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Questions On Corporation Structure Effectiveness

4. 1 The Impact of any Organisational Framework on the Management of RECRUITING: Grameenphone is one of the leading telecommunications company in Bangladesh. It has more than 28. 7 million readers since October 2010. Grameenphone was obtained a mobile license in Bangladesh by the Ministry of Content and Telecommunications. Grameenphone launched its service on the Freedom Day of Bangladesh. Grameenphone has over 10 million users after almost a decade of procedure.

Every group has its management and employees, they are important for obtaining the organizational goals. In every firm there can be an organizational structure which really is a chart, shows just how of the nature of its authority and responsibility construction.

Mintzbergs Model on Organisational Set ups: Henri Mintzbergs(1980) for the Building Effective Organizations, he presented in the book The Structuring of Organisations and Structure in 5's. Relating to Mintzbergs company are shaped of five main parts, they may be mentioned as follows

Operating main: Who are related to the productions and services.

Strategic apex: Those who observe the business is serve its quest effectively and help those employees who control the power over the organisation.

Middle-line managers: Along with the tactical apex makes a string.

Techno framework: By affecting the task of others, the analysts serve the organization and educate the employees to do the duties nonetheless they do not do themselves.

Support Personnel: To aid the staff, compose the specialised devices.

The Organizational Framework is rules for a business to organize and plan the manpower relating to their duties. The impact of firm structure is the fact that by using this, the Human Reference Team can categorize all the employees into achievers and non-achievers.

The Organizational Composition of Grameenphone is given bellow which symbolizes the tasks of the employees of Grameenphone. GP has more than 4500 full and temporary employees.

Grameenphone Board of Directors

Grameenphone Plank of

Audit Committee

Financial Services


Wholesale Business


Company Secretary

Internal Audit

Chief Exec officer

Stakeholder Relations

Deputy CEO

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Commercial Officer

Chief Communication Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief People Officer

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

The organizational composition of Grameenphone revealed the employees move of duties and their designations.

4. 2 The Impact of Organisational Culture on the Management of Human Resources: Organizational culture is the behaviour of the business. Organizational culture signifies the prices, norms, assumptions and materials indications of the employees of the organization and their behaviours.

To improve employees' satisfaction, favourable to bringing in and retaining expertise, the impact of organizational culture is important. An excellent culture can create a nice and friendly atmosphere and good business relationships which kind of atmosphere definitely improve the interest of the employees.

In Grameenphone the organizational culture is satisfying and the atmosphere is friendly. Here every worker enjoys while doing their work and the employees are so much co-operative.

4. 3 The potency of RECRUITING Management is monitored in Grameenphone: The potency of recruiting management in any organization be dependent some types of thins such as right people in the right place with the right time to meet swiftly changing organizational need. To monitor the potency of human resources management in Grameenphone the next components are discussed:

HRM Strategy: Every group has its own Human Source of information Management Strategies, Grameenphone has also its HRM Strategies. Grameenphone has well structured Organogram and the right people are in right place. Every employee does their tasks sincerely plus they each is well trained and ideal for that post. That is why Grameenphone is the leading telecom in Bangladesh.

HRM Policies: Human Learning resource Management policies signify the rules and the rules for the employees in order to the hiring, diagnosis, training and prize of the employees. Grameenphone has such ruler to HRM policies for the employees and matching to the GP provides all kings of facilities to the employees.

These are to be supervised not only in Grameenphone but also in every business for the performance.

4. 4 Make Justified Suggestions to Improve the potency of RECRUITING Management in Grameenphone: To improve the effectiveness of RECRUITING Management the next things have to be justified.

Benchmarking HR performance: Benchmarking is a process to help to improve the business processes. It also helps identify, understand and modify outstanding practices to boost organizational performance. To justify the HR performance Benchmarking is one of the methods. Benchmarking does the next purposes:

Benchmarking really helps to study from others company's problems and successes.

It uses as a process to inspire the employees to improve.

It also enables to provide the HR practices by examining the way from other company.

By following Benchmarking process Grameenphone is developing the HR strategy and daily enhancing their services. GP learns from its competitor and making use of the new strategy in individuals reference management and bettering their performance.

Stakeholder perspectives: To satisfy the needs of its stakeholders the key tools in the human resources practices will be the training, staffing and performance management. In Grameenphone customers would like good systems services and reasonable call rate from the business. Besides employees want their careers satisfaction and prize systems from the business by giving their skills and services.

HRM service level contracts and standards: A service level agreements is a formal conformity between two functions. One party will provide office environment to the other. The service level contracts include performance standard and procedures and keep an eye on, evaluate because of its effectiveness. Every corporation has this kind of contracts to options the efficiency to screen. Grameenphone is not the several company; GP also has the HRM service level contracts and criteria to measure its performance.

By doing these activities Grameenphone is bettering its recruiting management and providing batter network services in Bangladesh.

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