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Practical Training Article On PR Management Essay

Mbeya concrete is one of the Business items under LAFARGE GROUP. Lafarge is the huge group leading on the planet for processing of development materials particularly concrete. Its head 1 / 4 is at Leon - France.

Mbeya cement place situated 30 Kilometres south west of Mbeya municipality across the MBEYA - Tunduma highway

Construction of the herb started at past due 1976 and completed 1980. Civil works was done by Ballast O. C. C. of Netherland and equipment & tools were installed by F. L. SMIDTH from Denmark. The capacity of the plant is 250, 000 loads per year. Because of the challenge of power operation were only available in 1983. The first carrier of cement was sold on 23rd Sept 1983. The company manufactures Typical Portland and Portland Pozzolana cements corresponding to local and international standards. Its installed capacity is 250, 000 shades of clinker per time with a labor force of about 318 people. The company supplies cement to all parts of Tanzania and exports to other countries like Malawi, Zambia and Burundi. The Head Office is situated at the Cement Plant. MCC regard health and protection as core business principles integrated in the overall business performance.


Decision to set up a cement manufacturing plant at Mbeya was made in 1972 following preliminary exploration improve recycleables by Russian experts in the year 1971/72. 0n 1st Dec 1998 the business was privatized to the British company known as CDC (common wealth Development Corporation) which bought 51 stocks. Other shares were as follows: NSSF 10 stocks, Chilanga Concrete (Zambia) 14 shares and Administration of Tanzania 25 shares. On 21st February 2001 CDC sold most its share to the French company Lafarge which is the massive company in production of cement in the world. Its head quarter is at leon- france. Lafarge is working in many countries around the world. In Africa it includes regional head one fourth in South Africa.

Mbeya Cement plant, at Songwe area.

Some employees' of Mbeya cement at vegetable area were by development of cement is made

1. 2 Corporation STRUCTURE

Mbeya CEMENT COMPANY is going by General Manager helped by five departments Professionals which are Flower Manager, Commercial Supervisor, Human resources Director, Health Basic safety and Environmental Administrator and Finance Manager.

Under those managers there are other managers in office like Maintenance and Job manager, Optimization supervisor, Technical manager, Electric powered manager, Project manager, Maintenance manager, Switch manager, Quarry manager those are under plant manager, Training Manager, Administration manager, public and community connection Manager, senior industrial relation Officer under recruiting manager. IT manager, financial controller Audit Administrator, procurement Supervisor under finance director and Marketing and sales Administrator, Deport Managers, Sales Technical Director both are under commercial Director.

MBEYA CEMENT has a total of 255 employees of varied professional plus some employees for specific period and job (contactors) who offers assistance in various departments.


Human reference is one of the key departments in MBEYA CEMENT COMPANY which has various functions to employees and community the following.

Training and development to all or any employees

By having gross annual training budget and plan, career growth within the group, individual development program, Designers Development Program, up skilling program for artisans, Inter BU attachment program and Lafarge college or university program.

Community Connection and development

Mbeya cement has social commercial responsibility policy, educational assistance, and scholarship and school structures.

Water provision to Songwe community, Ambulance services, Donations, Total annual health budget and plan, HIV AIDS education in workplace programs

Annual family day, Weekly health treatment- Peer educators, HIV counselors.

Health, education and protection.

Mbeya Cement Company is completely committed to increase the health conditions and overall physical condition of its employees and their own families. The company believes that the extensive economic and social impact of diseases In east Africa can be Maintained through actively pursuing, understanding, involvement and effective business practice, this policy can be an endorsement of that general primary and specifically of the business's dedication to specific programs and actions in response to HIV and malaria. It really is applicable to all or any personnel and complies with the relevant laws which govern the place of work and employment practice in Tanzania.

Mbeya Concrete Company bears out systematic regular medical checkup to be able to prevent the introduction of work related or serious disease by discovering them early.

MCC is committed to prevent employees from major open public health threats by providing them with the appropriate informative when epidemic or out breaks occurs.

The company through recruiting department under general population and community connection office ensures that its employees and their immediate family members gain access to information and education programs on HIV/AIDS and Malaria and other relevant health topics.

The company provides all the employees and companies free condoms.

Besides Mbeya Concrete Company Limited ensure that each worker undertakes familiarization and sensitization program, appropriate to his work to ensure that the employees work in a way, safe not limited to themselves but also safe for those working around her or him, And his due regards for the environmental impact of his activities.

Mbeya concrete company provide four bars of cleaning soap to each employee working in place departments and two pubs of cleaning soap to each employee employed in other departments on regular basis.

The company distributes protection gears PPE to all employees and it protect all employees with HIV positive position with Medical care until they die while on job, non discrimination and no erotic harassment at place of work.

Employees and their family get free medical services in and beyond the country. Moreover Management of Mbeya concrete with TUICO maintain BURIAL Finance; this burial account contributes for the death of employee or loss of life of employee dependant.

Apart from those MCC offering house, meals and transport allowance for any employees who just work at Mbeya plant and then for all employees at Hq and Depots. The rates for these transport and other allowances are amended every once in awhile considering of the living cost.

Employees Relations and Communication:

Human resources department conduct monthly meeting with TUICO, general ending up in all employees (quarterly) having Reports letter's (TEMBO Information), and best use of notice panel. All these Means of communication are used for having communication with employees.

General Administration

The company trough human resources department is competing to discover the best people with long view, it recruits varied and international profiles with the potential for evolve.

Mbeya cement as part of its dedication to the development and fulfillment of its employees will provides complex and vocational training for its staff to permit them to attain their full probable.

However it is decided that is investment not and then the employees but also to the future success of the business and such needs to be affordable and of demonstrable benefits not only to the employees but also to the business.

The training policy of the business shall be the primary guide to the company's training program when considering an employee's training. Working out policy shall be available to all employees.

By having gross annual training budget and plan, profession growth within the group, individual development program, Designers Development Program, up skilling program for artisans, Inter BU connection program and Lafarge school program.


Human resources Office is going by recruiting Manager assisting with Training Manage, Supervision Manager, Industrial relationship officer, General public and community relation director and registry office.


Human resources team is committed to achieve excellence in HR best practice by getting, developing and retaining talented people for leading the business to be the employer of preference in Tanzania.



During the first day of my presence at the organizations I got inducted about safety in Mbeya Concrete Company, and I was unveiled to all Section of Mbeya cements company limited.

In the second day I used to be evaluated by the RECRUITING Manager about Consumer relationship and then he allocated me to provide administrative supports to the HR team in every function namely basic administration, Industrial relations, recruitment, training and development and community relationships.

The followings are obligations and experience I gained during functional trained in Mbeya Cement Company limited.

Maintain and upgrade regularly employees' record in the HR package (software), VIP and in all personal data files.

Perform full clerical, administrative support and basic office tasks of the HR department.

Provide secretarial services to HR Team.

Provide newly recruited employees with relevant HR varieties for proper employee's information and updates thereafter.

Effectively overseeing the departmental filling up system and updating them every once in awhile (senior/Junior personnel and center filling up system)

Prepare every week and monthly reviews on worker recruitment, separation, special offers and disciplinary activities.

Assisting in the recruitment process which included completing Personnel requisition form, process recruitment letters, advising respected HOD's on confirmations of offer of occupation and undertaking administrative procedures necessary for HR induction program.

Preparation and record update for section Leave Roster and control of all leave polices throughout the organization by using HR leave authorization software.

Carrying out stores requisition and ensure office fixed supplies and syndication for control purposes.

I ensure all necessary toiletries are procured with time and used for the planned purposes.

In demand of office photocopying and ensure proper copies syndication.

Assist to coordinate personnel travel and accommodation issues with the Supervision Manager and Personal Associate to the General Supervisor office.

Preparation of Professional meetings: (Room, LCD, refreshment and foods)

Keep the HR Administrator and other senior Managers educated on each job applicant's improvement and highlighting any concerns regarding their settling in on first appointment.

Dealing with medical supervision from medical suppliers and claims/ referrals of employees in liaison with the Administration Manager

Maintain attendance comes back/ Timesheets for management and by the end of every month from the biometric attendance system

Assisting the HR team with the execution and overview of all HR procedures

Assisting with HR tasks as and when required Eg. Total annual Appraisals

Preparation and Circulation of correspondence to all employees and other exterior mails

Control absenteeism by prepare every month survey of absenteeism and confirming to the Public relation Manager.

I participated in HIV/Products plan by educating and stimulate visitors to know their HIV status specifically for employees and contractors of Mbeya Concrete Company.

I was committee member for open public and community day of MCC, I participated in every Conferences for budget and planning of your day, and I was Mistress of the wedding ceremony on the ultimate day.

I participated in managing farewell part of Recruiting Manager and Standard Director of MCC.

I played a part in planning and implemented charity work by visited venerable children, in this event I participate completely by motivating MCC employees to contribute something which should go to help the venerable children, I asked the Journalist to protect the event and at the event I provided a speech as public relationship official representing MCC.


During my practical training I learn and gather a whole lot of experience in the field of public connection field, Human resources management and standard office supervision.

I gained a great deal of skills about Human resources management aside from my public connection which is my field of specialization. I were able to master the of use HR Biometric software which really is a package for handling in and out of most employees and also to know who's overdue or absent from the work.

I mastered the utilization of leave request software for making use of and approve worker leaves. I get good at the use VIP software this is for updating staff leaves. I also get a whole lot of experience in every operations of recruitment and getting together with organization.

I attended fireplace preventing training now I can take precaution on fire related concerns and fight hearth at my workplace.

Moreover I experience how to keep record of employees, knowing all office methods and how to organize and budget an event.


3. 1 Troubles ENCOUNTERED:

To use employees who are more experienced and more than me were a major concern, I am please to see the amount of assurance I built as time passes now I could comfortably work with them, assign them careers and obtain feedback.

Sometimes I got only in the all office, it was challenge for me because the office always connection with many people who as different needs and problems, scheduled the centric aspect of HR section in an group.

Therefore working with folks of different age group, nationality and making love was challenge to me because it was my first-time to work on such kind of job especially in recruiting department which working with people at on a regular basis. Now I am comfortable working in this kind of blend.


4. 1 Weaknesses:

Mbeya Concrete Company does not show their current image to the city around them. Current image is important things to obtain in the organization some time it can benefit in marketing campaign.

However it can benefit in promoting corporate image to the stack holders, Public relation team is not active as it should be said to be, most of the task which are said to be done by Public relation officer are done by Human resources and Marketing, for case organizing happenings and connection with employees.

Mbeya Cement is failing woefully to use media as tool of communication with stakeholders. The company need develop relation with press because mass media haven't any bad intention the thing they what is truth, and the company can all use mead for its advantage.

In case an article to a certain multimedia is inaccurate or unfair to the business, the business PR officer can telephone the journalist or an editor politely and inform them to correct the errors. Or he/she can write a news release to other newspaper publishers in order to improve the suggestions made in the article or pay for advertising space in the publication in order to state company circumstance.

The company does not have any trained public connection manager. The current Manager is not professional general population relation Manager as it supposes to be, he is from the field of chemistry by professional which has no relation with general population relation.

4. 2 Advantages:

MCC develop health and AIDS program by having HIV and Assists preventive program and the benefits of the peer educators, and the business defends all employees with HIV positive status with Medical care until they pass away while on employment, non discrimination no sexual harassment at place of work.

They ensure home of all employees at the task environment; the Company distributes safe practices gears PPE to all employees and contractors.

They participate in cultural responsibility by build college, performing Manson training and they implemented water project to the community around the seed by service them with free drinking water. These propagate good image of the business to the city around.

At large percent it considers the folks who are near the herb by giving them work for short-term and permanent work. They are good public connection tool and a give back to the community around.



Experience I gained in Mbeya Concrete company Limited is very usefully to me since it has build up my career now I could comfortably are public relation officer of a huge company also I get skills and knowledge of Recruiting management which is very vital in my own carrier expansion.

5. 2 Suggestion:

Mbeya Concrete Company limited should enhance their current image due to the fact that almost all of the people they don't know about current image of the Mbeya concrete. MCC build institution; provide water service to the community around them, prepared Manson training to different areas like Sumbawanga, Songea, MKakambako as well as Mbeya. All these things aren't publicized for gain completely advantage money spent.

It is important to be aware of the image of the plant on basic level accepted by a nearby and know the positive and negative area of the herb as recognized by the city. Public relation Administrator can identify all these by conducting arbitrary interviews in the pub or open public place where people gather together for the purpose of making visitors to talk approximately they can without sense they are questioned by Mbeya concrete.

Public relation section should also would prefer to use different kinds of press, if applicable in an event or any issues like television, radio and reports paper. This will improve current image of the company.

However public relation department should create website of the company. This will give other people information about Mbeya concrete especially for those who are far from the Mbeya region.

Moreover Public Relationship should create opportunities for positive communication, these can be in the proper execution of events or publication, for illustration organization of wide open day's examples anniversary of the Flower, and during the day as public relation officer you may use the chance to communicate positive things.

Tumaini School, Iringa University College should prepare program because of their student of what they imagine to lean through the internship, this can help the scholar and organization as well to know precisely what to do for the period of internship.

Moreover Tumaini School should change enough time of going to the sensible training particularly in the faculty of arts and social sciences instead of going at the first semester it should be in the next semester of the third 12 months, sometime students loose job opportunities because they should go back to school to finish the final semester. Also going at the final semester helps university student to apply what they specialized in the school.

Generally cement industries need good romance with environment around them because operating concrete industry need good deals with, requirement and request. Handling badly can become obstacle to undertaking business and can make the continuing future of a site in to a question given that they may lead rejection from some or all of stake holders, due to the environmental protection and quarry operation. However it really helps to know the region of vulnerability and place image.



The day after i gave talk as public connection official, representing MCC.

I was given the data about cement production with MR Elineema Tesha during The MCC family and Community day.

This is after i thanked Mr Tesha For his Release about Cement Process during the Mcc Family and community day.

This is throughout the day MCC employees Visited to see Venerable Children at Iwambi Centre. In the image are some of the vulnerable children and me.

Some of Mcc employees and I, whenever we received some personnel to help susceptible children at Iwambi prone children Center.

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