Pros and Cons of The Gene Therapy Essay

When in 1904 Avery (OT Avery 1877 ~ 1955)'s the pneumococcus alteration experiments firstly found that DNA may be the carrier of genetic information. (Baruch S i9000, Huang H, Prichard Deb, et al., 2005) Various gene-related academic subjects possess poured out. Through them, gene therapy which has the closest link with human's lives is among the most controversial subject. Although gene therapy offers us wish of many disorders which seems impossible being cured prior to, but the disadvantages of gene especially the disadvantages from moral like the death caused by gene therapy, the evolution complications caused by DNA exchange and the censorship in the experiment of gene therapy. As a result, whether to continue producing gene remedy need to be cautious.

Admittedly, the technology of genetic therapy does bring hope to several diseases like lung cancer which are regarded as incurable disease. There are also a few successful medical examples. In 2006, the U. S. National Cancer Commence found a way to identify and attack tumor cells by changing the genes of patient's immune system cells. After the first clinical trials, two sufferers with advanced melanoma skin cancer have been cured. (Baruch S, Huang S, Prichard D, ain al., 2005) Coincidentally, in 2008, the scientists in German found that hemophilia and other genetic diseases may be cured in theory through gene therapy. (Baruch S, Huang S, Prichard D, ain al., 2005) The most important advantage of gene healing is that the disease once continues to be cured simply by gene therapy will have suprisingly low possibility to relapse. That is because all the varieties on the the planet follow the principle of foundation pairing. Hence the genes of the nucleus provides nearly simply no odds to generate rejection (Rifkin, J., 1993).

Although it is true that a few successful ex girlfriend or boyfriend...

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