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Examples of resume cover letters

Some applicants may feel that a cover letter for a job isunnecessary since they have already written a resume thatprovides plenty of information. That is a wrong belief. A coverletter is essential as it serves a big purpose such as explainingto the recruiters why they should hire you. A cover letter iswhere you present your relevant qualifications and experiencesand show your enthusiasm for the company.

Cover letters are required by most employers. Even though ahiring body does not directly ask for a cover letter, everyapplicant should consider sending it along with a CV and aresume. A smart cover letter can increase your chances to getinvited for an interview. This guideline has a bountiful array ofwriting tips and provides excellent examples of resume coverletters that will be useful for everyone who wants to getemployed successfully.

We strongly recommend attaching a cover letter to the wholepackage of your application documents. You needn’t send it ifthere is no explicit direction on the job listing.

Quick cover letter tips

The policy of most hiring managers is to reduce the pool ofapplicants to a number they can handle. Thuswise, once therecruitment process has started, they try to sort out onlyoutstanding papers.

They need a brief look at a resume or cover letter to identify ifit is worth their attention. That is why you are to make them asperfect as they should be so that an employer would wish to readthem.

The tips below can give you more insight into how to make the cutfor the next stage. Despite the fact that both a resume and acover letter should be hundred-per-cent flawless, keep in mindthat a cover letter is read first. And if it doesn’t stand thetrial, your resume will not even come under review.

The selection is strict as well as the competition among the jobseekers, so if you want to multiply your chances of success,learn what hiring officers look for when examining cover lettersand resumes:

  • They want to be able to scan your cover letter easily.

This is a method that enables them to determine quickly if youare the right candidate. Most employers do not actually read yourpaper - they scan it for job titles, keywords, andposition-related facts.

So your challenge is to let them find this information withouteffort. To do this, follow the formatting tips like leavingenough white space between the paragraphs, making normal-sizedmargins or using bullet points and readable fonts. Both youre-cover letter and its hard copy should be easy to read.

  • Employers want to find a highly qualified candidate.

To show that you are a credentialed and trained specialist, matchyour qualifications to their job descriptions. For example, if anemployer looks for someone with good administrative expertize,and you have such qualifications, please specify that you havebeen experienced in training, management and scheduling thestaff.

Bring all your best accomplishments that match the employer’sneed to the forefront of your cover letter. Give focus on yourachievements rather on responsibilities.

  • They want to read a coherent pertinent story.

They are not going to read all your life history to selectrelative facts about you as a candidate. Allow them to findnecessary information by leaving off irrelevant occupations andunimportant turns in your job story. Describe most important jobsin detail and group the less significant career job titlestogether with a brief commentary.

  • Employers appreciate well-structured and formatted papers.

Those, who once have applied for a job, know that all thedocuments should look presentable. So before writing a coverletter or other job-related paper, please make sure to follow thelatest formatting standards or use templates.

That is a must for all jobs, so invest your time in learning howto make your cover letter, resumes, etc. pleasant to the eye. Thesection below reveals all necessary aspects of good formatting.

Cover letter formatting

Job application cover letters follow formal business letterwriting rules. A cover letter has paragraphs and includes thesalutation, closing, signature and address of the applicant andthe company he applies to.

A perfect cover letter is the one which is:

  • Unique
  • Well-formatted
  • Customized
  • Accurate
  • Properly-structured

Almost all cover letters follow a three-paragraph structure:

  • Paragraph 1: Here you explain why you are writing.

In this paragraph, you indicate the title of the position,mention where you have learned of the position and express yourpassion for this job. You should also show how your credentialsfit the advertised qualifications.

  • Paragraph 2: It shows what you are offering for the company.

Here you illustrate how your specific experiences and skillsconform to the position. It is essential to express yourpotential contribution to the company rather than focus on theemployer’s offerings.

Show that your skills and experiences are transferable enough toemploy them at a new position.

  • Paragraph 3: It indicates how and when an employer cancontact you.

Write your contact details or tell how else you will follow-up.Make sure to polite enough and suggesting contacting you at thetime convenient for the company.

In this paragraph, you may also indicate that the company canrequest your references if needed and state that all supportingdocuments like a writing sample, portfolio, etc. are available.

Once you have finished with the cover letter content, format itwith the help of these tips:

  • Length. No longer than one page is a perfect length for acover letter.
  • Font. Use a basic 12 point font which will be pleasant toread for a hiring manager and at the same time be easily viewedby the ATS. Choose between these fonts Arial, Calibri or Verdana.Do not forget to use the same font for your resume.
  • Margins. 1 is the standard size for the cover letter margins.If you are not able to condense the text on a single page, youmay make them 1/2 or less.
  • White Space. There should be enough space between eachparagraph and below the entire text.
  • Proofread before unloading the file. To ensure thateverything in your cover letter is perfectly made, have someoneelse to correct the mistakes, use online grammar checkers andhave a hard copy for convenient review.

Go further and review fine examples of cover letters created byour professionals. Please notice that every cover letter willbegin with the following information:


Application for Real Estate Agent:

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your City
  • State Zip Code
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Email
  • Date
  • Name
  • Title Organization
  • Address City
  • State
  • Zip Code City
  • State Zip

Cover letter for a specific job

Dear HR Contact,

I am very interested in the position of a real estate agentadvertised in the Centa Focus on 24th April. I would like tosubmit my resume for your consideration. My 5-year experience atBarret Company makes me a unique candidate for this position.

Within this period I have been engaged in several different posts(List). The skills I have gained here and my intimate expertizeof the procedures and systems of in the industry will be anexcellent asset in the position of a real estate agent. The workat Barret Company is challenging and I consider my contributionto the departments (list) to be valuable. My skills to provideproperty procurement support, creating sales plans to extend newcustomer connections, and marketing programs for sales werehelpful in acquiring solid company’s reputation and developmentof new approaches as to the clients’ attraction. In my presentposition, I have showcased exceeding management capabilities inperforming daily administrative duties, preparing documents andconducting training programs for the sales staff. In addition, Ihave acquired extensive insights into servicing customers byanticipating their needs. Previous employment at McBrenn Realtyfor more than 5 years as a Real Estate Agent enabled me to becomeproficient in handling the customers’ concerns.

I am looking forward to advancing my professional skills here. Ihave enclosed my resume for you to review it at your convenience.Thank you for your time and consideration for this position.Regards, Jen Grace

Cover Letter for a Resume

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

I am writing in response to your advert in the Daily East Courieron 5th December requesting applicants for a Media Advisor onsocial and healthcare issues. As a recent Law school graduate, Iam currently employed as a correspondent at NBS TV channel I havea good knowledge of media representation and social justiceenvironment. Therefore, I believe I am confident in my capabilityto become a valuable element to your team. As a correspondent, Ihave developed profound writing skills and crafting uniquestories. For example, one of my key duties is to find exclusivefacts on medical equipment innovations and analyze statisticaland other data about retirement situation. I have an extensiveexperience in interviewing top managers, scientists and otherindustry players and have prepared dozens of reports. I believethat my successful activity directly depends on meticulousresearch work, high analytical skills along with good editingskills. I also possess a three-year experience of providingconsultancy services on family social issues to the locallegislative department which you mention the media advisor shouldbe familiar with. My experience in this area has afforded me tobecome familiar with the current state of affairs in manynational communities and social changes. As a media advisor, Iwill be able to confidently work on different digital platforms.I am highly interested in presently topical social and medicaltopics to offer objective overview and solutions to every singleproblem. I would be excited to bring my talents and passion forthe advancement of your media business.

I believe that all skills and experience acquired previouslyqualify me for consideration. I have enclosed my resume to thepost. I am looking forward to receiving your call with theinvitation for discussing my qualification in detail.

Sincerely, Rebecca Cornwall

A speculative cover letter

Dear Mr. Murray,

I am writing to inquire if you have any vacancies in the chemicaldepartment in your company. I enclose my resume for yourconsideration. With a Master Degree in Chemistry and eight yearsworking in the industry I believe I have the varied skills andthe ability to work to excel and use my knowledge to boost yourcompany’s revenues.

In my current Chemical Engineering position, I am responsible forthe development of high-performance ethyl benzene catalysts. Ihave ample experience of conducting chemical experimentsincluding monitoring, analyzing and interpreting chemicalreactions. As someone with high analytical skills and successfulscientific activity, I believe to be a perfect choice. I amattentive to details and scrupulous in estimating the propertiesof chemical compounds that enable me to find efficient solutionsand develop innovative approaches to chemical processing.Additionally, my flexibility and self-motivation allow me to workovertime to attain the desired result as fast as possible. I keepabreast of the latest news in the industry and enthusiastic aboutupgrading my proficiency in chemical engineering.

I would be pleased to receive a notification about any possibleposition in case you are not offering vacancies at the moment.Please review my CV and resume. I would be grateful if you wouldkeep my documents on file for any future job openings.

Yours sincerely, Frank Backer

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