Level of Effect

Price of Reaction


To discover how several concentrations change the rate of reaction


In this test the crash theory is in use. It indicates that when the concentrates solutions of hydrochloric acid can be use, even more particles are normally found in the same space, meaning they are very likely to collide with each other. the more the concentrated the solution, the more of the collisions with all the particles, which increases the rate of reaction.


Since the concentration of the remedy increases the rate of effect increases with it


The main reason I think that my conjecture is right, is because I know that more concentrated the perfect solution is, the quicker the reaction will happen.

List of equipment:

From this experiment Let me use hot tube, measuring cylinder, termes conseilles, hydrochloric acid(0. 5, 1 ) 0, 1 . 5, installment payments on your 0, 2 . 5, several. 0 Moles), magnesium, check tube holder, clamp stand, a leader and i will need to wear glasses to protect my eyes.

Preliminary evaluation:

The thing Let me change may be the concentration of acid

The things i will assess is the period that it will take gas to reach 5cm3

Things I will keep the same is the sum of answer and the length of the magnesium


Firstly I will collection my try things out as proven on the next page

Let me make sure every thing is straight

I will get most of my 6th different solutions, everytime I prefer a solution I will measure 10cm3 of it and everytime I will use two pieces of magnesium (mg) of duration 10mm

I will measure time it will require the gas to get to 5cm3 and hopefully it will operate, then I can measure period until it gets to 10cm3

Table of results pertaining to preliminary:

concentration Time it will require to get to 5cm3 of gas

0. 5M 0. 83s

1 . 0M 0. 18s

1 . 5M 0. 12s

2 . 0M 0. 01s

2 . 5M 0. 02s

3. 0M 0. 01s

In my first I found it hard to take the moment when I was waiting for the gas to achieve 5cm3 because the reaction occurred really quickly so I think that could be a reason why I got an anomaly so now I will measure the time it takes to get to 10cm3 of gas. I also will repeat the experiment twice in order to make sure the desired info is reliable.

concentration Period it takes to get to 10cm3 of gas

0. 5M 0. 219s

1 . 0M zero. 42s

1 ) 5M 0. 15s

installment payments on your 0M zero. 07s

2 . 5M zero. 10s

several. 0M zero. 06s

concentration Time it will require to get to 10cm3 of gas

0. 5M 0. 410s

1 . 0M 0. 51

1 . 5M 0. 16s

2 . 0M 0. 06s

2 . 5M 0. 05s

3. 0M 0. 04s


concentration 1st test 2nd test average Average rounded up

0. 5M 0. 219s 0. 410s zero. 314. 5s 0. 315s

1 . 0M 0. 42s 0. 51s 0. 46. 5s zero. 47s

1 . 5M zero. 15s zero. 16s 0. 15. 5s 0. 16s

2 . 0M 0. 07s 0. 06s 0. summer. 5s 0. 07s

installment payments on your 5M zero. 10s 0. 05s zero. 07. 5s 0. 08s

3. 0M 0. 06s 0. 04s 0. 05s 0. 05s

I have found the average's so I can draw a graph because of it, I have likewise rounded up the averages so it is easier to pull a graph for it.

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