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Professional And Ethical Issues In Information Systems IT Essay

Over the course of this analytical article, we are investigating a situation faced with a supplier after earning a contract to create and deliver a fresh system to a government-linked company. Actually they have almost completed the promised standards before they experienced a situation where the ethical issues, interpersonal issues and legalities were tested in a real world situation. The job has given access to information loosely and certain managers have concerns onto it. Chief Development Official is now in times where his/her knowledge of ethical, cultural and legal factors related to information systems should come into test. Despite being analyzed you can find every possibility that this job can be completed over a positive word.

When developing an information system it's important that we understand it is not only a process of providing alternatives for business issues. Additionally it is about protecting the business and adding value to the company. Hence use of good ethical, communal and legal inputs in a development is critical.

Ethics is an essential component of business because what you do shouldn't harm others associated with you. "Ethic is something you feel, not at all something you think (John Hooker)". If you're a disciplined professional naturally then you practice ethics better. Some discovers to take care of ethics from an academy, at work or through philosophies and religions. "Ethics remains extremely important in governing action so that culture can continue steadily to function, it must be kept in mind that there is not always one clear meaning of ethics or what's ethical" (Christy Rakoczy). When discussing ethics I would somewhat recommend using ethical concept 'X' which is approximately respecting others, good treatment, keeping your word and that which you generally refer nearly as good business procedures for the good thing about both parties.

So within the context of designing an application, developers of the application form or information system should be sure you protect the client and their life form every possible route when designing the system because as a project manager this analysis is merely another job for you but also for the organization it means more than a service. It's their future that you will be making today. It's there information you have taken care of. Everything you do today affects your own future the same way. If you create a rewarding information system today then you'll be recommended to some other tomorrow. This is why it's important to choose a good moral theory. I wouldn't recommend using deontological theory which doesn't send much to the results of the activities but I really do recommend consequentiality since the theory talks about a wider scope and identifies consequences of actions undertaken.

With mention of the case study, the system development team did a next to perfect job with most requirements achieved with hard work and determination. What they have to do now is to help make the organization's information better by limiting usage of this information or insurance agencies better control over the users. Not having these details system is no option. Organizations develop increased information systems with the objective retrieving efficient, accurate and effective information to gain competitive advantage over industrial competitors to increase the existing market position. If they don't undergo this technique development they simply will not be struggling to improve information management routines and survive competition. I'd rather recommend offering users to join up and load information to a databases so that two things will happen in one move. First of all if you are actually interested in being able to access information then you will sign-up, use a login and receive information but if you aren't interested then you will leave without accessing information. Second when you enroll users you understand which end user logged at what time and access what information. Like that you have better control over the users. After all information systems have its limitations. It cannot stop people being able to access information because the users are lawfully permitted to access information. It could only limit the gain access to rates and reduce information exposure. There is absolutely no guarantee beyond that. This is why technology is at times considered as a vulnerable factor.

"Public issues are matters that can be explained only by factors outside an individual's control and immediate interpersonal environment which have an effect on many individuals in a world (Yahoo)". Since this system is developed for a government-linked company we can expect or there may be a opportunity of political involvement on monitoring the effectiveness of the system. Hence this technique should not damage or have a poor impact on interpersonal aspects.

With mention of the case study few managers possessed issues about the easy access to information. This shows another cultural aspect of the whole process and that is the concern with technology and amount of resistance of change. Modern day's managers are extremely educated and innovative. You might still find the unusual one feared of technology. May be there are too many in this firm to obtain great concerns over information.

Case Study evidently indicated the legal concern surrounding this system development. It says if an outside party requests to access information they have to provide the wanted under the Freedom of Information Function. Furthermore, they are concerned about securing the information just as much as they could, imply that they feel this information belongs to them and nobody else. So they assert ownership and they also have given this task by trusting the development team. Then there are trust and possession issues surrounding this research study.

"Some philosophers have speculated that human beings have an all natural urge to arrange their environments (Joe Mackall)"The method designed to collect data systematically and process into information is most beneficial thought as an information system. This includes assistance given by physical elements such as hardware, intangible component such as software, networks, databases, data syndication channels and reporting of information. These systems are usually designed to increase efficiency, correctness and effectiveness of the whole organization or specified processes. A couple of restrictions in what technology can do. They can increase correctness levels but will not guarantee correctness because of human being involvement. It can improve efficiency and effectiveness but there continues to be room for improvement since you can never satisfy human being needs and wishes. Even within the framework of the case study the development team should comprehend this fact and should also be discussed in a specialist manner to your client to avoid miscommunication. Else in the next presentation they could want to do even more changes you need to include more features because of ever growing needs and desires of the users.

So the major facts we can use to conclude conditions is to comprehend that it is a brand new company who may have won the agreement to build a system for a government-linked group plus they have added a high proportion of hard work into building the suggested information system. There job is near perfect but there were some concerns over too easy access to information plus some of the management didn't fancy that idea. So the chief development officer was asked to do necessary changes to accommodated managerial needs. The development team will now have to discover a way of safeguarding information much better than this system presently offer. Considering the inputs already directed at this project, it isn't an option to not have these details system. Having information systems gives the added competitive advantage by offering increased precision, efficiency and effectiveness to the business functionality.

Now the development team will have to use good ethics in a sensible environment to protect harming your client in any means or ways because good use of ethics are an essential element of system development and information management within today's competitive companies. Must also protect this system effecting social ideals and routines since interpersonal factors are such crucial for any company, especially the corporation being truly a government-link company. In information systems development, legal factors need to be taken into serious awareness since there are functions such as 'Freedom of Information Take action'. Also a essential component to consider is the trust and ownership areas of information which includes tempted management to protect information approximately they could since information is the power of the organisation. Without information and communication organisations do not make it through.

Developing a system is not merely taking responsibility of creating a new factor or making improvements to a preexisting element. Additionally it is about protecting the prevailing business procedures while making changes. Because of this fact the builders need to understand that the company has given them greater than a contract and it includes nearly given its future to system programmers. Living in the information age group and with speedy globalization set up the desire to have quality information has turned into a must. Should the developers complete suggested changes they can successfully complete their maiden offer and at the same time they will learn the importance of ethical, cultural and legalities surrounding there aspect of work in practice.

I wish to recommend the development team to enforce the users to register them self before offering usage of information. Because once signed up, the organisation will have relevant details of the person being able to access information with the Ip documented to see from where the user has utilized information. Furthermore if the users are very seriously in need of that information only, they'll remember to register themselves. This implies you are restricting access of users who are not enthusiastic about registering with your system also. It isn't illegal to make the above changes to the machine either. In addition, it protects your details to a great extent. It needs to be comprehended that unlike most professionals information systems experts too have limits and limitations. The developers that can explain these circumstances to the clients in a specialist manner will be the successful information systems professional.

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