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Quality And System Management At Toyota Marketing Essay

Toyota set up with theory of creation and weaving advanced in 199 looms. Toyota has started auto business by selling the patents of textile machineries. First car made by Toyota in 1936 and established Toyota Motor Organization by next yr. Today, Toyota is truly global market leader in the automobile business and also have six manufacturing facilities across the globe and applied more that approximately 320, 000 people worldwide as well as it's the world's largest vehicle machine by sales. In '09 2009, Toyota has made significance damage and later this year 2010 they remember many cars due to problems in the products. It was recognised that there surely is urgent need to enhance the quality management system to increase the quality of products and enhance the functional of businesses to achieve the purpose of Toyota. First Porter's five forces used to analysed the external environment and place the dimension of performance targets. Further the quality audit and new quality improvement system is recommended to enhance the quality of the products and create a defect free products. Recommendations also suggested bettering business process and overall quality management system of corporation as well as check the feasibility of the suggestions within business. Finally, plan do check and action plan advised to analysis and corrective activities. In conclusion, organized implementation of continuous improvement process will enhance the quality, business process and procedures management system at Toyota.


Toyota Motor Company is a International company and has head office in Japan. In 1937, the business was established as spinoff as Family business. Lexus and Scion brands are controlled by Toyota and has majority shareholding with Daihatsu and Hino Motors. Toyota in addition has shareholdings in Fuji Heavy Companies, Isuzu Motors, Yamaha Motors, and Mitsubishi Aeroplanes Corporation. In '09 2009, it was reported that Toyota has record a lack of net lack of US$4. 2 billion yearly. Toyota has recalled around 1. 8 million vehicles across the European countries and about 220, 000 from UK Because of some problems in defective accelerator pedals. Toyota has recalled the Prius model for reprogramming of its Ab muscles system. Because of this, Toyota has made great loss financial as well as goodwill of Toyota corporation (Toyota, 2006).

In today's assignment the product quality and system management evaluated for Toyota Motor Corporation. Further the advice suggested for improvement of the operations and business process as well as quality systems of Toyota.

Operations Management and its importance within an Organization.

The concept of the businesses management is thought as "the systematic route and control of the procedures that transform inputs into done goods and services" (Slack, 1997). In almost all of the organizations, the function of procedures are mainly depends upon the physical resources and performance of the employees. Every organization has operation function and is also integrated part of business because organizations have their own products in the particular business (Bickens and Elliott, 1997).

Operations managers are accountable for the many function associated with producing the products or delivering the services. The activities covered by operations managers are coping with facility, equipment necessary for the handling, associate labour, fresh material requirements, energy dependence on operation and what type of information supply to operation system (Slack, 1997). Further procedures managers are accountable for deciding the the way the best product or services produced using effecting procedure management system. Procedures professionals are also responsible for maintaining TQM, planning for capacity, management of materials as well as purchasing of recycleables and scheduling all the actions.

The most important responsibility of procedures management is effectively working and coordination with the other parts of the business. In the modern management practice, there are no restrictions that restrict the working procedures of internal section of the organisation. It is primarily responsibility of procedures management that they make sure the necessity of procedure is understood plainly (Krajewski and Ritzman, 1999).

In recent years, the role of functions management is increased substantially scheduled to increasing in global competition significantly, increase education level, reduced the product life cycles, quality consciousness of consumers, shorter r the life of services as well as development in advanced technology have created pressure on the functions of procedure to build up better productivity and emphasis on the providing the up to indicate products and services.

In this period, the market become globalized and organizations have realised the functions of procedure are very important and used to build up key competence and make strong their position in the market globally. In effective businesses management, the managers play important role at tactical and tactic level to full fill up the customer's need adequate and operate their group in the competitive market again the competitors.

Strategic aims of Toyota

Since last several years, Toyota has been achieved the best success in the automotive industry and constantly progress without any hurdle faces by other company. The Objective of the Toyota Motor Organization is to "develop and provide innovative, safe and outstanding high quality products and services that meet a wide variety of customers' needs to enrich the lives of individuals round the world" (TMC, 2006). To satisfy mission of the business, goals and aims designed based on previous documents of the business in term of sales and funding. The goals of corporate are 1) "to continuously increase corporate and business value as a high management priority", 2) "continue steadily to introduce and produce products that completely focus on customer needs", and 3) "to be an even more competitive global company" (TMC, 2006).

Further the proper goals designed to achieve the entire commercial goal and are as follow:

Increase market talk about worldwide,

Decreases in the cost/prices,

Improve the grade of products.

To achieve the organization goals consistently, TMC has determined various objectives. The goals are as follow: "a distinctive management system-focused on quick decision-making and speeding up businesses" "something that stresses problem-solving and preventative measures-done by immediately flagging problems and writing them with the appropriate individuals/departments" (TMC, 2006).

To achieve proper goals, strategic aim are prepared and are the following:

Capacity of the production will increase,

Develop new impressive products,

Improve Just In Time (JIT) system thus increase the logistic system,

Improve the Kanban System so reduced creation process time,

Reduced the complain index by managing system of defects

To enhance the quality production by focusing the product quality circles

Improve the product quality and skills of staff through Kaizen

Porter's Five forces as Strategic research tool

The tactical goals and targets are chosen the foundation of the surroundings factors that impacts automobile industries. You will find number of critical indicators that affects at supply and needs as well as costs of the products (Johnson and Scholes, 1993). Porter's 5 Causes is one of the useful tactical tool to investigate the environment of the business in term of completion intensity which have an effect on the profitability of industries (Porter, 1980).

The car industry in UK is very competitive with easy entry for foreign opponents and increasing the competition with global players such as Tata and Honda. Porter's five makes are as follow (Porter, 1980):

Threat of New Entrants - it is not easy to enter in the automobile sector as it required huge production system and first proven cost is high. There is possibility to enter in the country by established foreign company as jv or by proper partnership. So there may be risk of new entrants.

Supplier's ability: In auto companies the suppliers are extremely special as the need of specific parts and only few suppliers so company have to depend on the suppliers and suppliers have power to supply the goods on their own conditions and conditions. On other side, if automaker decide to change the suppliers, there is fantastic lost for suppliers.

Power of Potential buyers - There is excellent impact of the buyer and vitality of buyers turn the business. There are various customers that are brand dedicated and very make an impression with several foreign brands and this has direct impacts on the sell of the product and finally on the business enterprise.

Availability of Substitutes - If substitutes products were common for customers, ther is chance to switch over the client towards competitor's products. Cost of the merchandise and its operative expenditures play vital role. Further price of petrol also one of the reasons not buys the merchandise.

Competitive Rivalry - There are lots of players on the market with similar products and modest difference as well as fiercely competition is major factors. If organization would have to stand in the market, they have develop ground breaking products and kick off in the market.

It is witnessed that the united kingdom vehicle industry at the level which facing issue of globalization as the competition provides better products and satisfied the customer's extensive selection of needs. Thus, detail examination of these causes gives directions to the company to develop ideal strategies to achieve success in their market (Thurlby, 1998).

Performance operations objectives of Toyota

TMC is always concerned about the customers need and requirement as well as make an effort to satisfy the customers by providing the merchandise at sensible price within possible small amount of time. The business has setup the five performance goals as follow:

Quality: Toyota is well-known for producing the quality vehicles since long time and customers are highly satisfied. TMC is rolling out a car that produce less noise and emits significantly less than 40 emission control system. Advanced technology uses to increase the safety of the individuals (Bremmer et al, 1997).

Speed: Speed is recognized as produce the stuff at the earliest opportunity so decrease the time between order and product availability. Thus customers get things without delay. TMC has centered on procedures and developed something in such way that reduced the intricacy of development by using simple machines. They have got rearranged the process move and increased] rate of the creation. In so doing the production of per employee is also increased (Slack et al, 2007).

Dependability: Produce the things within time so customers will obtain according to the given guarantees. TMC has developed JIT development system and team use multi skilled worker for fast production and deliver the product according the assurance made, TMC has executed kanban control system (Slack et al, 2007).

Flexibility: In response to strong environment, any organization should have altered the merchandise or services regarding the marketplace demand and this flexibility of the organization (Peters, 1998). TMC has used flexibility in the manufacturing plant and Start the varieties of products. TMC produced the products in small batches with vast range of varieties with retaining the production quality without any extra cost. That is achieved only through by focusing on flexibility (Slack et al, 2007).

Cost: Good quality of product with low price attracts the clients and this most important factor. TMC maintain low priced by concentrating the procedures by reduced the logistics by set up more vegetation, defect free creation, automated process plan help to reduce the cost (Slack et al, 2007).

Resources, systems and tools used in Toyoto to aid its Business Process

The resources considered as the input required rewarding the businesses. The resources are two types: 1. Facilities includes the machineries, structures, processing place and technology, 2. Staffs as human resources necessary to plan and deal with the operation functions (Slack, 1997). System is described process of work to create product to services under the particular conditions. The resources used at Toyota are altered e. g. Recycleables, some expensive parts, New information for products, customers requirements and changing resources e. g various crops of production, in house production some parts of products as well as human resources which used to make possible operations. Most of the business wanting to revisions their business control and adopt new initiative to remains in the competitive market. Toyota has implemented the Lean developing system established fact for reducing the price of product through the elimination of the throw away. The logic behind the slim manufacturing system is minimizing the waste, empowerment of staff and reduced amount of cost (Modern, 1998).

To achieved the slim making, various tools such as Just with time, cellular manufacturing, one minutes exchange of dies, total beneficial maintenance etc are used at Toyota. Just In Time is most important tool to accomplish lean developing system and help reduce the misuse such as poor arranging of delivered parts, problems as well as work in process material by producing the merchandise in the right place at the right time (Modern, 1993). Just with time is very useful tool in the introduction of internal process that can simply adopt the sudden change in the surroundings. Further, Just in time is help Toyota in taking care of external activities associated purchasing and circulation as well. Thus the transforming resources make possible to develop better slim system by applying new tools and approaches for better performance (Toyota Distributor Support Center, 1998).

Quality audit and review systems at Toyota.

Quality audit thought as "a systematic and independent assessment to determine whether quality activities and related results comply with planned preparations and whether these agreements are applied effectively and are suitable to achieve goals" (Patel and Patel, 2009). Quality audit is completed by skilled auditors and is the systematic overview of a quality system. It is crucial part of quality management system of any organization and ISO quality system is one of all used one. Toyota has ISO 9001 recognition (1994 version) and QS 9000 recognition. In 2003, Toyota received ISO 9001 (2008) recognition & and TS 16949 documentation for automobiles (Toyota, 2004).

Even though there may be rigorous monitoring system, there many product defects and recall the product from the market. Toyoya has background to recall the products such as Camry sedans, new Prius and other hybrid cars due to some steering correcting and braking problems (Crawley and Kim, 2009). To reduce the manufacturing problems and finally reduce the cost of products, Management should have to check out CMMI (Capabilities Maturity Model Integration) model as audit system for new product development.

Recommended model to boost quality system at Toyota

Toyota is pressurised to produced quality of products with high speed and low cost. On other palm products are becoming more technical in character. Today, it is not possible to develop all the part required for the products are developed at same locations. You can find multi lateral coordination and always need to improvement in process. CMMI quality audit system help Toyota increasing its overall quality of corporation (Horst et al (2005). Fig 1 shows phases involved with CMMI. Audit system uses the CMMI will help to Toyota in development of quality services of organization.

Fig 1: Stages of CMMI model

Source: Horst et al (2005)

Fig 2 shows the step for implementing and adopting new quality audit system. Within the shape, it is describe the stage sensible development and execution process. Organisation must follow the step to improve the process of production and in the end quality of the merchandise.

Fig 2 Implementation of new quality audit system

Source: Horst et al (2005)

It was discovered that there may be some problem in the retaining quality of the merchandise and may be this credited to loopful along the way of auditing. CMMI model audit system is preferred because there are several time Toyota has recall their products from the marketplace and there is huge reduction in profits. So need to put into practice the process that make defect free products and help to produce right product first time. CMMI process more give attention to the process development and thus help to enhance the quality of the merchandise.

Quality culture at Toyota and constant improvement process of culture.

Corporate culture is described in many ways. Culture us defined as" the way we do reasons for having here". The culture is determined on the base of behavior, considering and believe that of the worker. Quality culture define as "the degree of awareness, dedication, collective attitude and action of the organization regarding quality" (Schein, 1996). In Toyota, customer is always first, problems regarded as opportunity, believed that what's measured is monitored, Training save the amount of money, always tried to achieved best. It is believed that concentrate on the customer requirement and quality is responsibility of each worker In Toyota's culture. Managers are not a boss but they are facilitators to make process easy. At Toyota, there is certainly liberty to everyone from top exec to shop floor employee to test and put into practice their thought and creative idea to study from it. For instance, when Toyota has placed the lines for assemble, they chosen intelligent worked and gave freedom to solve their problems and develop in their job (Toyota Motor Company, 1997).

Toyota is famous for its corporate culture and other organisation follow the culture of Toyota. But need to ongoing improvement in the culture is important for success of any company. By utilizing Kaizen, culture can improve as the Kaizen help to improve system and procedure for the company. It joint work of all staff towards the improvement of organisation's total quality management. Under this technique, the creative idea asked from the employees and put into practice to its viability. This help to get real practical idea from the folks who are working near to system. To build up new culture strategy, it is necessary to screen customer grievances, results of audits and nonconforming, data evaluation, information of quality management system, process and product management as well as lesson from past experience. This will design the strategy for developing and utilizing new quality culture at Toyota (Meier and Liker, 2006).

Monitor systems and work activities of Toyota and opportunities avail to boost business process.

TMC has developed all its business process in such way that the resulted in superior quality, fast throughput and exceptional creation. By collective work of experience, TMC has developed its business process known as Toyota Development System (TPS). The TPS developed on the base of main two tools 'just in time' and 'jidoka'. Just-in-time is helped to control the development system as well as network of source string to fulfil the demand of customers. This is system is screen by various activities such as heijunka- make flow of item even, kanban- labelling and coordination for further part need, nagare-fulfill dependence on parts during creation well (Spear and Bowen, 2007).

Jidoka is recognized as 'humanizing the interface between operator and machine'. This covered various activities live development control or aesthetic control of process for better quality. Most of the operations at Toyota are incredibly adoptable and versatile. But there are always changes in technology and need to increase the process for higher-level of performance to fulfil the entire corporate goals and objectives (Pirzada, 2006).

The business process developed by Toyota is top notch but there is always chance to improve it. It was notice that many times Totaya has remember their faulty product from the marketplace. The quality of the merchandise is problem to achieve the strategic goal. Recall the products boost the total cost which one of the aims. There may be need to enhance the product development process and this is attained by applying CMMI process. There is also need to increase customer satisfaction index with help of JIT.

Recommendation for improvement to attain the organization's goals and goals

Total Quality management will achieve the entire goals and targets of corporate. To attain the tactical goal, quality improvement is vital and need to change in the culture. It is strongly recommended to have determination from the management for ongoing improvement. Motivation of employees and team work is highly desired at the job place. Effective and wide open communication as well as inspiration of employees is strongly suggested. Further, it's important tot provides the training and development of worker to skilled them. Thus this will improve the overall quality of Toyota.


It is preferred to extend the production capacity and develop new impressive product with better feature according to demand of customers.

There is need to logistic system to supply the product on right time as per the given offers.

There is need to enhance the production processing so produce less statistics as per customers requirements and reduced the inventory.

There a wide range of problems and many remember the merchandise from the market. It is highly recommended to enhance the quality of products and produce defect free products.

By putting into action Toyota business, improve its quality of culture and business process. If the quality is better, help to raise the customer needs. By bettering the logistic system, includes more geographic location. Better system really helps to reduced in waste materials and eventually overall cost.

Evaluation of the impact of the suggested suggestions within Toyota

It was pointed out that Toyota are always leading in the technical development and its own production system accompanied by others. But still there are several area in which Toyota has needed to increase the business process to achieve the aims. Here the recommendations are regarding the quality and businesses functions.

If Toyota extend the facility with their production place, they can produce more and variety of products. Further, it is rolling out impressive products with environmental friendly. Thus, level of product is increased and cost of product decrease.

If they improve in the logistic system by applying Kanban, the speed of moving product increase and benefited to satisfied the necessity of customers and customers can get products within given time.

Improving the creation system will achieve the performance purpose of dependability. Thus, help achieve the objectives by bettering the creation system.

Good quality and defect free products increase customer satisfaction index and reduce the price tag on due less procedure for recall and replacement unit. Thus reduce the price tag on total functions.

It was highly feasible to execute the advice and TMC can achieve their performance objectives very well. From then on TMC become number one with high level of client satisfaction index. In addition, it really helps to develop in world's best source chain management. This is also help to maintain high development quality, within time delivery, highest velocity, get benefits of dependability. By widening the production capacity in other countries will help to get cheap resources that make easy to develop product at lower cost with high quality.

Appropriate arrange for implementation and evaluate the possible changes after successful conclusion of the program.

Once improvement plan has been applied, it is vital to monitor the plan for its effectiveness and conform the program is run regarding to set goals. So it is important to build up an suitable plan for implementation and evaluate the changes. If changes aren't effective, it's important to changes. The Deming Pattern is one of the better tools to implement continuous advancements and measure the business process (Curry and Kadasah (2002). Corresponding to Feigenbaum (I999), plan do check and react cycle make possible to track the process, imagine the machine as well as also can act on genuine process.

Plan: This is actually the phase in which possible plan made relating the requirement of ongoing improvement along the way. In this phase, the suggested advice set as focus on. Further information regarding the period of time and objectives evidently decided.

Do: Once plan is finalized, its time to execution and execution of the program. Mature management is accountable for implementation of the plan.

Check: On this phase the mix confirmation of the execution, traffic monitoring and checking carried out. Process is checked and audit is carried out time to time to check on the progress. After systematic review, modification action carried out and change in the implementation plan if required.

Act: If during systematic review and audit any concern identify, corrective action taken that help achieve the set in place objectives and increase the business process as well as maintain high quality system.

This plan will Toyota in increasing the total quality and management system by concentrating in improvement of product quality, Just WITH TIME, Kanban system, Kaizen and other related tools help achieve the objectives of the Toyota and fulfil the necessity of customers.


Toyota is famous for its businesses and quality management system worldwide. Toyota is pioneer in the development of effective production from the collective experience and experienced from other stars as well. The Toyota Creation System (TPS) become famous globally and used by others to improve their system. There is important of operation management and quality system in the business for sustaining available. Even though the product quality and development system of Toyota accompanied by many organizations, there may be some gap in the business process system and Toyota reported financial loss as well as defects in development system. There exists ongoing improvement required in the business process and operation management. Porte's five causes used to examined the surroundings and designed strategic aim to reduced the procedure cost, improve business process and quality system. Toyota has revised the procedures performance goals and improve the creation system by increasing JIT and Jidoka. Further Kanban system will help to increase the logistic system. Quality audit and culture will help to enhance the system at Toyota. CMMI model will improve the production system and produce defect free products. Systematic review and implementation of better system definitely help to improve the operation management and client satisfaction index. Thus, Toyota can enhance their quality of products and process and satisfied the need of customers. Organized implementation of quality management and various tools help to achieve the corporate goal.

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