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Prevention and Treatment to get TB at Arequipa Sanatorium

Prevention and Treatment for TB at Arequipa Sanatorium

Arequipa Sanatorium and its particular "pottery" to get tuberculosis treatment was founded in 1911 in the town of Fairfax, Marin County inside the Northern These types of Area of California. [1] It absolutely was from the outset a private enterprise initiated by Dr . Philip California king Brown. On October twenty two, 1913, a twenty-one yr old housewife evaluating 111 pounds, was admitted to Arequipa for "coughing on exertion. " When ever she was discharged home on February 28, 1914, she had worked by Arequipa Art over a hundred and five hours, and had earned 4 dollars and five mere cents for it. The lady never received more than three pounds and was probably discharged more for her failure to operate, than for being "cured. " A month previously, the health professional Superintendent in Arequipa had written a letter to the Connected Charities of San Francisco, saying "unless (the woman) will be able to earn her way inside the pottery, I actually doubt that people will be able to preserve her at the Sanitarium any further. " [2]

This young woman's experience with sanatorium treatment in Arequipa, highlights a conundrum in the take care of tuberculosis in the Progressive Age. Arequipa means "Place of Rest, " although enforced relax was fundamental to Brown's regimen, he also regarded as work to become therapeutic. Necessitating work by patients helped "solve" the challenge of how women of "modest means" may avoid destitution from their disease. It also helped Brown economically support his enterprise. The contradiction of using both rest and work as treatment at Arequipa provides a home window into the complexity of into the social reform in the Intensifying Era.

In The Tuberculosis Motion, Michael Teller notes that in the core 1800s the idea of the genetic origin of TB "darkened every desire of reduction or treatment. "[3] In her mil novecentos e noventa e seis cultural history Fevered Lives, Katherine Ott, argues that the acceptance of TB following Koch's finding of the tubercule bacillus in the year of 1882, transformed "consumption" into the certain and more clearly defined diagnosis of "tuberculosis. " In fact , sufferers and the public experienced the two of these conditions because two distinct but related diseases.[4]

Prevention and treatment of tuberculosis in the Modern Era, included both more mature ideas of the disease because hereditary and the new understanding that the disease was infectious. Devoid of effective medical therapy and without a modern day understanding of the dormant and active phases of the disease, eugenic suggestions about pre-disposition to TB coexisted with limited and mechanical suggestions about contamination.

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