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Consider using well-written process essay examples

If you are asked to write a process essay, your task is to make a paper that presents the process of doing something. In this paper, you need to explain your potential reader how and in what order he can get something done. For example, how to prepare a laboratory report or how to cook a holiday dish. A well-written process essay should guide your reader through the whole process of doing something, not only provide tips. Therefore, you need to create a step-by-step instruction, describing precisely every stage of completing a certain task. In spite of the fact that detailed information is important, you don't have to provide too many steps because this is how you can make your reader confused. So it is also important that you provide only essential steps, avoid repetition and give an understandable, useful, effective and easy to follow information.

In order to make your process essay good and coherent, we suggest following a concrete process essay example. It is helpful, especially if you have not written such kinds of essay before. However, even though you have some related experience, looking at a professionally written process essay example paper will be beneficial for you anyway.

It is widely known that practice makes perfect, so you keep in mind that the more you write the better you write. If you have found an example process essay that seems just perfect to you, be sure that somebody made significant efforts and spent much time to write it in such a great way. For this reason, when you are going to write a process essay on your own, prepare yourself for a hard piece of work.

How to write a great process essay?

In order to accomplish this task, you need to follow several steps. Take a look at these steps and make sure you have enough of time to complete each of them:

  • Determining your audience.
  • Making a list of informational sources and essential materials.
  • Outlining the task with defining every needed step.
  • Making up the introduction of the process essay.
  • Determining the number of steps that you are going to include into the body in accordance with the overall length of the paper.
  • Writing the body of the process essay.
  • Finalizing your paper by writing a conclusion.
  • Proofreading of your process essay.

Once you got acquainted with the steps you need to take in order to complete your process essay, you can proceed to writing. Therefore, let us learn more precisely the basic moments you should know in this regard.

When determining your target audience, you need to think thoroughly who is going to read your paper and use the instructions that you are about to provide. What is the level of skills of your target audience? Is it necessary to let your audience know beforehand how much time the completing of the task is going to take? What knowledge they probably already possess and what you should inform them about? When giving answers to these easy questions, remember taking notes in order not to forget significant points.

Before you start writing your article, prepare all possible sources of information and materials that you may need. In addition, prepare the list of materials that you are going to suggest your readers. For instance, if you are writing a how-to-paper about cooking pancakes, you need to make a list of essential ingredients.

Eventually, you won't go too far without making an outline. It is always needed because it gives you a general pattern of your paper. This is where you need to jot down the basic and most important moments of your process essay without going into details. For example, you may write down the order in which your readers will put the needed ingredients together.

Start writing with an introduction

When you start writing the introduction, keep in mind that your readers don't want to launch into the very process immediately. You need to explain them what they are going to do. If it is pizza, you may provide a little piece of history of this dish, where it came from and why it is so popular nowadays. In other words, you need to introduce the dish (or whatever you will write about) to your target audience. In this part, you can be creative and funny, give a cute anecdote or a joke. Also, you may begin with telling your audience the reasons why it is a right decision to do what they are about to do, why it is useful or interesting, etc. In the introduction part, you also need to involve the reader into the process of implementing certain task. Let them know, for example, that their cookies will be ready in an hour or that their painting will be ready in a week. This is important because everybody needs to be prepared to spend a certain amount of time without being surprised in the end.

When writing the body of your process essay, remember dividing it into a right number of paragraphs. You may want to put the steps into categories in accordance with some characteristic and write every category in a new paragraph. Also, it is acceptable to group the steps in a chronological order so the reader would not get confused. If you consider some step be especially difficult to undertake without proper experience, you may go into detail more than in description of previous steps. In the end of your essay, when writing a conclusion, tell your readers what result they should expect.

If you need a good process and procedure essay example , we will be glad to provide you with it. We have a large choice of well-written process essay examples that you may find useful.

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