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The most controversial topic ever: your pros and cons of gay marriage essay

You aren’t afraid of controversial essay topics, such as pros and cons of school uniforms essay, legalization of marijuana pros and cons essay or same sex marriage pros and cons essay, are you? Well, if numerous tough facts contradicting each other as well as longstanding social myths never get you nervous, it’s time to get down to your first pros and cons of gay marriage essay.

As we know, marriage can be defined as a sort of union of two persons, loving each other. However, the given statement appears to be quite controversial when discussing gay marriages. In this pros and cons of gay marriage essay, we’re going to highlight both pros and cons of such type of marriage.

Same-sex marriages were firstly legalized in Netherlands in 2001. While the entire world is getting more open to such marriages, nevertheless, it has been being one of the most controversial topics of today’s society. In spite of the fact, homosexuality has been an inevitable part of our world since ancient times, including even gay marriages in the ancient Rome, a certain section of today’s world still can’t stand this concept. As for the USA, by now up to 37 American states acknowledge such marriages, while in the remaining 13 ones gay marriages are still prohibited.

Now, we’ve come up closer to the very essence of our pros and cons of gay marriage essay - the obvious downsides and benefits of this type of marriage.

Pros of same-sex marriages

  • Same-sex couples are excellent parents: According to the last year’s study carried out by the University of Melbourne, kids raised by same-sex parents score much better compared to kids raised by traditional couples in terms of family cohesion and overall health. Moreover, they demonstrate better academic and social performances and have much fewer social problems.
  • Same-sex marriages drastically reduce divorce rates: A recent analysis of divorce statistics in one state has revealed that its divorce rates dropped considerably after the legalization of these marriages. Respectively, the states with forbidden same-sex marriages have higher divorce rates.
  • Same-sex marriages make state revenue grow: According to the recent studies, legalization of such marriages can potentially boost any state’s economy to a considerable extent. As a convincing example, the research provides up to 11 states, including Arizona, Nevada, Ohio, Michigan, Nevada, Texas, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Oregon and Utah. To be short, the legalization brought them up to $723.5 million during the first three years.
  • Marriage is one of the most fundamental rights: As the American Foundation for Equal Rights states marriage is a fundamental right of all people. The given right also suggests freedom of personal choice in terms of marriage.

Cons of same-sex marriages

  • Same-sex marriages threaten heterosexual unions: One of the strongest arguments against such marriages is that fact that gay marriages really threatens the longstanding heterosexual culture in the society. There’s a probable danger that kids raised by same-sex couples would think that gay unions are far more beneficial compared to traditional marriages and this can endanger procreation.
  • A kid requires both father and mother: Those, opposing the concept, keep telling that a healthy upbringing of a kid is unreal without both parents – father and mother. Even some gays acknowledge the fact that there’s a gaping hole in the lives of kids raised by same-sex partners – they’re deprived of a mom.
  • Same-sex marriages can encourage other non-typical unions: That’s not just a banal exaggeration. Same-sex marriages can really give the green light to a vast range of non-typical sexual unions: bestiality, polygamy and so on. It can deinstitutionalize the entire concept of traditional marriage.
  • Gay marriages are absolutely immoral in religious scriptures: The vast majority of Christian denominations, including the Roman Catholic Church have never gotten along with same-sex unions. From their point of view, there aren’t any grounds for considering homosexual marriages to be similar to God’s plan for family and marriage.
  • Same-sex marriages can undermine the very value of biological parents: Really, such marriages can undermine the emotional need, association and value of kids to their biological parents. The very essence of ancient concept of a man and a woman joined together to procreate is being endangered now.

As for the openness of different dimensions of society towards same-sex marriages, we may assume that by the next year public support for such unions will be approximately 40% higher in every US state. Moreover, some states will demonstrate a 85% support.

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