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Quote Examination from Sebold's 'The Lovely Bones'

Quotes from Lovely Bone fragments- #1-15



Us viewed the snow fall gently about the penguin. The penguin was by itself within, I thought, and I worried for him. WHILE I told my dad this, he said, Dont worry, Susie; he has a good life. Hes stuck in a perfect world. (pg3)

-This quote links to the theme of the perfect world; linking to the heaven that Susie goes to after her fatality.

-This quote discloses Susies life in heaven by hooking up her to the penguin in the snow earth; feels lonely even moving into a perfect world, which in Susies circumstance, heaven.

-This quote stresses the term trapped which foreshadows Susie in heaven where she would be stuck in the Inbetween, not permitting go of her life on Earth.

I knew he would kill me. I did not realize then i was an animal already dying. (pg4)

-This estimate shows the death of Susie, and how this assault has heavily impacted her experience in heaven. Susie cannot forget about this event and lingers around on the planet due to this violent fatality.

-This quote develops the type Mr. Harvey. It shows his interior assault and cruelty by demonstrating how he slaughters adolescent girls like family pets.

-This quote links to the theme of assault since it shows how Susie was wiped out by Mr. Harvey.

-It also evolves one of the main issues of the book: the rape/murder of Susie Salmon that was the initial event that started the whole story.

I possibly could not have what I needed most: Mr. Harvey dead and me living. Heaven wasnt perfect. But I came to believe if I watched tightly, and desired, I would change the lives of these I loved on Earth. (pg20)

-This quote shows that heaven is not perfect; don't assume all wish of the useless if fulfilled.

-This quotation also shows the theme of not making days gone by go because Susie still needs to view over her family and her family members on Earth; she is refusing to forget everything and proceed.

-This estimate is also foreshadowing the things that Susie will do to her members of the family later on in the storyplot, and shows how her selfish decision of not forgetting the past changes their lives forever.

He wore his innocence such as a comfortable old cover (p. 26)

-This quote implies that Mr. Harvey can be used to the killing living things and has prior experience with murders. So experienced that he discovers to put up an innocent disguise without sensing guilty about the things he did.

-This quote also demonstrates Mr. Harvey is a serial killer with tons of blood vessels on his hands. It demonstrates he received away with so many crimes that even he is convinced his innocence.

Doing this of missing would mean that I possessed accepted that I would never be with them again; it could sound silly but I didnt imagine it, would not believe it. (Pg27)

-This quote connects to the theme of not forgetting about days gone by because Susie refuses to miss her family. She still feels that she actually is a living person, that she still has the chance to live and grow again.

-This quotation shows Susies inner thoughts about her death and her hatred towards Mr. Harvey when planning on taking away her life.

In the drawing a heavy blue line separated air and the ground. In the times that implemented I watched my children walk back and forth past that pulling and I became confident that dense blue series was a real place- an Inbetween, where heavens horizon met Earths. I wanted to travel there in to the cornflower blue of Crayola, the royal, the turquoise, the sky. (pg34)

-This shows the setting up of the story: the Inbetween. Susie gets into the Inbetween world which she refers to as the solid blue brand

- This quote contradicts with Susies attachment to Globe because she says that she wishes going the sky rather than being stuck in the Inbetween world between heaven and Earth.

-This price also affirmed Susies loss of life and says the visitors that Susie is able to look down at Globe, at her family.

Thats the way they managed. They didnt turn off their desire to know just because the smell was bad or the thing was too dangerous. They hunted. So does I. (pg51)

-In this estimate, Susie likened herself to the canines in Evensong. She likened Mr. Harvey to the dangerous subject. It shows Susies conviction to hunt Mr. Harvey down and punish him with justice.

- This estimate also connects to the theme of not letting go because it demonstrates Susie continues to be attached to Globe and that she still wants to run after after justice of her murder and the truth.

Then, as his awareness woke, it was as though poison seeped in. At first he couldnt even get up. The guilt on him, the palm of God pressing down on him, stating You weren't there whenever your princess needed you. (pg58)

-This quotation shows the interior guilt of Jack Salmon for not being there to save his little girl when she was murdered; his guilt was displayed with the poison that seeps into his blood and conscious. It also shows how the fatality of Susie operates like poison; destroying the whole Salmon family.

-In this quote, Jack port Salmon also feels much weight on him as if he was exceptional ditto Susie was experiencing when Mr. Harvey lay down together with her before she was wiped out.

-This quote is also hinting that the God is revealing to Jack to seek revenge for his inactive little princess, as well as foreshadowing the future when Jack is so in love with catching and eradicating the murderer.

What did useless mean, Ray thought about. It intended lost, it supposed frozen, it recommended gone. He emerged to understand something as he stared at my photo-that it was not me. (pg112)

-In this quote, Ray sinks in to the thought of death and this connects to the theme of damage. The loss of life, the loss of existence on Earth, and the loss of a beloved family member for the Salmon family.

-This quote runs on the photograph of Susie to clarify how she'll forever be iced at the age of fourteen; displaying how photos can help with the continuation of memory in addition to a proof of existence; a proof that Susie was once alive.

If you stop requesting why you were wiped out instead of someone else, stop investigating the vacuum left by your loss, stop thinking what everyone still left on Earth is feeling, you will be free. Simply put, you have to stop on the planet. This looked like impossible to me (Pg120)

-This quote attaches to the theme of not letting the past go by since it shows Susie refusing to go on from the past; she considers it is impossible on her behalf to stop requesting why she is dead, thinking what her family is doing and closing up her murder case.

-This is also foreshadowing that Susie will stay around her family and monitor their daily life and it pertains to the previous quote about how exactly her not allowing go of Globe would end up influencing her family associates lives.

At fourteen, my sister sailed away from me into a place Id never been. Inthewallsof my making love there is horror and bloodstream, in the surfaces of hers there were glass windows. (p. 125)

-This quote can be an emotional attractive comment from Susie seeing from heaven because it shows one of why she is unable to proceed: she had an unfulfilled life where she did not have a potential for dropping in love like her sister, and didn't have an opportunity to be adored.

-This quotation is also assessing both different lives of both Salmon women by looking at their sexual life: Susie is raped and killed while Lindsey is willingly making out with her partner. In a way, Susie keeps growing along with her sister by watching her every part of heaven.

How exactly to commit the perfect murder was an old game in heaven. I always chose the icicle: the weapon burns up. (p. 125)

-It is showing Susies light personality with her choosing to use an icicle since it is razor-sharp enough to scare Mr. Harvey but not enough to get rid of.

-This offer is Susies sarcastic approach to her loss of life: she is already murdered, and yet she actually is still playing a murdering game in heaven.

This price also ironically foreshadowing the near future when Susie scares Mr. Harvey with an icicle, and he accidentally falls into the ravine and dies.

WHILE I was sure, I'd find a silent way, and I would get rid of him. (Pg127)

-This quote was said by Jack port Salmon (Susies dad), and it shows his determination to get revenge for his lifeless daughter.

-It shows his great hatred to the killer and also displaying the strong love of an dad; strong enough to come over moral ethics and strong enough to triumph over fear of eliminating someone and breaking regulations.

What I think was hardest for me to realize was that he previously tried every time to stop himself. He previously killed pets, taking lesser lives to keep from killing a child. (pg131)

-This offer shows identity development for Mr. Harvey in both a positive way and a negative way. This is because it implies that he had wiped out many family pets from the neighbourhood and shows the sin that he already has.

-It also shows the mindful living inside Mr. Harveys mind that avoids him from getting rid of children (except for Susie. )

Once the dead are finished with the living, Franny thought to me, the living can continue to other things. How about the deceased? I said. Where do we go? She wouldnt answer me. (pg145)

-This quote connects to the theme of letting go of days gone by because I Franny, the heaven counselor, is giving Susie advice; wanting to help her to complete up her cable connections on the planet and permitting her attachment soar away. This way, her family could continue on with their lives.

-This price also shows the perplexed Susie; she doesnt know where she belongs; she is unsure in what she will do after she lets go of her family.


Sebold, Alice. The lovely bone fragments: a book. Boston: Little, Brown, 2002. Print.

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