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Proposal To Establish A Cross TRAINING CURRICULUM Management Essay

Attached is my proposal to establish a cross training program within the firm. Our company has been fortunate in increasing the amount of work and clients in your department. I am discussing the huge benefits as well as the drawbacks of putting into action a cross training curriculum. This type of program will improve the confidence that each employee will have and let them know how much the firm does appreciate them and the task that they do for the organization. This will possibly allow employees the advantage of developments within the organization and allow those to increase their understanding of the different aspects associated with each office.

With the development of a cross training curriculum it will push personnel to re-evaluate the reasons and methods for accomplishing their work. It'll assist in the removal of inefficient methods and test each employee. Cross training provides employees with the opportunity to see others do their work and study from this. It will provide a much better understanding of how different areas in an group or business work and allowing for more people having the ability to perform certain tasks, whether this be for alleviation purposes or just spread the workload among several employees.

With the upsurge in employees leaving the organization, we find ourselves in a position where there is not another person that can pick up their work and get it completed. I am recommending that we put into action a cross training program that may allow employees currently within the firm to move to a new position and dominate the work of the worker that has kept. This might help alleviate the strain of interviewing and trying to find the right person to come in and take over the now vacant position.

I anticipate ending up in you to go over my results and recommendations on the cross training program and process.



Prepared for

Matthew P. Conrad

Small Business Director

Prepared by

Teddi N. Young

Accounting Associate

November 16, 2012


Executive Summary

This proposal discusses the benefits, drawbacks, and logistics of employing a cross training curriculum in our organization. The use of cross training on the list of departments will boost the potential to get the task completed promptly and correctly when employees call in sick and tired or someone leaves the firm. It'll provide increased flexibility of staff to execute various services within the firm and invite others to adopt much needed vacations or time off from benefit personal reasons without sensing guilty about the task they are giving for others to complete.

A riches of information is open to help us in the look, design and implementation of your cross training curriculum. We aren't at the mercy of a rigid set of rules and requirements, which will permit the planning committee to check out the ultimate way to put the initial plan into action. Even as we create the cross training program and study from experience, we are in a position to change and change the plan to enhance the process and the overall benefits to the employees and the firm.



"In business, cross-training is the practice of training employees to perform tasks and tasks beyond their regular tasks. The target is to build a staff that can pinch-hit in a number of functions when asked" (Richardson, Undefined). The use of cross training among the departments will improve the capacity to get the task completed on time and correctly, when employees contact sick or someone leaves the organization. It will provide increased versatility of staff to execute various services within the company and allow others to take much needed getaways or time off benefit personal reasons without being guilty about the task they are giving for others to complete. The problem that we have is the fact that work is not being completed in a timely fashion due to getaways, health issues, and increased workloads outside and inside of the office for employees. In the Small Business Department, this affects each person significantly due to another person needing to try to get payrolls and bookkeeping completed for the person who is from the office due to vacations, condition, or meetings with clients at their office. This triggers friction and resentment among employees that feel they are really doing more work than others are doing. Personally i think if we had cross training throughout the company then it would not limit the number of employees which could step in and get the task completed. This would also help elevate huge workloads on some employees, as we'd have the ability to shift a few of the work to others and know that the work will be completed properly.


The advantages of a cross training curriculum are:

Increased overall flexibility.

Improved specific and strong efficiency.

Development of guidelines and standardizations for conclusion of work.

Increased determination and heightened morale.

Increased team work and coordination among employees and departments.

Employees will gain additional skills.

Improved communications among employees and departments.

Greater understanding of what the company offers.

Appreciated "intellectual capital" for the firm in the employees.

Employees will feel they are really respected by the firm.

Sources: (Richardson, John)


The disadvantages of any cross training program are:

The time to teach effectively may be substantial depending on position and job obligations.

May business lead to resentment among employees when they feel overwhelmed in their current position.

It might lead to confusion when not properly implemented, prepared, or told trainers and trainees.

The initial cost of execution and training may be high.

These will be the major cons for employing a cross training curriculum and will have to be examined by you and the Plank of Directors on if they will be willing to find a way to decrease these disadvantages and are able to justify the cost of the program. These cons will be discussed in more detail in the Problems and Solutions section of this proposal.

Sources: (Stevens, Larry, 2006)

Getting Began with a Combination Training Program

Here is a basis for getting a cross training program started in your firm.

Form a committee to judge and setup this program.

Develop a reasonable time for working out that occurs.

Determine the expenses.

Create a training schedule.

Communicate with employees.

Choose trainers and trainees carefully.

Create a process for evaluations of the trainer and trainee.

Require opinions on the procedures and any changes that need to be made to the plan.

Sources: (Richardson, John)

Potential Problems and Solutions


One of the major concerns is the time it will require to complete the cross training within the team and across the departments. I would recommend that we start with small responsibilities and build following that, for example, show one staff the process of planning one payroll and let them actually prepare the payroll for one month. This will aid in the power of someone else being able to get that payroll completed in the absence of the other employee.

Resentments and confusion

Resentment might be an issue if the employee that is doing the training seems that the company is completing this process to eliminate them or that they have the other employee will do an improved job than they are doing. Confusion of who'll be carrying it out going forward is also a concern, this can be taken out by communication and a standard set of guidelines that require to be accompanied by explaining that is only a chance for others to learn different skills.


The cost involved in the beginning is a concern because of the increase in personnel performing different jobs and their workload being reduced while they are simply in working out process. I think that the price associated in the development and implementation in the long run will actually aid in the lower cost when one employee calls in sick or leaves on vacation. With the firm having another within the current staff pool to part of and get the task completed, it'll save in having to hire a temporary employee to come in and cover for the worker absence.


This is a superb quote saying the benefits of a cross training curriculum from the article Cross-Train for an Efficient and Effective Team, "The end result? Noticeable advancements in efficiency, correctness, and teamwork-in brief, a office and a supervisor clearly positioned as valuable belongings to the business" (2011). While using implementation of an cross training program the benefits for the organization outweigh the disadvantages significantly. Over time, the cost of developing and applying the program will reduce the cost from the absences of employees or the untimely departure of employees in the company and cut the cost of going right through the interviewing process to complete the vacant position. In this way, the firm will be able to promote from within instead of hiring outside the firm.

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