Prenatal and Toddler Development Article

Were exposed to various harmful chemicals in our daily lives. Many of these substances are especially harmful to get a developing zygote, embryo, or perhaps fetus. When a woman the actual decision to be pregnant, or if the girl finds their self pregnant, your woman can also produce some decisions of the type of safeguards she will generate during her pregnancy. While many substances just like pollution are mostly unavoidable pertaining to pregnant women in today's culture, other dangerous substances could be easily avoided to ensure the right healthy development of her uncreated, unbegotten, unconceived child.

The harmful chemicals that a girl is confronted with during pregnancy are called teratogens and may "increase the risk of prenatal abnormalities" (Berger, 2010). Within the last month, although not pregnant, I have been confronted with the following teratogens: caffeine, alcohol, PCB's during my canned foods, cleaning chemical substances, mercury within my fish, and maybe toxoplasmosis within my cat's waste. If I would have been to avoid the chemicals, alcohol, toxoplasmosis, and mercury for the remainder of the semester, these three would be easy to avoid. It could be a personal decision to not ingest alcohol or fish since though these are generally not an important or essential part of my personal diet so might be therefore very easily avoidable. Also easily avoidable is toxoplasmosis as I include a spouse who washes the cat's litter box. Cleaning supplies will be mildly challenging as I i am exposed to these kinds of chemicals on a regular basis. With two toddlers in the house I are most often cleaning something constantly. I really could, however , switch to a more natural cleaning merchandise to avoid the cruel chemical compounds. The last two, caffeine and PCB's in my cans of meals would be a bit more difficult to steer clear of. While I don't eat from canned meals sources in...

... rs, or in neuro-scientific youth operate we can education these ladies to make the best suited choice for themselves and the well being of their uncreated, unbegotten, unconceived child.

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