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FIRM Overview

Company's mission is always to revolutionize the way growing businesses communicate. Were a new category of Internet support providing intuitive business Net management software, Web, and gain access to solutions that require no MIS resources or up front capital expenditures. Everything you need to get your organization live on the net in about an hour is provided via a monthly service that you never outgrow and is hardly ever obsolete.

We obtain these objectives by 3 product approach pillars:

Internet Guardian

Main Internet Expert

Internet Business Class

Situation Assessment

COMPANY knows that small enterprises face a dizzying array of Internet stage products, technology, and purchase alternatives - however they have no MIS staff to help them develop an Internet approach or evaluate these options in the amount of detail that is certainly necessary. What is worse, is that the rate of technological innovation is increasing!

Therefore , many small businesses adopt technology later instead of sooner, and lose competitive advantage, worker productivity, and profits in the meantime. This "technology paralysis" can be exhibited in numerous different areas - from Personal computers, to LANs, to systems, and to connection technologies just like modems.

As modems advanced from 300 - twelve hundred - 2400 - 9600 - 16. 4 - 28. 8KBS, new applications were conceivable to increase the productivity of users whom in turn used the technology more than ever ahead of - which often led to new applications and faster, safer modem rates.

The the latest PRODUCT bulletins from BUSINESS, COMPANY, BUSINESS are the next thing in this speed/application/speed progression series aforementioned. Yet , there are several problems that the mass media has failed to report about:

The ITU has not created a standard with this new speed class and is also not likely to for doze to 18 months.

Each of the modems is incompatible with each other. Consequently , if the end user has a different PRODUCT than the ISP, simply no communication will certainly occur.

A large number of local cycle phone infrastructures will not support speed above 21KBS - so these modems will not provide any additional speed. Further, there is no way to know this till you get the modem and try it.

Ramping up on the technical support side of the equation will take period - meaning users are on their own before the ISPs form this out.

Lastly, the battle between your manufacturers address a further technology issue - particularly - modem architecture. FIRM wants to update modems by way of PRODUCT as the other suppliers want to stay making MERCHANDISE sets that may do it every - nevertheless can not be upgraded without additional effort on your side - if.

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