Rate of Fermentation

Keywords: rate of fermentation of yeast

Cells obtain energy through a process called respiration. Yeast normally respires aerobically. Inside the absence of air, yeast provides out anaerobic respiration. Yeast carries out alcoholic beverages fermentation which is catalysed by the enzyme zymase to produces ethanol, carbon dioxide and energy. Ethanol is used in making wine beverage.

Alcohol fermentation formula:

Glucose Liquor + Carbon dioxide

C5H12O5 2C2H5OH + 2CO2

The rate of fermentation is influenced by several factors like temperatures, type of glucose solution, attentiveness of fungus and amount of glucose. To be able to measure the rate of fermentation, the rate of creation of skin tightening and is assessed in this experiment.


To investigate how level of yeast suspension may influence the speed of fermentation.


As the volume of yeast suspension system increases, the pace of fermentation also heightens.


Independent varying : Level of yeast suspension

Dependent changing : Rate of fermentation

Constant adjustable : Amount of glucose, kind of sugar solution, temperature, time considered for the speed of fermentation.

Materials & Equipment:

50-mL of measuring cylinder, 2-ml of graduated pipette, yeast suspension, glucose solution, 37oC tepid to warm water, burette, stopwatch, test pipe, delivery tube, and basin.


1) 20mL of glucose solution was put into the test tubes using a 50mL measuring cylinder.

2) 2mL of candida suspension was put into the solution in test tubes by using a 2mL graduated pipette.

3) The end of the test pipes were covered with the thumb and the test tubes were inverted several times to thoroughly blend the details of the test pipes.

4) The test pipes were covered with a stopper.

5) The delivery tube was attached, calculating cylinder was filled up with normal water and the apparatus was create so that gas produced will be gathered in the measuring cylinder. Two sets of apparatus were create where one of them serves as a control.

6) The test pipes were located in a beaker which is ѕ full with warm water at 370C to ensure a suitable environment.

7) The volume of gas stated in the measuring cylinder was discovered and documented every five minutes for a complete of 40 minutes.

8) The test was repeated by using 4mL of fungus suspension rather than 2mL of candida suspension.

9) A table was constructed to record enough time of measurements and the total volume of skin tightening and produced for both test. A graph was constructed.


Based on the graph, the curve for experiment which uses 4ml of fungus suspension system is steeper than the curve for test which uses 2ml of yeast suspension. We can conclude that as the quantity of yeast suspension system increases, the volume of skin tightening and produced also rises. When more level yeast suspension is used the reactant will increase causes the frequency of collision to be increase too. So, higher fruitful collision will happen and causes the merchandise which is skin tightening and to be released will increase. The results can be said correct as the readings are near each other in both experiments. However, the reading for the experiment which uses 4ml of fungus suspension system at minute of 35 and 40 is not precise as it includes quite huge difference. The graph does not have any scattered points which indicates that arbitrary errors aren't very significant for this experiment. Random mistake such as the temperature of water bath tub is not regular to 37C which may affect the effect obtained. Besides that, another possible arbitrary error is the shortcoming of real human to react fast when working with stopwatch. He might start devote some time or end the time slowly and gradually or quickly. So, it could affect the detail of the results. Advancements can be done by using an incubator as its drinking water bath tub which its temps won't drop or gain once it is set to 37C. The person with stopwatch must really quick to start out the stopwatch exactly following the delivery pipe is connected to the test pipe containing yeast suspension system and blood sugar solution. The accuracy and reliability can't be commented as the real value is not given in both experiments. However, based on the theory it holds true that when the quantity of yeast suspension system increases, the quantity of carbon dioxide produced also increases. Systematic errors like the burette might not be calibrated properly. Some of the carbon dioxide gas might dissolve in water and impacts the actual level of carbon dioxide gas produced. Therefore, improvements such as only use the burette which is properly calibrated and gas syringe is used to collect the exact amount of skin tightening and produced. It is important to use a lot of examples because a more reliable end result can be obtained and the effect of random problems will be reduced. So, the results obtained can be more precise. Repeating the experiment is important as it'll improve the validity of results.


As the quantity of yeast suspension increases, the speed of fermentation also increases. Hypothesis is accepted.

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