming one of the most serious issues thus far, for going out of things connected in is triggering so much harm to the environment, which it leads to leaving toxic chemicals seep in to the earth surface, leading to contaminating not only soils, but normal water too.

Within the previous few years, companies have been dumping large amounts of technological throw away into landfills leading to thousands of pounds of gadgets getting damaged. But there is a solution, rather than eliminating old computers, or laptops, or even your cell phones, why not try to repair them, and present these to people in third world, or growing countries.

Power keeping techniques when using ICT

Instead of shutting down your personal computer, or laptop, or current era console like Sony's PlayStation 4 or Microsoft's Xbox one, you could put all of your devices into sleep mode, it will greatly reduce the energy consumed, specially when not used, and you won't have to keep powering it up or shutting it down.

Paper keeping techniques when printing.

https://www. papercut. com/blog/other/2008/10/20/ten-tips-to-save-paper/

  1. You could avoid too much paper use from your printer by trying to print out on both factors of the webpage, thus only using one page at the same time for a number of work, or you could reduce the text small enough so that more work will fit on one side of the webpage.
  2. Another great way to save paper when printing is to have an electric diary preserved on your computer, and it'll basically store your work, and you can then transfer the data to a laptop or a mobile device.
  3. Make absolute to print what you only need to print out, and make sure it's the most relevant and key factors to the type of work you do, do not print out worthless or irrelevant data, if not essential.

An exemplory case of a recycling service locally where digital components and printer ink/toner cartridges can be recycled.

http://www. electronic-recycling. ie/

http://rechargekilkenny. com/

Dublin Electronic Recycling is a recycling service that caters to the recycling of computer components and printer waste material, as well as IT disposal, and does indeed Computer recycling too. In addition, it has a service to recycle machines when needed.

Recharge Ink Kilkenny is a shop that specialises in recharging ink cartridges. It also comes with an area to keep up and repair certain things such as keyboards. In addition they do office resources for if you are running low

Health and Safety when working with ICT

http://www. teach-ict. com/gcse_new/health_safety/miniweb/pg7. htm

  • Always make sure to not have wire connections tangled up, for this can cause you to definitely trip and fall season.
  • Electrical equipment should always have you to definitely test it one per year.
  • You shouldn't overload the electric sockets.
  • Electrical equipment must always have you to definitely test it once a year.
  • Always make sure the fireplace exits are free of clutter or obstructions.
  • Check to see if the computer tables are durable enough to carry the weight of the personal computers and the gear.

Ergonomics in the workplace

https://www. aiha. org/about-ih/Pages/an-ergonomics-approach-to-avoiding-office-workplace-injuries-and-illnesses. aspx

  • It is definitely good to change your system position concerning not cramp up.
  • Try your best to place your keyboard into perfect position before you concerning let your elbows rest, and not pressure your wrists.
  • If you can relax the body, you may avoid muscle cramps and straining the body.
  • Try to avoid ear to make contact, and avid cramping your throat, when possible, use a headset to help relax.
  • Always keep the keep an eye on, keyboard, and seat properly aligned, as it puts less tension on your total body.
  • Correct body setting when working at your personal computer.

http://www. ergonomics. com. au/how-to-sit-at-a-computer/

Step One: Your chair.

  1. Always ensure that you have your sides pushed as very good back into your personal computer as it can be.
  2. When you modify your seat height, ensure you have it in such a way that your knees are aligned properly, which both ft are flat on the ground.
  3. If you have arm break on your seating, try and adjust them, so that both shoulder blades can relax

Step two: Your Keyboard.

  1. Make certain to sit near to your keyboard.
  2. Have the keyboard immediately before your body, and not aside, as to stress your spine
  3. Try to modify the height of your keyboard to relax your shoulders

Examples of ergonomic equipment.

http://www. ergonomics-info. com/ergonomics-equipment. html

  • Always make sure to have a good couch, for it can provide you deserved and needed back again support, and helps maintain a healthy work environment.
  • Having a great keyboard tray can help to keep the keyboard at a perfect elevation level for anyone who wishes not to stress themselves.
  • Keeping your monitor at eyes level or just a little below your mind is a great way to keep your neck from cramping up, and to help maintain a healthy posture.

Eye-strain and Recurring Strain Harm (RSI) and methods of prevention.

https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Eye_strain

  • Eye-strain is a nonspecific condition that manifests itself overtime, and it can cause, migraines, head aches, and fatigue, and blurred vision. This usually occurs when you read for too much time, or check out a display screen for too much time to.

Eye-strain and Repetitive Pressure Personal injury (RSI) and ways of prevention. Continued

https://managewp. com/how-to-prevent-repetitive-strain-injuries-at-your-computer

How to avoid (RIS's)

  1. Check what way you sit down, as for this assists greatly improve eyes contact with the display.
  2. Make sure your biceps and triceps are with you and you are seated comfortably while your hands are able to move widely about on the keyboard.
  3. Taking a rest at least once an hour or even every 50 % hour because of this this assists relax your eye and body, so as not to strain you.
  4. If you try to exercise a little more, muscle tissue can greatly improve, and take away the pressure from typing for hour's at a time.

Practices for guaranteeing good care for your computer equipment.

http://www. wikihow. com/Take-Good-Care-of-Your-Laptop-Computer

  1. Always keep refreshments away from your individual computer of laptop, because if the material of the drink spill whether it be from caffeine, to normal water, or even fizzy beverages, the laptop or Laptop or computer might well have its circuits fried, and permanent destruction could be inflicted into the external or internal hardware.
  2. Always have some anti-virus at the ready, for whatever you might download, might well have a potentially damaging virus. Even though you think the program is safe and, so you know what it is, its just best to keep an eye out, anything can be picked up from the internet.
  3. Try to avoid eating food near or over your laptop or key pad for your PC, for any crumbs you may drop could land between the key, and could affect your circuitry leave your secrets looking grubby or may allow small bugs into one's body to affect your keyboard.
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