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Quality Control


Quality control is thought as the group of procedures intended to ensure that performed service or manufactured product sticks to a couple of quality criteria or meets the requirements of the client.

Quality control of a project is to determine the quality required for the products of this project.

Quality focuses on should meet all the essential requirements identified by the regulators of the project.

Project management body of knowledge(PMBOK) approaches:

Standards organisations for quality management system:

  • ISO 9000 series& ISO 9001:2008 rules
  • Six sigma
  • Ishikawa
  • Crosby

ISO 9001:2008 rules:-

  • It is a set of types of procedures that cover all key functions available.
  • Checking outputs for problems and correction where necessary
  • Regularly examining quality system for effectiveness.

Roles and responsibilities of quality supervisor:

Roles of quality director:

You must be become an "objective observer" even though you are considering the subjective issues. When you ask questions you have to take a step backwards from answers. In order that whatever you looking for data-whether amounts, reports and it may be observations. This mixed data will lead you to what you ought to know.

Quality is not a finger directing exercise for you or your employees. It really is an honesty and open solution to get the solutions at the objective observation.

First of most look quality within your area before dealing with to the world.

Responsibilities of quality manager:

Assist the prep of the product quality Plan for each project

Assign different roles to product managers and related stakeholders in the development of test types of procedures or whatever is required to complete the planning of Quality Control procedures.

Make sure the stakeholders' requirements from all products and services are well recorded and ready against the final products.

Install some changes to the Quality Intend to check problems at hands

Provide responses to the project manager frequently or on demand

Conduct some additional audits or Quality Control reviews by demand of the project manager.

Assist various stakeholders along the way of improving development processes, QC processes or any other areas of the ICT resources that require improvement.

Relation between process group and quality management process:

Quality management has three sorts of processes

  1. Quality planning process
  2. Quality assurance process
  3. Quality control process

1. Quality planning:

It assists which quality standards are relevant to the project as well as how to satisfy those benchmarks. applying those quality standards in to task design is a key part of quality planning. quality plan should not be lengthy or expensive to produce them. It assists as plan and communication tool in the job.

Inputs to quality planning:

  • Scope assertion which represents the eye-sight of job.
  • Organisational project investments gives the lessons discovered from the previous project
  • Database which includes policies and strategies.

Tools and techniques found in quality plan:

  • Common sense is main tool when you decide the quality.
  • Cost of quality is one of these.
  • Quality objectives:
  • It is a Organized reflection and analysis during different phases.
  • Sets quality goals in the available time plan.
  • Observing the concern areas which are necessary in the task.
  • identifies advantages and potentials for improvement.
  • Gives the measurements for the development of project.

Outputs to quality management:

  • There should be considered a list which details tools and techniques used.
  • A clean view which clarifies just how do we evaluate quality.
  • List of labels who will review the product quality.
  • Check list gives feed again from all the viewers.

Check list of quality Attachments

Quality control management

Document identification:

scope plan

Resource plan






Time estimation criteria

Cost estimate criteria

Technical procedures

Technical policies


ISO standards

PMI standards

Customer satisfaction criteria

2. Quality confidence:

It is the use of systematic, planned procedure to ensure that the job will make use of all procedures to meet requirements of the job.

Quality guarantee activities performed by quality administrator:

  • Skilled personnel: must have knowledge, skills, experience required to keep the task on track.
  • Peer Reviews: peer reviewers discuss about the quality issues found and actions which have to be used in order to correct the quality issues.
  • Use of themes: provides instruction to the project associates.
  • Checklists: offers quality requirements are satisfied or not.
  • Gives feed again from all the visitors.

3. Quality control process:

It contains monitoring results to see if they adhere to the relevant quality expectations. It locates ways to deletes the unsatisfactory results from the project.

Control means that whatever is delivered to the customer satisfies the targets of the jobs. Quality control includes the measuring, checking, and auditing of the duties of the project.

Targets of quality management:

They should be:

Accepted by all the been around participants,

Measurable by quantitative parameters,

Realistic, should be on the right track with the available resources

Specific, qualitative assertions.

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