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Recommendations for Hotel and Flyer Marketing

The Ashford Court docket Hotel


Customer Service As the saying goes "You merely get one chance to make a first impression"

Message - Negative: Even though it has recently been painted, the overall appearance is still fairly run-down. It generally does not portray a good welcoming ambiance for anybody visiting the establishment and there is corrosion on the indication leading to the car playground which is unappealing. The outdoor furniture could do with upgrading and because the hotel have been closed for several years, there can be an unpleasant damp odour at reception which is very off-putting for prospective guests. Furthermore, the positioning of the hotel leads in to the back access of some business which is unsightly and unwelcoming.

Recommendations: First impressions are really important in the hospitality industry. Visiting or prospective friends are inspired by the faade of the hotel. To improve its appearance, I would replace the faded signal as it portrays a blase strategy by the owners/professionals. The addition of colourful blossom pots will be a simple but effective improvement. Updating cracked or faded outdoor furniture would also be a large improvement.

The Old Surface Hotel


Customer Service

Message - Positive: The first impression given of the surface of Old Floor Hotel is very impressive. It exudes warmth and welcome which is principally what's required in the hospitality industry. The hotel can be found in the heart and soul of Ennis town adjacent to retailers, restaurants and bars. The outside of the hotel is retained to the best standard and so are the grounds which can be beautifully stored with various flowers and trees. It is also adorned with modern outdoor furniture which facilitates al fresco dining and refreshments weather permitting. The hotel conveys a vintage world appeal even from the exterior which is very interesting. There is ample auto parking within the hotel grounds which is very convenient for the visitor. The overall impression is positive, inviting and very well-organized.

Glor. ie

Positive Impression

Website: This website is impressive and professional looking at first glance that may have a confident influence on the user when visiting the website for the first time. The layout is very clear and the color scheme is understated and easy on the attention which creates balance and harmony. The web site is clearly laid out and easily navigated this means the visitor can simply find what they want for which is, after all, the goal of a good website.

The website comes with an appealing and warm appearance that ought to influence an individual and encourage do it again visits which is wonderful for business. Shows can be booked and seating picked easily. The site is also mobile friendly with good clear printing. That is important as it is now commonplace to access websites from cellular devices, particularly amongst more youthful people.

Powercity. ie

Negative Impression

Website: The impression distributed by this site is bad. There are way too many colours going on which clash with one another and it generates a flashy and cheap appearance. It generally does not inspire confidence as it provides electrical equipment which are very expensive commodities and it appears more like it's advertising a cut-rate discount store. It's important to make good decisions with shade that will be soft on the visitors eye, or that will ensure clean and clear awareness of content material. If the website visitors are straining because of the coloring choice, it constitutes bad design which may irritate a prospective customer and discourage them from buy or re-visiting the website which is harmful to business. More and more business is being conducted online than ever before and so it cannot be emphasised enough how important an online site is made for showcasing a business and it's products.

RecommendationsGood colour choices can have a major influence what sort of visitor interprets what they see as much as layout and print out. A neutral colour scheme with a simple dash of coloring can create a classy and beautiful feel. A minimal colour scheme can still produce compare and give a distinctive, impactful aesthetic impression therefore creating a far more professional appearance. If visitors is at ease and can read and navigate the website easily, they will return to the site or even make a purchase.

Treacys West County

Hotel Flyer

Positive Impression

See Appendix 1 Flyers are an effective way to market a corporation. Most hotels have flyers offered by reception and these contribute in no small way to the advertising of the business. Treacys Western world County's flyers are clear concise and effective in portraying a good and productive image of the hotel.

The flyer is tastefully photographed with warm and appealing pictures of the hotel and its facilities. It keeps colour to the very least and uses smooth photographic lamps which really helps to create the looks of your warm ambience thus enticing the prospective visitor.

The written term in the flyer is placed to the very least permitting the pictures do most of the advertising. The usage of the word 'you' indicates they are simply speaking right to the reader, not abstractly for some undiscovered 'they' which is a highly effective way of appealing the prospective visitor.

See Appendix 2

Negative Impression When jogging for election, flyers can have a significant effect on voters especially those who have not yet determined which candidate they may be voting for. The attached political flyer can be an assault on the sight! First of all, the red and white colours do not work effectively jointly and make it very hard to read the content which is, in the end, the goal of the flyer. It looks like a hurried job as if there wasn't enough thought or time put into it and therefore looks rushed and unprofessional. Also, there are no contact information on the flyer which is an essential detail, particularly in politics. Citizens need to feel that their reps are contactable and available to them. A applicant running for general population office needs to portray a competent and professional image which this flyer certainly will not do.

Recommendations:Firstly, the colour program should be modified to more simple tones which can be easier on the attention and simpler to read. This content of the flyer should get careful consideration, straightforward and to the and really should definitely support the contact details for the prospect.

A well-designed flyer will catch the viewers' attention and will therefore serve its purpose and may even be the difference between getting elected or not!

News statement regarding job conditions in Dell EMC.

See Appendix 3

Positive Impression. Technology company Dell EMC who've sites in Limerick, Cork and Dublin, was voted the "Best Place to work in the Private Sector in Ireland". This accolade was voted for by the employees of the company. They offer competitive salaries, a fun and available environment and flexible working hours which accommodates an improved work-life balance.

They prioritise the welfare with their workforce which has obviously paid off hugely resulting in a happy and effective workforce. This benefits both the business and employees likewise. They also encourage workers to use their skills and skills which is of great benefit to everyone. It is popular that job satisfaction brings about increased productivity and fosters devotion and dedication to the business.

News article regarding career conditions in Dunnes Stores

See Appendix 4

Negative Impression: Dunnes Stores are consistently in the news headlines as it pertains to employee relationships which the attached article will verify. The main concern in this specific article identifies zero hour deals. It is very difficult for one to have any quality of life under these situations. It is impossible to make any type of financial plan e. g. loan repayment when the employee has no certainty from week to week what their income will be.

It seems that staff welfare will not take any precedence with Dunnes Stores management. Revenue appears to be the main goal of the company which is usually to be expected in a commercial business however, not to the detriment of its employees. The fact that the turnover of employees in Dunnes Stores is high is an indication that is not well when it comes to the working conditions of its employees and a contented workforce usually contributes to increases production.

Recommendations: Dunnes Stores could do with re-evaluating how it snacks its employees and this could only be achieved by the very top management recognising the worthiness of their employees. Workers have to be appreciated and respected in order to attain job satisfaction and a happy labor force more often than not leads to improved upon production which would advantage management, personnel and customers as well. The company and their workers would benefit with clear structured deals of employment for everyone which would provide some steadiness for their staff.


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