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Project Proposal of Fund Raising Event

Project Proposal

I have chosen to coordinate our companies first finance raising project to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Medical center. The hospital provides cutting edge research, and treatment for children with tumor without parents having to pay for the health care. Our company will keep a open public car wash in your community, and donate all proceeds to the St. Jude charity. The automobile clean will be organised on the two day period. There will be a $5 least donation per vehicle washed. The function will be held at our company's dish office, which is ideally located on a higher traffic neighborhood within the city.

Project Goals & Objectives

Three goals of your project:

  • The first goal is to raise money for a worthy cause
  • To provide our employees with charitable opportunities
  • To raise recognition within our community of both our company, and St. Jude's Children's Hospital

Three objectives of your project:

  • Earn more than $1000 for St. Jude Children's Hospital
  • Increase public knowing of the charity, and our company
  • The project must be completed in just a two day period

Customer & Stakeholders

Our key customer will be individuals within our community that we will be providing this service for. For a little donation we are asking the general public to trust us with the attention of their vehicles, that may require our employees treat their personal property carefully. Those stakeholders who have a vested interest in our project are the employees staffing the function, our company itself, and undoubtedly the charity that will receive the proceeds.

Project Milestones

Throughout the project there will be several key milestones, and through the planning phase additional milestones may be added. The first key milestone is the approval of the finance raising event from our higher management. Another milestone includes the confirmation of employees that will provide accurate staffing for both day account raiser. Furthermore, getting our goal of boosting at least $1000 is a significant milestone for our job. Finally, providing the charity with the arises from our project will symbolize our conclusion of our last milestone.


Upon corporate approval for the function, the planning phase will commence three weeks prior to fundraiser. In this period will be allotted five business days and nights to identify personnel for the event, dates for the event, and arrange the necessary funds to execute the fundraiser. The next thing will start the promotion stage of the job, and you will be conducted until the following Friday. During this period flyers will be created, and notifications will be sent out through our company's cultural outlet stores. In week three we will start our implementation stage. Leading up to that weekends fundraiser we will purchase the necessary equipment for the function, review weather forecasting, and confirm attendance with employee volunteers. After the fundraising event we will begin the closure period of the task. This will include notifying the charity of the funds to be donated, and providing commercial reviews on the successful completion of our company's first fundraising event.

Overall Cost

The project's projected overall cost is $150. This approximated cost will cover the soap for washing automobiles, sponges, common drying towels, flyers for advertising, and food/beverages for staff. The necessary hoses, and buckets will be provided by the office cleaning crew. Staff, and customers will get access to the structures restrooms as needed.

Greatest Challenge

The greatest task our fund increasing event will face is bad weather. The elements is not affected by well-meaning motives, and can require some degree of flexibility with this kind of fund nurturing event. In the event of temporary bad weather, the structures parking areas with overhead cover will provide a dry area to continue functions. This area may also be utilized for cover from the sun as for personnel, and customers as needed throughout the function. Alternate weekends will be prepared as back-up schedules if the event days would have to be adjusted as a consequence to significant weather changes.

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