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Reasons For Legalising Euthanasia Sociology Essay

What is euthanasia?

There are a lot of definitions of euthanasia that have the similar meanings with one another, and here are some explanations from different say.

From Medicine Net. com

"The term "euthanasia" comes straight from the Greek -- "eu", goodly or well + "thanatos", loss of life = the good death -- as well as for 18th-century authors in Great britain that was what euthanasia recommended, a "good" loss of life, a pleasant way to depart quietly and well from life. "

(Medical Net. com, Medical dictionary)

From Answer. com

"The work or practice of ending the life of an individual suffering from a terminal disorder or an incurable condition, as by lethal shot or the suspension system of extraordinary treatment. "

(Answer. com, the world's leading Q&A site)

From wiseGEEK

"Euthanasia is the process of painlessly supporting a terminally sick person to pass away. "


Legalization of euthanasia

The legalization of euthanasia is not common, it still cause strong controversy among people. Up to now, there are two countries accept the legalization of euthanasia, Netherland and Belgium.

Netherland is the first country that legalizes euthanasia, the home of Associates in Netherland approved the suggested legislation of euthanasia on the 28th of November in 2000 and, finally the Senate in Netherland allowed the legalization of euthanasia on the 10th April in 2001.

Belgium is the second country that approves the legalization of euthanasia. After two days debate, the low house of the Belgian parliament approved the costs by 86 votes in mementos, 51 against and with 10 abstentions. The Belgian parliament finally handed law partly legalizing euthanasia in 2002.

Though these two countries allow euthanasia and mercy killing that carry out by doctors, they set up strict guidelines to govern it. For good examples, the individual who require to euthanize must be conscious and she or he must has endured from the prolonged physical and mental aches and pains of terminal health issues, several medical opinion are had a need to approve each case of euthanasia.

Moreover, actually there are a few places which can be allow people to commit some types of euthanasia. For example, physician-assisted suicide is allowed in Swiss, doctor can remove patients 'respirator in some special situations and, terminal patients are permitted to decide continue the procedure or not by themselves in Denmark.

On the other palm, there are still lots of countries fight against the legalization of euthanasia, including Italy, Vatican, Russia, German and Britain. . etc.

Reason for euthanasia

There are a number of reasons for euthanasia, like the aches that the patients endured, the "dead life" that patients possessed, the family suffers and the economic burden to the culture. More detailed explanations will carry out in the following paragraphs:

The prolonged pain that the patients suffered

People always say life is a divine surprise to everyone, gift ideas should be exciting, and people should live enjoyably. However, for those who suffer from terminal health issues, they haven't any hopes plus they suffered from the fantastic physical and material pains in every moment, they are not enjoying their life, but being torturing. For all those terminal disease patients, living can be considered a torture and euthanasia is an ideal way to pass away, people can die without any pains. So why don't people choose to pass away peacefully rather than live with discomfort?

Prolonged fatality is not life

Comatose patient or veggie refer to person who is bodily alive but emotionally inactive. They can not move, can't do not just in coma condition on a regular basis, it isn't a life real indeed. Though they might recover, the likelihood is really small. Without own thinking and the ability to move, that means they aren't really living.

The pain and pressure that the patients' family suffered

Although terminal patients and veg are always being take care by the nurse and doctors and reside in the hospital, it doesn't mean that their members of the family you don't need to look after them. Because the staffs aren't only look after one terminal patient, so they provides limited attention only. For instance, terminal patients and vegetable needs people's good care, it is important to have somebody talk to them even they can't response, that's what their family have to do. It is not difficult to imagine how tired they are keeping go directly to the hospital everyday and sometimes might be have to go there many times per day.

So, euthanasia isn't just ways to avoid for the patients, but their family as well.

Economic burden to the society

As the statement mentioned above, prolonged fatality is not life, so it is necessary for folks to consider continue investing in those patients or not. Terminal patients and comatose employ a low chance to recuperate, however, the medical expenses for keeping their life is quite heavy. Generally, the expense for a comatose is $8000 - $10000 per month, it appears that the price is not so high. But, there are variety of patients, let's take America for example, the medical bills allocated to those patients cost 10 - 70 billions US dollars every year because of the massive amount patients. Although it is merciless to add the economic element in the reason why of euthanasia, we could living in a hundred years which is utilitarianism always comes first, we have to admit this ruthless simple fact.

Arguments up against the legalization of euthanasia

After listing the reasons for euthanasia, it involves another controversial concern which is related to euthanasia, the legalization of euthanasia. Up to now, there are just two countries legalize euthanasia, it reflects that the legalization of euthanasia still need more discourse and the survey will point out the arguments against this issue. You will find three arguments from the legalization of euthanasia.

Euthanasia can be viewed as as murder

Law functions as an instrument that maintain the calmness of the modern culture and delimit the truth and falsehood in the society. Therefore, when contemplating the legalization of euthanasia, we should make sure it is not discord with the prevailing legislations. Murder means someone kills others, it is illegitimate in every countries. Euthanasia ends people's life, actually it is a kind of murder too, and the legalization of euthanasia shows the legalization of murder as well. To adhere the rules of legislation, euthanasia shouldn't be legalized. Also, the concept of euthanasia is discord with the ethics and violates the humanism, it is just a uncivilized behavior that triggers the wrong beliefs in the society.

Life must be covered and promoted in all circumferences

life is a divine surprise that no-one has the right to take it away, except god. Life is valuable to everyone, that is why we have being shown that eliminating people is obviously wrong whenever we were children and we also create laws to punish murderer. All these things are being used to protect our life. Furthermore, a positive outlook of life should be marketed rather than treat the finish of life in an effort to escape. This positive attitude is what an improving modern culture should have, anticipate the future and never give up in any situations.

A favor is provided for lawless person

The legalization of euthanasia allows people to end their life, at the same time, it allows visitors to end the others' life too. As a result, there are lawless person can use this law to attain their evil desires. For example, people who don't want to give their older parents may use euthanasia to get rid of their parents' life and, euthanasia can be considered a tool that help the lawless person to receive the inheritance earlier by ending their parents' life.

Data from survey

A study on euthanasia has completed, there are totally 30 people who come have different nationalities, religions, genders and age ranges do the review. The survey includes 7 questions, which give attention to different aspects of euthanasia and some figures will show below.

To ensure all interviewees know very well what euthanasia is, the above question is the first question of the review and the pie graph shows the result. According to the figures, 70% of the interviewees know the term "euthanasia", 27% of these aren't quite sure what euthanasia is and only 3% of these don't know what euthanasia is. This effect reflects the issue of euthanasia is quite popular among people, but there are still some people not sure what euthanasia is. Through the survey, we discovered that the reason of most people chose the answer "NOT SURE" is they don't know the difference between euthanasia and suicide. It can be figured most people know the word "euthanasia" but there continues to be misconstruction about euthanasia existing in the culture.

According to the reports, the total quantity of people who think euthanasia is incompatible with moral principles is 13, marginally higher than the telephone number of men and women who responded to "NO". The circulation of the reports would be that the people in the age group of 18-29 are maintaining answer NO while people in the age group of 30-40 and 41 or above are more likely to choose YES. It indicates the various thinking and principles between the young people and middle -agers and old people. Inside the youth's prices, they generally think there is absolutely no discord between euthanasia and their moral beliefs, but in middle-agers and old people's sight, it can be an irreconcilable discord. Another exceptional point is people aged above 30 are usually having their stand upon this question, only one 1 of them does not have any stand on it. Comparing the amount of the other age ranges, the younger age ranges have a total range of 4 people choosing the answer UNCERTAIN, it is obvious that the younger aren't having distinct view. This sensation occurs can be described by age people, it is a comprehensive fact since people mental is mature with their age.

The general trend is people aren't agreeing on the legalization of euthanasia. Referring to the figures, 9 people agree legalizing euthanasia, 14 people disagree the legalization of euthanasia and the rest of them haven't any stand.

Among five teams of people from different countries, Chinese's frame of mind on the legalization of euthanasia is the most clear and certain. There are 16 Chinese language interviewees altogether, 4 of these acknowledge the legalization of euthanasia and 10 of these do not, it implies that more than 50% of them oppose the legalization of euthanasia, this is a definite statistics compare with the result of the other countries. On the other hand, Australian is much more likely to agree the legalization of euthanasia, there are 4 people out of 8 people in Australia consent to legalize euthanasia, as the other 50% of the folks are disagree or have no stand.

Apart from the above two countries, the other nations are having an indefinite frame of mind, folks from Japan, Korea and France are have a tendency to choose "NOT SURE". Discussing the effect, there are 2 Koreans, a Japanese and a French chose "UNCERTAIN". It demonstrates these three countries don't have the same attitude upon this issue.

In this question, more than one answer can be chose, so the above result has more than 30 votes in total.

According to the effect, there are 28 interviewees feel that the members of the family of an person should be approved to decide the person commit euthanasia or not, nearly every one of the interviewees chose this option. The number of individuals find the option, himself or herself, is slightly fewer than the choice, family members, just 3 more folks have chosen family than himself or herself. It reflects people matter on the patients' family decision the most, even more than the patients himself or herself.

Doctor is the choice that falls behind the option, himself or herself, there are 14 people select this program. It demonstrates that though doctors are providing professional medical advice, most people don't consider these to be the one who approve the commitment of euthanasia. It can be explained by the id of doctors, because the doctor is just the person who cures the patients, the relationship between the family members and the patient is much better than doctors and the patients. The least popular choice is his or her friends, there are only 2 people decided to go with this choice. It is not difficult to comprehend this result, for the reason that friends are outsider in this case.

Conclusion and Recommendation

In this article, a lot of researches and a survey about euthanasia have been completed. After researching into the problem of euthanasia, euthanasia can be concluded as stopping a life without pains and there are both benefits and drawbacks on the legalization of euthanasia.

Referring to the result of the survey, there are several discoveries after the analysis. To conclude, most people know the term "euthanasia" but there continues to be misconstruction about euthanasia existing in the modern culture, older people are more likely to think the euthanasia is in conflict using their moral values while the younger do not, the overall development is people aren't agreeing on the legalization of euthanasia and members of the family of one is the the one that people think they should be authorized to decide the person commit euthanasia or not.

Base on these conclusion and studies from report, lots of recommendations have raised. First of all, I would recommend people spend additional time on knowing the true meaning of euthanasia since it is a popular concern in the society, but you may still find many people misunderstand the term "euthanasia". At the same time, it's the government's responsibility to ensure their citizens have enough understanding on the public issues, therefore i suggest the federal government make an effort to use various ways to teach people a correct so this means of euthanasia. The very last thing I'd like to suggest is the federal government must consider double before legalizing euthanasia because it is an concern that influence a great deal of aspects, like ethics and religious beliefs. If the federal government legalizes euthanasia thoughtlessly, the contemporary society may in a state of chaos.

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