Product examination of sprite

This paper creates on something of coca cola "sprite", and looks for to address the concepts of product, price, promotion and place and its own influence on the survival, competitive edge over like products, preferrence by customers and it's put in place the beaverage beverages market in the Malaysian community.


In 1886 Dr. John Stith Pemberton first introduces Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia. The pharmacist concocted caramel-colored syrup in a three-legged brass kettle in his back garden. He first "distributes" Coca-Cola by holding it in a jug down the street to Jacobs' Pharmacy. For five cents, consumers can like a goblet of Coca-Cola at the soda pop fountain.

Now almost over 120 years old and selling in more than 200 countries, the brand is undoubtedly the biggest on earth and has come top of your Interbrand poll of all global brands for the fourth time in a row. It really is now projected that Coca-Cola's brand is worth an impressive $67. 5bn (Ј39bn). The Coca cola company in Malaysia collections as the development ground for almost all the products of Coca cola for the consumption of her customers in the Malaysian community.

Coca Cola Products

The Coca cola company products amounts from coke, fanta, fanta soda, krest, sprite Having a portfolio greater than 3, 300 drinks, from diet and regular gleaming beverages to still drinks such as 100 percent fruit drinks and fruit drinks, waters, sports activities and energy drinks, teas and coffees, and milk-and soy-based beverages, our variety spans the world.

Brand name and Logo

Coca-Cola possesses one of the very most accepted brand designs ever sold. It is not only the hallmark design of that white typeface on that one hue of red that makes it so iconic, but also the similarly famous container.

The Product " SPRITE"

Sprite is a well liked drink to many coca cola customers in Malaysia. "Customer values" are a very important attribute to organizations today. It is perceived as the value of benefits customers received by buying and using a product in trade for the total cost had a need to have the product, after taking into consideration of available competitive offerings and pricings (Kotler et al. , 2007).

(Kinnear & Bernhardt 1984) relates on the idea of product as "every want -fulfilling attribute a consumer receives to make an exchange, including mental health as well as physical". The concept of Product has the characteristics of dealing with particular needs and is categorized into physical or tangible and services or intangible The competition of Sprite is of 7up. Sprite is a lemon lime flavour carbonated drink that also flavour special and bubbly. However, this content of Sprite is superior. Sprite is best enjoying frosty especially on the hot day. The goblet bottle of Sprite is coloured in dark green which perhaps is a representation of lime or lemon. The sprite is packed in plastic containers and throw-away cans using its smart sparling design which makes it appealing to customers and creates beauty for the product.


The price of any bottle of sprite in the Malaysian market sits at RM 2. 00 i. e ($0. 63) which is considered really cheap and affordable. Price is defined as the way a person acquires something by giving out something in exchange (Kotler et al. , 2007). In other expression, the procedure of exchange is in fact the process of substituting a product with another product (Exchange, 2009).

The price of the sprite is inspired by the availability of raw materials, cost of production and government fees. This cheap price despite is high quality and satisfaction, helps it be very much popular by customers. The price tag on sprite in the market gives a good and reasonable perceived value from the customers perspective. Price is value based mostly and with such a minimal price for the sprite, customers like it to its main competition "7 up, which rests at the same price in the market but considered by many to be of a lesser quality. Competitors are the market challengers to a company that will seek to attack the company in an aggressive bet to increase their own market share (Kotler et al. , 2007).


Place refers to the syndication or all the activities the Coca cola company Malaysia undertakes to get the Sprite to the customers at the right location with the right time. Malaysia has a humid temps that stands between 30 levels and 35 diplomas centigrade, thus the clients are always all the time popular for chilled refreshments and Sprite with her gleaming lemon lime taste is preferred by many. The business uses middlemen, physical distribution with company trucks and Lorries, wholesalers and merchants like Giant, Carrefour, KK, 7 eleven and retailers and stores across different localities in Malaysia to make the product open to their customers.

The distribution channel of sprite in Malaysia is vast and strong which makes it impossible to head into any shop or stall throughout the country without spotting a container of sprite on display for sale. Furthermore, the company sets up its own retail retailers around different locations in the united states as well as where homes for entire sales to traders.


The coca cola company in Malaysia has taken to sponsoring adverts on sprite on the local television channels, Astro and the local radio FM stop to see, persuade and influence the consumer's buying decision to choose the sprite.

The company creates understanding, educate on the features of sprite and it's really benefits to the buyer, thereby creating fascination with the buyer to buy the sprite. The tools of promotion utilized by the Coca cola Company in Malaysia along with advertisement include sales advertising, pr, personal advertising and direct marketing of the sprite. The Sprite is also advertised by the sponsorship directed at local hockey groups and football golf clubs within the Malaysian environment.


On writing on the center aspects of product, price, place and campaign as it influences the success of sprite in the competitive market, the article writer simply portrays on the actual fact of the essential tools of marketing the Coca cola Sprite in the Malaysian community. The newspaper delves on the best of the Coca cola Company in Malaysia's potential in the performance of their specific marketing of sprite in consonance with the essential aspects of understanding, cooperation, create, anticipate, effect and the implementation to realize the basic goals in marketing the product "sprite" which requires to the facet of making income and satisfying the customer.

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