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Psychoanalytic, Humanistic-Existential, and Behavioural Case

Assignment 1.

Develop 3 situations example of Psychoanalytic, Humanistic-Existential, and Behavioural ideas respectively. Each instances will include goals, reasons for referral, dynamics of treatment (counselling/psychotherapy) and effects. Critically assess the main assumptions of the human nature on the list of three theories. Summarize every one of the above in survey format.

A. Psychoanalytic Ideas.

Client Record Information:

Anne, 21-year-old feminine, first year university student, she lived with her mom, her father still left her family when she was three years old.


She has already established a interpersonal human relationships difficulty especially in cultural connections which she cannot connect effectively with her peers, low self-esteem, insufficient self-confident because she having a difficulty in trusting people because she afraid that the people that she believed with will leave her.

Reasons for Referral:

She need you to definitely distributed her problems and can help her in personal adjustment which create a self-esteem, confident, and trusting people especially with her peers.

Counselor's Goals:

  • Rapport a good and comfortable romantic relationship with the client.
  • Explain the counselor's responsibility and counselling process to the client.
  • Identify and checking out the client's problem and reasons that helped bring her to get counseling assistance.
  • Identify and help the client of the unconscious in her personality.
  • Planning with consumer for problem-solving of self applied.

Client's Goals:

  • Anne will understanding the counseling process.
  • Shared the reason why and issues that bought her for seeking guidance.
  • Cooperate with the counselor in the analysis for problem-solving.
  • Anne will learn mental regulation and problem-solving which will practice during counseling sessions.
  • Anne will figure out how to figuring out which negative thought that related to her low self-esteem, insufficient positive and difficult to trust people and upgrading it with more positive thought.

Theory Methodology:

Psychoanalytic techniques that was applied in this case were research of transference and interpretation which is performed within the counselor office through the counseling processes. Through the evaluation of transference strategy, the counselor trying to recognize and exploring Anne's previous experienced. Psychoanalytic theory associated with personality misunderstandings which including personality development and the technique of remedy. As the client having a misunderstandings in her personality development and discord in her mindful and unconscious brain. Counselor will identify and interpret the negative and positive feeling expressed about her earlier experienced including her parents parenting styles which primarily give attention to recall of her years as a child experienced. The counselor will ask the questions to your client such as:

  • What kind of Anne's parents' personality and their parenting styles?
  • Can you tell me more about your family and what do you prefer about them?
  • Are there particular incidents before that causing Anne to be lack of self-confident or humiliated to communicate with people?
  • Can you inform me anything that are more comforting? (something so easy such as Anne's daily routine every morning)
  • Is there anything that fun or interesting that happen yesterday? (This question to make her more comfortable in the communication improvement)
  • Do you have any favorite movie or dogs?
  • When you creating a problem, with whom you will distributed it?

Planning for problem-solving:

Counselor will analysis and transference the client's feelings, past experienced, and facial portrayed while communicated with the client and requesting the questions. Through this, the counselor will figuring out the situation to verify if the counselor and the client having an identical view and point of view of the condition and also have the same understanding of it consequences.

The counselor and your client will participated in figuring out all the possible solutions. Your client will state what that comes in her mind such as, " I'd try to overcome my worries through encountered it", or " I am going to try to build a trust with my peers". Then the counselor will guide the client with the alternatives based on your client perspectives. Through this technique, the client will reflect back again on her earlier experienced and can understanding more about herself.


Anne will be able to build trust with other folks. She change her negative to more positive personality. She'll able to replaced the negative thought to more positive thought with encouragement words. She can communicate with effectively among her peers. She will able to build high self-esteem and positive in herself.

B. Humanistic-Existential Theories.

Client Backdrop Information:

Azri, 23-years-old male, working atpharmacy as a cashier for nearly six months, he lives with his brother.


Hefelt neglected in the workplace because of the other workers avoide to spoken with him and pretending that he had not been there.

Reasons for Recommendation:

He want someone to shared his problems and guide him in finding the solutions for this problems.

Counselor's Goals:

  • Rapport a good and comfortable marriage with the client.
  • Explain the counselor's responsibility and counselling process to the client.
  • Identify and exploring the client's problem and reasons that helped bring her to seek guidance assistance.
  • Identify and assist in planning with the customers for problem-solving of personal.

Client's Goals:

  • Understanding the counseling process.
  • Shared the reasons and problems that bought him for seeking counseling.
  • Cooperate with the counselor in the examination for problem-solving.
  • Shah will learn emotional regulation and considering for problem-solving.

Theory Methodology:

Azri felt that he had not been importanced any more among his friends and felt neglected. Through this humanistic-existential ideas can help and encourage him to do soul-searching which he'll know what that he was lacking such as his frienships? A trust? Self-esteem?Anything to feel completely recognized person is what to look for as cure. The counselor will make a good and close romance with your client. The counselor can help the client to get self-understanding and positive feelings. The focus in this counselling is on today's, not the past experienced. So, the counselor will asked questions to your client such as:

  • Would you want to shared your problems with me?
  • So, you feel depressed because you aren't sufficient to anyone. That was a negative thought. So, you have lost your self-esteem, self-assured and you feel worried does you?
  • What that produce you are feeling down?
  • Did they said that, they don't want you ever again?
  • Now, the type of job can you work?
  • That audio great, so you already find the right job didn't you?
  • Do you feel better now?

Planning for Problem-solving.

I choose existential guidance because Azri did not noticed about his potential and consciousness. Through this technique, the client was presented with a freedom to think and choose based on his own need. The counselor was responsible to help the client to become more understanding through his feelings and experienced. So, the customers will confronted with the idea that was presented with by the counselor that he's responsible by himself life. The technique that use was goal-setting activity which the client will places his own goals predicated on his own interested.


The effect was successful because he finally understood that others people point of view was not importance and he thought on his owned or operated capabilities. He finally have a good friends at his work place. He in a position to built high self-confident in self and in a position to substituted the negative thought to positive and stimulated thought.

C. Cognitive-Behavioral Theories.

Client Record Information:

Suraya, 20-years-old girl, a first year college or university students, she have low self-esteem


She have a low self-esteem and also have a poor thought in her life.

Reasons for Recommendation:

She need someone that can help her learn and change her negative to more positive thinking and build high self-esteem.

Counselor's Goals:

  • Rapport a confident and comfortable romance with the client.
  • Explain the counselor's responsibility and guidance process to the client.
  • Identify and checking out the client's problem and reasons that brought her to get counseling assistance.
  • Identify and help in planning with the customers for problem-solving of home.

Client's Goals:

  • Understanding the guidance process.
  • Shared the reason why and issues that bought her for seeking counselling.
  • Cooperate with the counselor in the evaluation for problem-solving.

Theory Way:

Cognitive counseling ideas target more on the client's thought which her mental processes

that will inspired her behavior and her mental health. This can determines her emotions and her patterns. The technique that are uses in this theories was rational emotive behaviorial therapy (REBT). With the REBT procedure, the counselor are energetic listening and direct or logical in questioning.

Planning for problem-solving:

The counselor gives a guidance or trainers in the pondering processes. Suraya portrayed a poor though which she experienced that she'll not success in her life with her low self-esteem. The counselor will try to help her avoid this feelings. The counselor will use the A-B-C-D-E model of REBT:

  • A: Condition her experienced.
  • B: What that she think about her experienced.
  • C: Will there be any psychological or feeling predicated on her thought about her experienced.
  • D: She have a poor thought about her experienced, and the counselor will substituted the negative thought with the more positive thinking.
  • E: The client will think in more positive ways which will build her new personality which will help her feel moreenthusiastic in her life.


The client in a position to identify her negative thought, "I have no value" and changed it with a far more positive based on her own choice such as "I have my own value". Her considered her life are more postive and she has high self-esteem in comparison to before the counseling sessions. She in a position to communicated effectively with others and understanding on her own personal worth.


The view of individual mother nature for psychoanalytic theories predicated on Freud's view was every folks have their own conscious, preconscious and unconscious brain which it related to the individuals development of security system which some of people have a conflicts in their personality that were related from the youth experienced. The view of human being aspect for humanistic-existential theories determines the flexibility of people in their choice which they will responsible in their decision and action in their lifes. Based on the truth above, the customers will express his thought and the counselor can help him in the problem-solving predicated on his statements or thoughts. The view of human dynamics for cognitive-behavioral theories through the REBT was assume that people is rational, and not logical or reasonable.

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