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Public Bank Has The Function IT Essay

Public Bank has the function of the mobile banking. Mobile banking is users is capable of doing the services of banking but is through the cellphone or mobile phone. Mobile bank is also known as the M-banking, or Text Banking. The cellular phone or the non-public Digital Associate (PDA) can be utilized as the devices for mobile bank. Mobile bank can be used with the mobile phone or even with the PDA. With all the mobile banking individual can used all mobile banking functions with convenient without going to the bank for these services. But, how many services that are provided is all is determined by the bank itself. Now, the user just need to have a mobile phone with the function for the midlet services need to have the Java and mobile information device profile(MID)P 2. 0, with standard packet radio service(GPRS) or third technology of mobile telephony(3G) gain access to. While for the Cordless Application Protocol (WAP) services then have to have the internet browser and WAP 2. 0 with GPRS or 3G gain access to then can use the function of mobile bank. Users may use this mobile banking no subject at where with the problem that gets the mobile phone has this function.

Those users for the mobile bank would be the business man because they'll be busy because of their work so that it is much more convenient if indeed they can just do their payment and other services through the mobile bank. Besides that, the user also can be teenagers it is because nowadays those teens do not have much patient to look for banking companies to lining up for the payment so they will choose the mobile bank.

For those individual who want to apply for the PB mobile banking system, they must be the prevailing internet banking customer. Not only users personal can make an application for this services, company can also apply for this services nonetheless they need to be the existing commercial e-banking customer and have to go to their Consideration Branch to join up for the PB Mobile Bank services.

Users who wish to sign up for the PB Mobile Bank services can follow the steps which can be as follow:

There a wide range of services which are available in the PB mobile banking service. For the individual customers, they can put it to use for consideration inquiry which is capable of doing inquiry for the account balance whether there are enough credit or not and those questions can be anytime whether is go record or current information or some specific transfer. It also can buy the web pages that enable users view everything regarding the bank account, make payments, prospect tax forms, and intricate a repayment plan. Not only that, for the PB customers also can do repayments such as authorized bill payment, card repayment for themselves, greeting card payment registered for the third party accounts and the loan repayment for own and for the registered alternative party accounts. You will just pay it through the mobile bank service and no need go directly to the loan company for these payments.

Transaction history is good for transactions done earlier and the payment background that included deposit, loan/funding, credit/debit greeting card. The users can view back their current amounts and the business deal before that. Users can pick to see the transaction items by time range or by bank account that happen to be current months or past months transaction background. If they forget keep record for the month they will get it back again through the payment history so they do not need to be anxious about any of it.

Besides that, PB it likewise have the services of money copy. Customers can copy their funds between members of these nevertheless they need to possess a merchant account before doing that. They also need to authorized 3rd party accounts and listed the interbank GIRO. Users can simply copy their money between users of the same lenders or they even can also transfer their money to the other banking institutions.

Not only that, for the PB customers also can do obligations such as signed up bill payment, card payment for themselves, credit card payment registered for the third party accounts and the loan payment for own and for the registered third party accounts. Now you can just pay it through the mobile banking service no need go to the bank or investment company for these repayments.

PB specific users can also do investments with the recorded account. After the users make a decision which to purchase they pays through the mobile phone. PB also provide for the cheque management, with this users can also demand cheque publication, stop cheque and check position inquiry.

There are so many great things about using PB mobile bank. Firstly is that it help to save time for the users. Nowadays most citizens are busy with their job, they do not have sufficient time to go to the bank just for those payment however now with this services they can just use the mobile phone and simply press a few switches then the deals will be done. And that means you do not have to go to the lender and queue up.

Besides that, this PB services is straightforward to use. Nowadays almost all people own a cellular phone and the users mostly will know about all the functions. Mobile banking services is simple to operate you just need to press a few buttons and follow whatever education that is provided and save the trades made then your transfer is consider success completely executed.

Next would be that the PB mobile banking services can help users reduce cost. PB provides this center at the lower costs if compared to conventional bank itself. Users using this service can save a lot of money for the long period.

There are few cons also if using the mobile banking services. Firstly is that the security of using the services. While using this services may be will have such trojans that hack the telephone and try to obtain the users important information and it'll may not immune. This will firmly harm an individual and may cause them lost their important data or information like password, money among others. Sometimes the user may also be susceptible to a phishing-like scam called SMiShing. This is happened when an individual receives a false text message that request for the accounts details.

Next cons of using PB mobile banking services that will be the compability of the mobile phone. Not all type of cellular phone is suitable for mobile banking services; this service requires some important function to access in the assistance. Although some mobile phone has the capacity to see the internet through cellular phone but the cellphone cannot support the anti- trojan inside.

PB mobile bank services have so many functions and benefits and also negatives. So consumers should fully utilize this type of convenient since it really helps a lot but also need to think how to safeguard their home.

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