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Recycling And Reuse Of Building And Demolition Wastes Building Essay

What is waste materials? Actually, we don't have a definitive set of what is and is not waste materials. In development field, the misuse can be produced from creating a structure (under engineering) and those created through the wrecking of your building (demolition particles).

There a wide range of buildings built in total of the world. At the same time, there are also many building going to be demolished. Hence, the development and demolition works provides out a lot of debris waste products or waste products. Thus, building and demolition works is the largest contributor of waste in the world.

Recycling and reuse will be the essential the different parts of environmentally-responsible of everyone. A number of the throw away can be recycling and reuse and some aren't. Recycling is the collection of used materials that could or else be misuse to be divided and reproduce for others purpose. Likewise, reuse is use again the recycling waste products in the proper way. In the construction field, suitable method will be employed to recycling the C&D waste materials and reuse it in others way.

Recently, the environmental impact is the pressing issue in the earth. With the inappropriate ways to cope with the waste, it will lead to environment harms. Most of the C&D wastes are recyclable; some of the types of the recyclable throw away are bricks, concrete, timber, asphalt, metal and stop. Indeed, most of the C&D wastes are recyclable. Therefore, recycling and reuse of C&D waste materials is one of the main aspects in the engineering field.

If the development field from all over the world put into practice the recycling and reuse solution to the C&D works, it'll minimizing the throw away problems and negative impact to the environment concurrently. Hence this is an excellent practice to reduce the C&D waste with proper method.


To research the reuse and recycling of construction waste in structure and demolition works for Bricks and Concrete.


To identify the two types of development waste products in bricks and concrete.

To determine the means of recycling and reuse the engineering waste.

To determine whether there is certainly any limitation in reuse and recycling the development waste products in Malaysia

Problem Assertion:

Building development is fast moving around the world. The demolition works will bring out a whole lot of particles or waste. Development and demolition wastes are one of the most significant waste streams on the planet. With the improper ways to deal with the waste, it'll lead to environment harms. Recycling and reuse of creating materials misuse is one of the main aspect in the structure field. I would like to carry out the studies of 2R of C&D waste material that are bricks and concrete.

Reuse and recycling of creating materials waste is an excellent practice in development field. From the study, almost all the job site wastes are recyclable. This research will come out the positive and negative result of recycling and reuse of C&D waste material. Indeed, 2R of building materials waste will save the costs than to chuck them away. In my own research, I will try to explore will there be any constraints or improvements for the reuse and recycling practice in Malaysia. It is because compare to others country, Malaysia continues to be bettering in this aspect in the construction field.

Scope of Review:

What is protected in my research:

What will be the construction waste material which can reuse and recycling in construction field?

Positive and negative results of 2R of building waste.

How the engineering misuse recycling and reuse.

Any restriction and improvement of 2R of C&D waste products.


Stage 1: Preliminary Proposal

Stage 2: Literature Review

A comprehensive of overview of the relevant literature including a computer-assisted search will be performed in order to build up an understanding of two types of the structure waste which is often recycling and reuse. The Literature Review will be accompanied by a questionnaire with the relevant people.

Stage 3: Questionnaires

This level will be applied by carry out the questionnaire to the relevant people such as supplier or contractor in the construction industry. Besides, information from search on the internet, newspaper, publications and magazine may also be part of my data collection.

Stage 4: Writing up

This stage will involve writing up the content of the dissertation should cover the chapters suggested in the following section:

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2- Books Review

Identifying two types of the building waste material for bricks and concrete.

The ways of reuse and recycling of the structure waste

Determine whether there is any limitations in reuse and recycling of engineering misuse in Malaysia.

Chapter 3 - Case Study

Chapter 4 - Data analysis

Chapter 5 - Conclusion and Recommendations


Some of the exemplory case of questionnaires:

Which types of materials can you think that is highly produced in the Structure and demolition works?

Steel b) Timber c) Bricks d) Concrete

Do you think that there is any limitation or improvement of reuse and recycling of C&D misuse in Malaysia?

Cost b) Techniques c) Lack of professional workforce/experience

Do you think that 2R of C&D misuse important?

What will be the factors that you think that 2R of C&D waste products important?

Environmental issues

Save cost

Government pressure

Project Plan and Program:

Task to be completed
















Initial Proposal






























Literature Review















Chapter 1: Types of waste















Chapter 2: means of 2R















Chapter 3: improvement/limitation















Research Methodology






























Data analysis















Conclusion and recommendation















Overall References















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